Artikelkennung Kurztext VKPreis   Hinweis
155B4C Manfrotto 0,00  
C4560 Manfrotto MP SLIM EYE COUPLER 20,34  
C465 Manfrotto LP EYE COUPLER W/28MM BUSHING 41,72  
C480 Manfrotto LP PARALLEL EYE COUPLER 48,07  
C481 Manfrotto LP 90ø FIXED EYE COUPLER 48,07  
C463 Manfrotto LP EYE COUPLER W/LIFTING RING 26,71  
C464 Manfrotto LP EYE COUPLER W/M12 BOLT+NUT 24,01  
C460 Manfrotto LP EYE COUPLER 23,01  
C461 Manfrotto LP EYE COUPLER W/28MM SPIGOT 28,98  
C462 Manfrotto LP EYE COUPLER W/16 MM SPIGOT 27,46  
R428,01 Manfrotto ALL TUBE 20X0,8X605 10,51  
R428,02 Manfrotto ALL TUBE 24X0,8X550 9,16  
R428,05 Manfrotto ALL TUBE 24X0,8X925 12,59  
R428,13 Manfrotto ALL TUBE 24X0,8X2415 25,14  
R608,06 Manfrotto KNOB M8X25,5 4,39  
R626,06 Manfrotto KNOB M10X27 7,08  
R851,01 Manfrotto CONTROL BOX HOLDER 15,04  
R428,04 Manfrotto ALL TUBE 20X0,8X980 13,11  
R425,35 Manfrotto COUNTERWEIGHT BAG F/MEGA BOOM 120,22  
R396,07B Manfrotto STUD 13,48  
R420,11 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM PIPE 30X1X895 12,30  
R420,13 Manfrotto WASHER 5,07  
R420,16 Manfrotto STEEL TUBE 35X1X790 18,96  
R420,17 Manfrotto STEEL TUBE 30X1X895 18,42  
R425,23 Manfrotto PIN F/BUSHING 9,87  
R420,02 Manfrotto HALF SHELL 5,56  
R420,01 Manfrotto HALF SHELL 5,56  
R420,11B Manfrotto AL TUBE BLACK 11,00  
R087,45 Manfrotto BRASS WASHER 2,70  
R087,98 Manfrotto STEEL TUBE D=38 65,61  
R089,05 Manfrotto STEEL COLUMN 25X1, 2X770MM 13,23  
R077,01CH Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 40X1X900 SILVER 16,61  
R092,02 Manfrotto COLUMN 25,09  
R092,99 Manfrotto STEEL TUBE D=30 22,91  
R098,04B Manfrotto AL TUBE BLACK 9,97  
R098,06 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 35,4X1,2X1030 15,46  
R098,06B Manfrotto AL TUBE BLACK 16,05  
R098,16 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 35,4X1,2X595 11,07  
R098,18 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 16X1X325 9,78  
R087,43 Manfrotto PULLEY 4,19  
R087,35 Manfrotto STEEL CABLE L=995 6,22  
R087,04 Manfrotto IDLE WHEEL 3,45  
R077,02 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 45X1X840 13,72  
R077,02B Manfrotto AL TUBE BLACK 14,85  
R077,02CH Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 45X1X840 SILVER 14,53  
R077,08CH Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 40X1X700 SILVER 13,25  
R077,09CH Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 45X1X640 SILVER 11,15  
R078,04K Manfrotto SPRING SET OF 1000 97,88  
R078,06K Manfrotto KNOB W/SPRING SET OF 100 72,84  
R078,06K2 Manfrotto KNOB SET OF 1000 527,12  
R078,98 Manfrotto KNOB 2,47  
R078,99 Manfrotto SPRING SET OF 500 29,25  
R083,76 Manfrotto FRICTION BUSH 2,77  
R084,08 Manfrotto STEEL COLUMN 30X1,5X1250 24,94  
R085,01 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 35X1,25X910 14,19  
R085,03 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 35X1,25X910 14,19  
R085,09 Manfrotto STEEL TUBE 35X1,2X2440 45,79  
R099,99B Manfrotto ASM COLUMN 20,11  
R101,135 Manfrotto WASHER 8,5X32X2,5Z SET OF 5PCS 2,45  
R101,189 Manfrotto KNOB 1/4z 4,92  
R129,01 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 35X1,25X1637 24,13  
R132,44 Manfrotto WASHER SET OF 5 2,28  
R137,05 Manfrotto BRAKE SHOE FOR BUSHING 4,75  
R137,23 Manfrotto T BAR LOCKING KNOB 4,12  
R143,96 Manfrotto BUSHING 10,49  
R143,97 Manfrotto BUSHING 6,66  
R155,18 Manfrotto LABEL *155* 2,89  
R156,26 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 22X1X288 7,30  
R156,26B Manfrotto AL TUBE BLACK 6,20  
R156,27 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 19X1X314 7,33  
R156,27B Manfrotto AL TUBE BLACK 5,78  
R170,04 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 25X1X1700 18,50  
R170,04B Manfrotto AL TUBE BLACK 17,81  
R126,66 Manfrotto COLUMN 26,58  
R126,65 Manfrotto COLUMN 34,10  
R101,270G Manfrotto PAWL M10 5,00  
R101,276 Manfrotto KNOB 6,03  
R101,290 Manfrotto ASS COLUMN 26,19  
R101,538 Manfrotto BUSHING 15,48  
R101,601 Manfrotto RUBBER HOOK 4,26  
R110,20 Manfrotto 75MM BRAKED WHEEL + M10 NUTS 15,85  
R116,146 Manfrotto HANDLE 3,31  
R126,13 Manfrotto COLUMN 19,48  
R126,14 Manfrotto COLUMN 18,82  
R126,22 Manfrotto SPRING SET OF 5PCS 5,12  
R126,34 Manfrotto ASM COLUMN 30,01  
R126,44 Manfrotto SPRING FOR 30MM PIPE SET OF 3 2,96  
R126,64 Manfrotto COLUMN 33,88  
R170,05 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 28X1X1600 19,77  
R077,01B Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 40X1X900 15,34  
R048,02 Manfrotto AL TUBE 19X1X590 7,47  
R050,22 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 22X1X579 8,21  
R050,22CHB Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 22X1X579 BLACK 7,33  
R050,23CHB Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 19X1X612 BLACK 7,30  
R050,38CH Manfrotto COMPLETE LEG SUPPORT 13,99  
R050,45B Manfrotto TOP SECTION W/COLLAR&STUD 21,29  
R050,99CHB Manfrotto AL TUBE 10,09  
R051,17B Manfrotto AL TUBE BLACK 6,64  
R051,18 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 22X1X562 7,37  
R051,18B Manfrotto AL TUBE BLACK 6,84  
R051,49 Manfrotto KNOB M6X16 2,40  
R053,01B Manfrotto AL TUBE BLACK 9,70  
R054,07 Manfrotto SPIGOT 6,22  
R059,02 Manfrotto STUD 5,83  
R050,21CHB Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 25X1X545 BLACK 7,30  
R050,21 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 25X1X545 8,16  
R048,52 Manfrotto LOCKING LEVER 2,77  
R048,53 Manfrotto LEVER F/SLEEVE *COMET* 3,11  
R048,60 Manfrotto LOCKING LEVER 2,77  
R048,61 Manfrotto LEVER F/SLEEVE PROFOTO 3,11  
R049,02 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 22X1X769 10,73  
R049,02CH Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 22X1X769 SILVER 10,14  
R049,02CHB Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 22X1X769 BLACK 7,84  
R050,02 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 22X1X816 10,49  
R050,02B Manfrotto AL TUBE BLACK 9,07  
R050,03 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 25X1X781 10,17  
R050,03B Manfrotto AL TUBE BLACK 8,38  
R050,05 Manfrotto KNOB M6F ARRI 2,74  
R050,17 Manfrotto COMPLETE LEG SUPPORT 10,14  
R060,12 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM COLUMN 22X1X558 SLVR 7,33  
R060,12B Manfrotto AL TUBE 22X1X558 BLACK 6,96  
R060,99 Manfrotto AL TUBE 19X1X586 6,84  
R069,69 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 40X1,5X1375 24,70  
R069,70 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 35X1,5X1424 26,75  
R069,71 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 30X1,5X1502 26,58  
R069,97 Manfrotto AL TUBE D=45 23,84  
R069,97B Manfrotto AL TUBE BLACK 22,91  
R069,98B Manfrotto ASM LEVELLING LEG 65,17  
R070,23 Manfrotto RING F/TUBE 40 2,21  
R070,99 Manfrotto CAP SET OF 5 3,28  
R076,01 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 40X1X1400 19,28  
R076,01B Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 40X1X1400 19,43  
R076,01CH Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 40X1X1400 SLVR 20,16  
R076,02CH Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 45X1X1340 SLVR 18,69  
R076,99 Manfrotto AL TUBE 17,74  
R069,68 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 45X1,5X1290 27,59  
R069,65B Manfrotto AL TUBE BLACK 20,90  
R060,99B Manfrotto AL TUBE 19X1X586 BLACK 6,76  
R063,09 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 35X1X789 11,52  
R069,10 Manfrotto BRAKE SHOE X SPIDER SET 5 PCS 53,12  
R069,13 Manfrotto SPRING 2,65  
R069,35A Manfrotto LOCKING OFF KNOB F/AS.5 STAND 4,68  
R069,47 Manfrotto SPRING 2,94  
R069,49 Manfrotto ASS PIPE D=45 28,54  
R069,51 Manfrotto STEEL COLUMN 35X1,5X1260 29,18  
R069,61 Manfrotto COLUMN 40X1,5X1174 SILVER 22,20  
R069,62 Manfrotto COLUMN 35X1,5X1260 SILVER 21,07  
R069,62B Manfrotto AL TUBE BLACK 20,68  
R069,64 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 25X1,5X1400 19,21  
R069,65 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 30X1,5X1337 21,39  
R077,01 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 40X1X900 15,83  
R170,05B Manfrotto AL TUBE BLACK 19,06  
R305,10CH Manfrotto ALUMINIUM PIPE 19X1X539 SILVER 7,03  
R320,19 Manfrotto ADHESIVE TEXTURE 5,49  
R320,89B Manfrotto AL TUBE BLACK 8,01  
R320,91B Manfrotto AL TUBE BLACK 10,51  
R320,92B Manfrotto AL TUBE BLACK 10,54  
R320,93B Manfrotto AL TUBE BLACK 11,71  
R320,94 Manfrotto SUPPORT 23,91  
R320,97 Manfrotto ALL TUBE 25X1X840 11,88  
R320,98 Manfrotto ASS T-CLAMP BLACK 11,74  
R320,99 Manfrotto ASS 90° CURVED CLAMP BLACK 18,33  
R332,12 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM PIPE 35X1X860 12,50  
R332,12B Manfrotto AL TUBE BLACK 13,23  
R332,13 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM PIPE 32X1X920 13,57  
R332,13B Manfrotto AL TUBE BLACK 14,75  
R320,10 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM PIPE 22X1X630 10,17  
R320,08 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM PIPE 25X1X630 10,27  
R305,10CHB Manfrotto ALUMINIUM PIPE 19X1X539 BLACK 6,74  
R307,06CH Manfrotto ALUMINIUM PIPE 30X1X874 SILVER 10,80  
R307,06CHB Manfrotto ALUMINIUM PIPE 30X1X874 BLACK 11,22  
R307,25 Manfrotto ASS PIPE D=30 20,90  
R310,29 Manfrotto HOUSING GEAR, 30 PCS KIT 383,82  
R314,03 Manfrotto BAG F/KIT STAT./ASTA 56,82  
R320,01 Manfrotto STILL LIFE PANEL 152,15  
R320,03 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM PIPE 25X1X680 8,62  
R320,03B Manfrotto AL TUBE 25X1X680 8,89  
R320,04 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM PIPE 25X1X930 10,24  
R320,04B Manfrotto AL TUBE BLACK 10,56  
R320,06 Manfrotto ALL TUBE 25X1,25X795 13,55  
R320,06B Manfrotto AL TUBE BLACK 13,89  
R332,14 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM PIPE 35X1X1360 16,39  
R332,14B Manfrotto AL TUBE BLACK 16,32  
R332,15 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM PIPE 32X1X1420 18,30  
R365,08CH Manfrotto ALUMINIUM PIPE 22X1X883 9,60  
R365,08CHB Manfrotto ALUMINIUM PIPE 22X1X883 BLACK 10,29  
R371,01B Manfrotto CABLE GRIP NERO 4X40CM 4,19  
R387,02BR Manfrotto CRANKCASE FOR SUPER WIND-UP 69,83  
R387,06AVBR Manfrotto ASM MAIN CASTING + KNOB 51,57  
R387,16 Manfrotto BRAKE SHOE 3,50  
R387,22 Manfrotto PAWL F/CRANK HANDLE 6,76  
R387,35BR Manfrotto ASM FOOT REST 22,17  
R387,40 Manfrotto PIVOT F/TOOTHED WHEEL 3,31  
R387,99 Manfrotto HALF SHELLS+SCREWS+NUT+WASHER 15,44  
R396,01 Manfrotto ASM COLLAR 14,99  
R396,05 Manfrotto KNOB 3,19  
R365,07CHB Manfrotto ALUMINIUM PIPE 25X1X822 BLACK 10,90  
R365,07CH Manfrotto ALUMINIUM PIPE 25X1X822 SILVER 10,14  
R332,15B Manfrotto AL TUBE BLACK 19,50  
R332,16 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM PIPE 35X1X1780 20,97  
R332,16B Manfrotto AL TUBE BLACK 19,75  
R332,17 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM PIPE 32X1X1998 23,69  
R332,17B Manfrotto ALUMINIUM PIPE 32X1X1998 BLCK 23,20  
R362,31 Manfrotto GEAR Z=16 29,65  
R362,32 Manfrotto GEAR Z=32 52,53  
R363,07CH Manfrotto ALUMINIUM PIPE 22X1X616 SILVER 8,01  
R363,07CHB Manfrotto ALUMINIUM PIPE 22X1X616 BLACK 8,45  
R364,05CH Manfrotto ALUMINIUM PIPE 25X1X694 SILVER 8,82  
R364,05CHB Manfrotto ALUMINIUM PIPE 25X1X694 BLACK 9,41  
R364,06CH Manfrotto ALUMINIUM PIPE 22X1X753 SILVER 8,87  
R364,06CHB Manfrotto ALUMINIUM PIPE 22X1X753 BLACK 10,12  
R396,06B Manfrotto ASM TUBES 12,76  
R305,09CHB Manfrotto ALUMINIUM PIPE 22X1X503 BLACK 6,64  
R171,99 Manfrotto KNOB 2,40  
R219,01 Manfrotto SPIGOT 6,88  
R219,06B Manfrotto AL TUBE BLACK 5,71  
R219,07B Manfrotto AL TUBE BLACK 6,05  
R219,08B Manfrotto AL TUBE 13X1X470 6,03  
R219,15B Manfrotto AL TUBE BLACK 7,86  
R219,16B Manfrotto AL TUBE BLACK 7,94  
R219,17B Manfrotto AL TUBE BLACK 8,04  
R219,22 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 13X1X627 7,03  
R219,23 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 16X1X527 8,35  
R219,24 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 19X1X500 8,60  
R219,25 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 22X1X475 6,81  
R220,23 Manfrotto ALL PIPE 35X1,25X1425 20,73  
R220,23B Manfrotto ALL PIPE 35X1,25X1425 BLCK 20,29  
R211,05 Manfrotto PAWL M6 4,36  
R205,09 Manfrotto CLIP 3,90  
R173,01 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 20X1X1025 11,00  
R173,01B Manfrotto AL TUBE BLACK 10,63  
R173,03 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 20X1X1500 15,12  
R180,16 Manfrotto SPRING 2,38  
R196,01K Manfrotto CLAMP & KNOB F/2935 SET OF 100 446,10  
R196,03 Manfrotto 5/8z-3/8z STUD 7,11  
R196,04 Manfrotto STUD F/2935 7,11  
R196,13 Manfrotto MAIN CAST 4,68  
R196,14 Manfrotto REVOLVING PLUG 4,29  
R196,17 Manfrotto RIGHT ARM 8,55  
R196,18 Manfrotto LEFT ARM 9,43  
R196,98 Manfrotto ASM COLLAR 7,91  
R200,16 Manfrotto SPRING SET OF 5 PCS 2,47  
R220,24 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 35X1X792 10,09  
R220,25 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 35X1X677 9,73  
R220,26 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 35X1X1092 12,91  
R3,0292 Manfrotto SCREW 3,45  
R3,0332 Manfrotto ASS SCREW W/NUT 3,97  
R3,0550 Manfrotto SCREW W/WASHER 2,65  
R3,0843 Manfrotto SCREW SET OF 5 3,94  
R3,1345 Manfrotto WASCHER SET OF 5 2,52  
R3,1982 Manfrotto WING NUT 2,38  
R3,2552 Manfrotto ASS SET DI 10 TAPPI X GAMBETTE 2,52  
R3,2570 Manfrotto CAP 2,25  
R3,2610 Manfrotto PUSH ROD SET OF 5 2,55  
R3,4697 Manfrotto ASS BRAKE FOR 104 WHEEL 50PCS 64,34  
R3,9996 Manfrotto HANDLE 3,53  
R305,03 Manfrotto CLIP 6,74  
R305,04 Manfrotto LEVER 2,33  
R3,0240K Manfrotto SCREW SET OF 100 13,40  
R275,05 Manfrotto RUBBER WASHER SET OF 5PCS 3,36  
R221,05 Manfrotto PROFILE TOP SISTEM L=3000 224,67  
R233,05 Manfrotto SPIGOT 6,44  
R233,11 Manfrotto ADAPTER F/BRACKET 5,68  
R234,11K Manfrotto ASM WASHER SET OF 500 423,24  
R249,13 Manfrotto JAW PAD F/3346 4,14  
R256,03 Manfrotto STOP RING SET OF 5PCS 31,41  
R256,08 Manfrotto RING 3,63  
R269,26 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 19X1X1642 16,59  
R269,27 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 16X1X1693 15,73  
R269,29 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 25X1X1541 18,72  
R269,30 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 22X1X1591 17,03  
R269,38 Manfrotto SPRING 3,63  
R272,01 Manfrotto AL TUBE D=28 12,13  
R305,09CH Manfrotto ALUMINIUM PIPE 22X1X503 SILVER 6,98  
R046,39 Manfrotto SMALL GEAR FOR ART.287C 2,89  
RA02218 Manfrotto STEEL PIPE 30X1048MM 20,68  
RA02219 Manfrotto STEEL PIPE 30X788MM 17,62  
RA02226J Manfrotto STEEL PIPE 25X1078 W/COLLAR 47,73  
RA02236 Manfrotto STEEL PIPE 25X930 W/COLLAR 42,56  
RA02248 Manfrotto STEEL PIPE 35X880MM W/SPIGOT 35,48  
RA02726JCB Manfrotto BLCK STEEL PIPE 25X568 W/COLL 45,94  
RA04039 Manfrotto ASS KNOB W/BLOCK 7,37  
RA04055 Manfrotto STEEL LEG 715MM W/CAP 16,32  
RA04057 Manfrotto STEEL.SLIDING LEG 655MM W/CAP 46,99  
RA04061 Manfrotto STEEL PIPE 30X1000MM 22,91  
RA04062 Manfrotto 2ND TUBE SECTION FOR A410C 20,24  
RA04079 Manfrotto ASS SCREW + BUSH SET OF 5 PCS 12,18  
RA02212 Manfrotto STEEL PIPE 35X525MM 13,94  
RA02210 Manfrotto STEEL PIPE 35X1030MM 22,10  
697 Manfrotto SAFETY COLLAR D.30 MM 18,74  
698 Manfrotto SAFETY COLLAR D.35 MM 22,20  
699 Manfrotto SAFETY COLLAR D.40 MM 17,74  
RA01124 Manfrotto ALL. PIPE 40X905MM 20,95  
RA01126 Manfrotto ALL PIPE 18,72  
RA04081 Manfrotto TUBO 25X1,5X1070 21,46  
RA04083 Manfrotto AA TUBO 20X1080+CDL+MANIC 43,17  
RA06002 Manfrotto ALUM PIPE 40 X 737 MM 19,75  
RA06003 Manfrotto ALUM PIPE 35 X 810 MM 18,06  
RA06004 Manfrotto ALUM PIPE 30 X 930 MM 17,74  
RA06005 Manfrotto STEEL PIPE 45 X 290 MM 10,63  
RA06006 Manfrotto ALUM PIPE 40 X 310 MM 12,15  
RA06007 Manfrotto STEEL PIPE 35 X 785 MM 19,67  
RA06008 Manfrotto ALUM PIPE 30 X 785 MM 16,22  
RA06010 Manfrotto ALUM PIPE 25 X 890 MM W/COLL 40,94  
RA06011 Manfrotto ALUM PIPE 25 X 400 MM 12,79  
RA06025CB Manfrotto BOTTOM BEND LEG BLACK 15,73  
RA06026CB Manfrotto MIDDLE BEND LEG BLACK 15,83  
RA06027CB Manfrotto UPPER BEND LEG BLACK 15,90  
RA06001 Manfrotto STEEL PIPE 45 X 715 MM 22,59  
RA05009 Manfrotto STEEL PIPE 40 X 960 MM 28,03  
RA04084 Manfrotto STEEL SLIDING LEG FOR A420/430 50,57  
RA04085 Manfrotto BUSHING 16MM FOR BABY STAND 13,67  
RA04532 Manfrotto LOW SPIDER X PIPE 45 MM 20,68  
RA04545 Manfrotto WHEEL SUPPORT 5,68  
RA04583 Manfrotto ASS PIPE 20X1,5X975 48,02  
RA04800V Manfrotto HANDLE ASSY FOR LOCK JOINT 18,13  
RA05001 Manfrotto STEEL PIPE 45 X 880 MM 25,87  
RA05002 Manfrotto STEEL PIPE 40 X 975 MM 28,03  
RA05003 Manfrotto STEEL PIPE 35 X 1090 MM 29,23  
RA05004 Manfrotto STEEL PIPE 30 X 1190 MM 27,02  
RA05008 Manfrotto STEEL PIPE 45 X 855 MM 26,88  
RA06028B Manfrotto ASS SWIVEL UPPER BODY 17,64  
RA05010 Manfrotto STEEL PIPE 35 X 1055 MM 28,84  
A655JM Manfrotto CINE COMBO W/LAZY LEG 10033 188,06  
A690J Manfrotto JUNIOR FOLDING BASE STAND J.V. 345,28  
B120J Manfrotto TWO SECT.STRATO SAFE LEVEL JCK 1867,90  
B130J Manfrotto THREE SECT.STRATO SAFE LEVEL J 2593,91  
B140J Manfrotto FOUR SECT.STRATO SAFE LEVEL J 3008,18  
B142 Manfrotto BUSHING D.50 FOR STRATO-SAFE 34,47  
B150J Manfrotto FIVE SECT.STRATO SAFE LEVEL J 3424,07  
C1575 Manfrotto AVENGER SUPER CLAMP 35,57  
C4460 Manfrotto MP EYE COUPLER 22,10  
C4461 Manfrotto MP EYE COUPLER W/28MM SPIGOT 30,99  
C4462 Manfrotto MP EYE COUPLER W/16MM SPIGOT 27,46  
142CS Manfrotto EXTENSION 2 SECTIONS FOR HVY S 88,69  
428-4,0 ZZZ ALT! Manfrotto 428-4,0 OPERATING POLE 1,2 TO 4,0 MT 144,18  
602BSM Manfrotto LE LOW STAND BLACK 130,10  
604BSM Manfrotto LE MIDI STAND BLACK 134,38  
606BSM Manfrotto LE MAXI STAND BLACK 147,22  
A110J Manfrotto COMBO DBL RSR W/SLDNG LG 10035 305,32  
A120J Manfrotto LOW BOY CMB D.R.W/SLDNG LEG JV 270,95  
A320WH Manfrotto WIDE BASE HIGH STAND NO HEAD 329,38  
C4463 Manfrotto MP EYE COUPLER W/LIFTING RING 36,04  
C4464 Manfrotto MP EYE COUPLER W/M12 BOLT+NUT 23,05  
R396,10B Manfrotto STUD 27,32  
007BSU Manfrotto BLACK ZINC SENIOR 3 SCTN LEVLE 167,78  
007CSU Manfrotto CHROME STAND 3 SECTION, LEVLEG 173,90  
007XU Manfrotto ALU INOX SENIOR STAND 216,02  
008BSU Manfrotto CINE STAND,BLACK ZINC W/O WHEL 156,90  
008BUAC Manfrotto ALU-CINE BLACK STAND AC 186,00  
008CSU Manfrotto CINE STAND W/O WHEELS, LEVLEG 152,27  
126BSU Manfrotto HEAVY DUTY BLACK STAND 194,06  
126CSUAC Manfrotto HEAVY DUTY STAND A14 AIR CUSH. 210,04  
RI650CK Manfrotto 18""X24"" CHINA SILK SCRIM COVER" 57,75  
F1521 Manfrotto 50MM 2"" POLYHOLDER W/16MM SPIG" 111,11  
C4465 Manfrotto MP EYE COUPLER W/28MM BUSHING 41,72  
C4469 Manfrotto MP EYE COUPLER W/16MM BUSHING 29,40  
C4470 Manfrotto MP TILT & SWIVEL EYE COUPLER 71,56  
C4482 Manfrotto MP SWIVEL EYE COUPLER 46,01  
C4485 Manfrotto MP EYE COUPLER SWIVEL TILT 150 102,63  
C4486 Manfrotto MP EYE COUPLER SWIVEL TILT 200 106,45  
D210JB Manfrotto SNAP-IN GRIPHEAD BLACK 10170 37,02  
D240B Manfrotto ********SWIVEL GRIP HEAD BLACK 72,79  
D600JCB Manfrotto BOOM ARM W/SLDNG ATT. BLCK J/V 149,11  
F1520 Manfrotto 50MM 2"" POLYHOLDER W/SW.SPIGOT" 190,29  
RA06029B Manfrotto ASS SWIVEL MIDDLE BODY 10,07  
R004,61B Manfrotto AL TUBE BLACK 11,96  
R007,21 Manfrotto AL TUBE 30X1,5X938 14,43  
R007,21CHB Manfrotto AL TUBE 30X1,5X938 BLACK 13,92  
R007,22CHB Manfrotto AL TUBE 25X1,5X1010 BLACK 13,94  
R007,24 Manfrotto ASS BRAKE SHOE 2,79  
R008,02B Manfrotto ASM COLUMN 33,74  
R008,06X Manfrotto INOX TUBE 30X1,2X980 25,36  
R008,08 Manfrotto ASS PIPE D=30 4,09  
R008,50 Manfrotto ASS PIPE D=30 14,28  
R014,19 Manfrotto KNOB 1/4 UNCX15 2,52  
R022,01 Manfrotto LARGE COUNTERWEIGHT 51,25  
R024,16 Manfrotto 2ST SEC TUBE BLACK 17,08  
R024,28 Manfrotto SPRING SET OF 5PCS 3,48  
R006,121B Manfrotto ASM COLUMN 23,20  
R006,11B Manfrotto ASM COLUMN 11,61  
R004,62B Manfrotto AL TUBE BLACK 11,98  
R004,73 Manfrotto BRAKE SHOE F/COLLAR SET OF 5PC 10,39  
R004,78 Manfrotto BRAKE SHOE F/COLLAR SET OF 5PC 6,30  
R004,99 Manfrotto BRAKE SHOE 2,33  
R005,08X Manfrotto INOX TUBE 25X1,2X945 21,90  
R005,09X Manfrotto INOX TUBE 30X1,2X856 25,97  
R005,20 Manfrotto AL TUBE 35X1X900 12,67  
R005,41 Manfrotto ASS PIPE D=25 12,05  
R005,42 Manfrotto ASS PIPE D=30 12,47  
R005,43 Manfrotto ASS PIPE D=35 12,50  
R006,01B Manfrotto AL TUBE BLACK 8,23  
R006,02B Manfrotto AL TUBE BLACK 8,60  
R025,01B Manfrotto AL TUBE 35X1,25X244 BLACK 33,47  
R025,02 Manfrotto BOTTOM CASTING SECTION 17,54  
R032,27 Manfrotto AL TUBE 30X1X1530 18,94  
R032,28 Manfrotto AL TUBE 25X1X1630 18,38  
R032,40 Manfrotto SPRING F/NIB SET OF 5PCS 2,13  
R032,55 Manfrotto SUCTION CUP COVER 2,47  
R032,61 Manfrotto AL TUBE 40X1X1000 2,01  
R032,89 Manfrotto HANDLE 4,68  
R035,17 Manfrotto TUBE COVER 2,35  
R035,40 Manfrotto KNOB M6X17 INOX 2,50  
R035,74 Manfrotto ASS BUSHING 16,29  
R035,78 Manfrotto SPRING 2,18  
R043,04 Manfrotto ASS ADJUSTMENT PIN 3,06  
R046,19K Manfrotto EXPANDER SET OF 100 435,93  
R032,17 Manfrotto SPRING F/SLEEVE SET OF 5PCS 2,65  
R032,16CH Manfrotto AL TUBE 40X1X2000 SILVER 26,46  
R025,07 Manfrotto MAIN CASTING 11,05  
R025,42 Manfrotto BRASS WASHER SET OF 5 PCS 3,63  
R025,56 Manfrotto STEEL CABLE 2,5MM 9,73  
R026,08 Manfrotto JOINING STUD FOR MINI CLAMPS 9,85  
R026,18 Manfrotto ASS BUSHING 5/8-3/8 4,68  
R026,19 Manfrotto ASS SPIGOT 5/8 5,81  
R026,21 Manfrotto SPIGOT 12,45  
R026,29 Manfrotto SPIGOT F/FLASH SUPPORT 6,93  
R026,43 Manfrotto BRACKET F/TILT HEAD 10,90  
R029,98 Manfrotto KNOB 2,55  
R032,01CH Manfrotto AL TUBE 45X1X1780 SILVER 24,28  
R032,05 Manfrotto SPRING 2,43  
R046,38 Manfrotto LARGE GEAR FOR ART.287C 3,80  
R004,60B Manfrotto AL TUBE BLACK 11,49  
RA06030B Manfrotto ASS SWIVEL BOTTOM BODY 10,88  
RA90012 Manfrotto FOOT BREAK PEDAL F/D100 WHEEL 3,41  
RC02003 Manfrotto SAFETY CABLE 7,11  
RC03022 Manfrotto FIXED SHELL OF TRUSS CLAMP 16,86  
RC03023 Manfrotto MOVING SHELL OF TRUSS CLAMP 13,87  
RC03025 Manfrotto 28MM PIN + M12 BOLT 13,08  
RC08062 Manfrotto STEEL TUBE W/CAP 59,14  
RC08064 Manfrotto STEEL PIPE W/KNOB 71,91  
RD01015 Manfrotto SHELL 10,22  
RD01016 Manfrotto SHELL 8,40  
RD04019 Manfrotto SHELL 15,68  
RD04020 Manfrotto SHELL 16,95  
RA90011 Manfrotto RIVET FOR D.75 WHEELS SET 5 PC 4,41  
RA90010 Manfrotto SPRING FOR D. 75 WHEEL 4,66  
RA90009 Manfrotto FOOT BRAKE PEDAL F/D 75 WHEEL 4,56  
RA06031B Manfrotto ASS PIPE W/SPIGOT 19,62  
RA06032B Manfrotto ASS PIPE W/SPIGOT 25,38  
RA06033 Manfrotto ASS RINGS SET OF 5 4,02  
RA06509 Manfrotto ALUM PIPE 25 X 820 MM W/ COLL 51,92  
RA06532B Manfrotto ASS COLUMN W/COLLAR 59,05  
RA07001 Manfrotto ASS ARTICULATION 102,66  
RA07002 Manfrotto SHELLES ASSEMBLY 25,80  
RA07003 Manfrotto GEAR SHELLES ASSEMBLY 19,85  
RA07004 Manfrotto SAFE RING NUT 4,02  
RA90006 Manfrotto SPRING FOR D100 WHEELS 6,52  
RA90007 Manfrotto RIV. FOR D.100 WHEELS SET 5PZ 4,95  
R004,44 Manfrotto ASS TUBE 35X1X789 W/CAP 16,83  
R002,14 Manfrotto ASS BRAKE SHOE 3,41  
R002,24 Manfrotto AL TUBE 25X1X784 10,93  
R004,01 Manfrotto UPPER SECTION 20,38  
R004,03 Manfrotto ASS BRAKE SHOE 2,87  
R004,04 Manfrotto ASS BRAKE SHOE 3,43  
R004,17 Manfrotto AL TUBE 25X1X970 13,13  
R004,17CH Manfrotto AL TUBE 25X1X970 SILVER 12,50  
R004,17CHB Manfrotto AL TUBE 25X1X970 BLACK 10,46  
R004,18 Manfrotto AL TUBE 30X1X881 12,57  
R004,18CHB Manfrotto AL TUBE 30X1X881 BLACK 9,68  
R004,19 Manfrotto AL TUBE 35X1X789 12,32  
R004,19CHB Manfrotto AL TUBE 35X1X789 BLACK 12,30  
R002,08 Manfrotto ASS BRAKE SHOE 2,82  
RF10002 Manfrotto JAW 5,00  
RF10003V Manfrotto JAW W/SPIGOT 5,17  
RF10005 Manfrotto PUMP F/SUCTION CUP 6,22  
RK148CHB Manfrotto AL TUBE BLACK 20,14  
RSH2109 Manfrotto ASM SCREW W/COVER SET OF 5 6,57  
R001,01 Manfrotto ASS COLUMN 17,13  
R001,01B Manfrotto ASS COLUMN BLACK 17,47  
R001,17B Manfrotto AL TUBE BLACK 5,68  
RF08027 Manfrotto BUSHING 15,29  
R002,06 Manfrotto ASS BRAKE SHOE 3,21  
R002,05 Manfrotto ASS BRAKE SHOE 3,23  
R001,95 Manfrotto CAP 2,45  
R001,18B Manfrotto AL TUBE BLACK 5,66  
XMT002 MANFROTTO CAMERA STUD 5/8" M - M10 0,00  
RA04089 Manfrotto STEEL TUBE 35X1,5X770 17,40  
852 Manfrotto CONTROL BOX - 220V 974,07  
853 Manfrotto INFRA RED REMOTE CONTROL ONLY 118,26  
RA02211 Manfrotto STEEL PIPE 35X775MM 18,45  
RA02234 Manfrotto STEEL PIPE 25X1078 W/COLLAR 44,44  
RA02234CB Manfrotto STEEL PIPE 25X1078 W/COLLAR B 48,12  
RA02240 Manfrotto STEEL PIPE 25X568 W/COLLAR 37,83  
RA02241 Manfrotto STEEL PIPE 25X568+COLLAR+BUSH. 41,72  
RA03519 Manfrotto ASS BASE W/O CENTER CULUMN 226,43  
RA04045 Manfrotto ALUM SUPPORT WITH WHEEL 31,75  
RA07007 Manfrotto BOLT 10X40 + BEARING SET OF 5 37,53  
RA06009 Manfrotto ALUM PIPE 25 X 820 MM 19,38  
RA04064 Manfrotto UPPER TUBE SECTION FOR A410C 45,06  
851 Manfrotto CONTROL BOX 110V 974,07  
850 Manfrotto BACKGROUND ROLL SPIGOTS 278,30  
292 Manfrotto DISK BASE W/TUBE ADAPTOR 160,03  
320 Manfrotto MINI STILL LIFE TABLE 538,98  
3301 Manfrotto ADAPTER 5/8 F TO 3/8 M 11,44  
332 Manfrotto MINI AUTOPOLE 0,6-1,0MT 71,79  
336 Manfrotto FIXED STAND EXTENSION 57,43  
336L Manfrotto FIXED STAND EXTENSION 53,31  
374 Manfrotto WHEEL SET 160MM W/BRAKES 249,58  
375 Manfrotto MULTICLIP 9,85  
396B,2 ZZZ ALT! Manfrotto 396B,2 DOUBLE ARM 2 SECT. W/CAM.BKT 86,51  
635 Manfrotto QUICK-ACTION SUPER CLAMP 40,16  
649 Manfrotto QUICK-RELEASE CLAMP 61,20  
275 Manfrotto MINI SPRING CLAMP 5/8 F ATTACH 16,07  
RA07011 Manfrotto STEEL PIPE 45X980 MM 29,06  
R001,09CHB Manfrotto AL TUBE 16X1X399 BLACK 5,64  
R001,17 Manfrotto AL TUBE 19X1X374 6,08  
R001,18 Manfrotto AL TUBE 22X1X347 6,08  
R001,32 Manfrotto ASS FOOT SET OF 5 PCS 2,47  
R002,01 Manfrotto AL TUBE 30X1X700 10,61  
R002,35 Manfrotto SCREW COVER 10PCS 2,57  
R002,36 Manfrotto SCREW COVER 10PCS 2,57  
R004,08 Manfrotto BRAKE SHOE 2,72  
R004,44B Manfrotto ASS TUBE 35X1X789 W/CAP BLACK 17,08  
R004,75 Manfrotto BRAKE SHOE F/COLLAR SET OF 5PC 9,68  
R004,79 Manfrotto ASS KNOB M6X21 2,40  
R004,80 Manfrotto ASS KNOB M6X31 2,40  
R001,09B Manfrotto ASS PIPE D=16 BLACK 5,64  
R001,09 Manfrotto AL TUBE 16X1X399 6,22  
R001,07K Manfrotto ASS SPRING SET OF 100 13,94  
RA07012 Manfrotto STEEL PIPE 40X1117 W/COLL. 50,47  
RA07013 Manfrotto STEEL PIPE 35X1244 MM 25,92  
RA07014 Manfrotto STEEL PIPE 30X1305 MM 28,62  
RB01063 Manfrotto ASS GEAR FOR WHEEL 30,04  
RB01064 Manfrotto ASS GEAR FOR WHEEL 25,90  
RB01185 Manfrotto ASS CABLES JOINT PLATE 11,83  
RC03525 Manfrotto 28MM PIN + M12 BOLT 14,48  
RC07003 Manfrotto ASS JAWS 12,30  
RC08006 Manfrotto FIXING CAP FOR TELESOPIC ANG. 14,41  
RC16014 Manfrotto STEEL BUSHING 28,5 26,19  
RD03005V Manfrotto KNOB M6 4,36  
RX3512,012 Manfrotto CABLE CLIP F/PANTOG. SET OF 10 2,30  
R004,89 Manfrotto COLLAR FOR PIPE 35MM 23,67  
272 Manfrotto BACKGROUND SUPPORT 3 SCTN 61,72  
R014,09 Manfrotto ASS KNOB M6X15 2,45  
118 Manfrotto SHORT 5/8 SPIGOT W/1/4 & 3/8 S 4,46  
119 Manfrotto ADAPTER SPIGOT 1/4 & 3/8 F THR 3,80  
135 Manfrotto LIGHTING GANTRY BAR 24,08  
143 Manfrotto MAGIC ARM KIT 148,05  
149 Manfrotto ADAPTER STUD, DIAM 3/8 TO 1/4 4,41  
151 Manfrotto ADAPTER STUD 5/8 TO 3/8 THREAD 6,08  
152 Manfrotto ADAPTER DIAM. 17,5 TO 5/8 13,28  
153 Manfrotto ADAPTER MOLE TO DIAM. 5/8 10,58  
158 Manfrotto DOUBLE 5/8"" FEMALE ADAPTER" 13,28  
159 Manfrotto ADAPTER FROM 5/8"" TO 5/8""-1/2"" 8,82  
169 Manfrotto 5 SOCKET BRACKET D=28MM 191,86  
106 Manfrotto RANK LOW FOLDING STAND 26-875 27,95  
103 Manfrotto WHEEL SET DIAM 80, NORMAL 23,94  
035FTC Manfrotto SUPER CLAMP in der Box ohne Verpackung 18,52  
D210B Manfrotto SNAP-IN GRIP HEAD BLACK 38,10  
F1510 Manfrotto 50MM 2"" POLYHOLDER W/SW.SPIGOT" 141,98  
RI750CK Manfrotto 24""X36"" CHINA SILK SCRIM COVER" 70,12  
015 ZZZ ALT! Manfrotto ADAPTER 1/4 TO 3/8 4,04  
022 Manfrotto G-PESO, 7KG COUNTERWEIGHT 55,64  
023 ZZZ ALT! Manfrotto L-PESO, 4,3KG COUNTERWEIGHT 40,20  
034 ZZZ ALT! Manfrotto EXTES, CROSS ARM 40MMX1,5M 31,97  
042 Manfrotto EXTENSION ARM,BLACK W/SPGT 035 20,07  
043 ZZZ ALT! Manfrotto SKY HOOK GAFFER GRIP 5/8F+2 SP 40,11  
171 Manfrotto MINI CLAMP 14,04  
172 Manfrotto MINI COUNTERWEIGHT (1,3 KG) 18,40  
175 Manfrotto SPRING CLAMP, 5/8 F ATTACHMENT 16,61  
195 Manfrotto ADAPTER 5/8"" M - 1/4"" W" 5,02  
196AB,3 ZZZ ALT! Manfrotto 196AB,3 SINGLE ARM 3 SECT. 38,93  
196B,2 ZZZ ALT! Manfrotto 196B,2 SINGLE ARM 2 SECT. W/CAM.BKT 37,95  
201 Manfrotto ADJUSTABLE MINI CLIP *SET OF 4 6,93  
203 Manfrotto MINI EXTENSION ARM 20,58  
204 Manfrotto MINI ""L"" BRACKET BLACK" 13,28  
206 Manfrotto CABLE CLIP MEDIUM, SET OF 4 PC 2,87  
231CS Manfrotto COLUMN STAND 249,04  
251 Manfrotto WHEEL SET DIAM 125MM, W/BRAKES 117,26  
252 Manfrotto AUTOPOLE ADAPTER BLACK 31,92  
256BUAC Manfrotto SAFETY COLLAR STAND LIV.BL.A14 176,13  
194 Manfrotto ADAPTER 5/8"" F - 3/8"" M - 1/4""" 12,42  
193 Manfrotto ADAPTER 5/8"" F - 3/8"" M - 3/8""" 8,33  
176 Manfrotto U-HOOKS HOLDER SET SMALL 12,47  
177 Manfrotto B/P SING.HOOKS SET, EX. SPIGOT 20,48  
178 Manfrotto MINI CLIP *SET OF 4 PCS* 5,59  
179 Manfrotto RAPIDAPT.3/8""W+DISCO DM 80" 19,94  
182 Manfrotto ADAPT 3/8 STUD TO 5/8 STUD 3/8 7,40  
185 Manfrotto SPIGOT ADAPTER 5/8M-17 MM MALE 11,64  
186 Manfrotto ADAPTER 3/8""W F - 5/8"" MALE" 6,62  
187 Manfrotto ADAPTER M10 M - 5/8"" MALE" 6,62  
188 Manfrotto ADAPTER 3/8"" F TO 5/8"" MALE" 4,63  
189 Manfrotto ADAPTER 5/8"" F - DIAM. 25MM" 8,33  
191 Manfrotto ADAPTER 5/8"" M - 3/8"" W" 6,30  
192 Manfrotto ADAPTER 5/8"" M - 3/8"" MALE" 6,30  
271 Manfrotto PANEL CLAMP 33,22  
R004,89B Manfrotto COLLAR FOR PIPE 35MM BLACK 22,17  
R083,98 Manfrotto RING NUT 4,46  
R155,12 Manfrotto PIN W/BALL 5/8-3/8 5,73  
R155,13 Manfrotto 5/8 PIN WITH 1/4zATTACHMENT 5,73  
R156,08 Manfrotto SPIKE 16MM 2,08  
R170,09 Manfrotto RUBBER FOOT 2,45  
R172,01 Manfrotto MINI COUNTERWEIGHT 19,01  
R175,05 Manfrotto RUBBER PAD 2,06  
R196,16 Manfrotto GEAR 3,41  
R196,32 Manfrotto COLLAR 10,39  
R196,33B Manfrotto TUBE 13X1X285 7,25  
R196,99 Manfrotto ASS JAW W/KNOB 10,39  
R220,02 Manfrotto CLIP F/STILL LIFE TABLE 4PCS 12,94  
R220,05 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 35X1X1115 12,57  
R137,12 Manfrotto SPRING F/zCz CLAMP 5,32  
R126,15 Manfrotto SPIGOT F/BUSHING 6,08  
R085,01B Manfrotto ASS PIPE D=35 BLACK 15,39  
R085,03B Manfrotto ASS PIPE D=35 BLACK 15,39  
R086,02 Manfrotto ASS COLUMN JOINT 3,85  
R087,34 Manfrotto STEEL CABLE L=1320MM W/SHEATH 8,21  
R087,99 Manfrotto TUBE FOR COLUMN 58,14  
R098,08 Manfrotto ASS FIBER THICKNESS 2,35  
R098,12 Manfrotto ASS LEVERS SET OF 5 PCS 11,32  
R101,141 Manfrotto TOP CLAMP SECTION 7,99  
R101,79C07 Manfrotto KNOB M6X18 4,07  
R101,79C14 Manfrotto KNOB M6X18 4,58  
R126,07 Manfrotto BRAKE SHOE SET OF 5 6,79  
R137,15 Manfrotto LOCKING LEVER 4,26  
R220,06 Manfrotto ALL PIPE 35X1X900 11,15  
R220,20 Manfrotto ALL PIPE 30X2,5X50 8,18  
R231,08 Manfrotto STEEL TUBE 35X1,2X1200 23,54  
R604,02 Manfrotto STEEL TUBE 35X1,2X1242 BLCK 23,86  
R606,02 Manfrotto STEEL TUBE 35X1,2X1522 BLCK 26,78  
R608,01 Manfrotto STEEL PIPE 30X1,5X9804 17,66  
R626,01 Manfrotto STEEL PIPE 30X1,5X1088 18,67  
R626,02 Manfrotto STEEL PIPE 35X1,2X1000 16,64  
R645,01 Manfrotto STEEL PIPE 25X1,5X1060 KBDA 18,94  
R670,02 Manfrotto STEEL PIPE 45X1,5X1083 34,86  
R670,03 Manfrotto STEEL PIPE 40X1,5X1174 31,19  
R670,04 Manfrotto STEEL PIPE 30X1,5X1250 BLACK 29,55  
R684,08 Manfrotto STEEL TUBE 30X1,5X1250 BLCK 24,55  
R783,02 Manfrotto ASS KNOB W/SCREW 6,27  
R850,01 Manfrotto BOX F/850 8,53  
R602,02 Manfrotto STEEL TUBE 35X1,2X956 BLCK 21,98  
R432,99 Manfrotto NYLON SPACER 2,23  
R3,0020 Manfrotto GRUB SCREW SET OF 5 P ZNCD STL 2,30  
R3,0093 Manfrotto GRUB SCREW SET OF 5 PCS 2,87  
R3,1981 Manfrotto WING NUT M10 2,35  
R3,2299K Manfrotto ASS BEARING SET OF 100 145,21  
R3,2490 Manfrotto ASS PASTIC FOOT 2,21  
R3,2820P Manfrotto CLAMP HANDLE 4,07  
R332,05 Manfrotto SPRING 2,47  
R332,11 Manfrotto PROTECTION SUCTION CUP 2,57  
R387,07BR Manfrotto BRAKE SHOE 4,36  
R387,54 Manfrotto STEEL CABLE 3MM/114 L=1290 8,21  
R387,75 Manfrotto ASS BUSH W/HOOK 34,06  
148KN Manfrotto ADAPTER,SMALL 3/8 TO 1/4 SET 5 4,36  
R005,02BR Manfrotto ASS KNOB 2PP M6X31 BR 5,61  
R025,04 Manfrotto STUDDED GEAR F/3091.3391 12,50  
R025,12 Manfrotto CLAMP 6,64  
R025,13 Manfrotto YOKE 13,57  
R025,14 Manfrotto PIVOT SHAFT 10,71  
R025,22 Manfrotto HOUSING GEAR F/3091.3391 14,14  
R025,25 Manfrotto FIBER THICKNESS 2,35  
R026,01 Manfrotto TOP ATTACHMENT 5,86  
R026,01BR Manfrotto TOP ATTACHMENT 6,17  
R026,02 Manfrotto BOTTOM ATTACHMENT 6,66  
R026,02BR Manfrotto BOTTOM ATTACHMENT 6,64  
R026,10 Manfrotto ASS BUSHING 5/8-3/8 2,35  
R026,26 Manfrotto BOTTOM ATTACHMENT 10,83  
R025,03 Manfrotto AL TUBE 16X1X2473 17,79  
R025,01 Manfrotto AL TUBE 35X1,25X244 37,29  
R007,11 Manfrotto ASS LEVELS SET OF 5 12,30  
R007,12 Manfrotto SPRING SET OF 5PCS 3,90  
R007,26 Manfrotto ASS BRAKE SHOE 3,53  
R008,01L Manfrotto ASS PIPE D=35 18,64  
R008,06 Manfrotto ASS COL ACC DM.30MM+MOLLA 19,13  
R012,18 Manfrotto FEET FOR BACKLITE STAND 10 PCS 4,80  
R023,01 Manfrotto SMALL COUNTERWEIGHT 40,55  
R024,04 Manfrotto END KNOB F/3085.3385 2,82  
R024,30 Manfrotto SMOOTH JAW 6,30  
R024,31 Manfrotto TOOTHED JAW W/WEDGE 6,30  
R024,33 Manfrotto TOOTH ROTATING JAW 6,30  
R024,34 Manfrotto SMOOTH JAW 6,30  
R026,33 Manfrotto BOTTOM ATTACHMENT 8,67  
R032,01 Manfrotto AL TUBE 45X1X1780 21,17  
R047,13 Manfrotto AL TUBE 50X1X1350 21,44  
R051,48 Manfrotto KNOB M6 2,57  
R062,07 Manfrotto TUBE W/JOINT 15,61  
R063,11 Manfrotto TUBE D=35 6,62  
R069,18 Manfrotto ASS SPRING 2,82  
R069,50 Manfrotto ASS PIPE D=40 26,53  
R070,08 Manfrotto ASS BRAKE SHOE 5,49  
R076,02B Manfrotto ASS TUBE D=45 21,46  
R083,09 Manfrotto PIN 2,65  
R083,14 Manfrotto BRAKE SHOE 3,75  
R083,22 Manfrotto RUBBER COVER 3,14  
R083,77 Manfrotto FRICTION SHOE 11,22  
R047,12 Manfrotto AL TUBE 50X1X1400 21,46  
R046,19 Manfrotto EXPANDER 6,25  
R046,17 Manfrotto SHORT FLANGE 2,70  
R032,01B Manfrotto ASS TUBE D=45 24,67  
R032,09C07 Manfrotto BOTTOM WHITE FOOT+CAP ASSY 6,84  
R032,10C07 Manfrotto TOP WHITE FOOT+CAP ASSY 7,57  
R032,16 Manfrotto AL TUBE 40X1X2000 23,35  
R032,16B Manfrotto ASS TUBE D=40 27,02  
R032,99 Manfrotto ASS NYLON SPACER 2,89  
R035,14 Manfrotto RUBBER SECTOR SET OF 5PCS 3,43  
R035,23 Manfrotto TUBE PROTECTION SET OF 5 2,62  
R035,38 Manfrotto KNOB 5,10  
R042,11 Manfrotto EXTENSION BAR 13,74  
R043,02 Manfrotto HAND GRIP FOR GAFFER GRIP 10,19  
R046,15 Manfrotto LONG FLANGE 3,36  
R008,32B Manfrotto ADJUSTABLE LEG, BLACK 40,94  
R008,34 Manfrotto ADJUSTABLE LEG 45,45  
R008,34A Manfrotto ADJUSTABLE LEG 47,06  
R008,34X Manfrotto LEG SUPPORT, STAINLESS STEEL 55,03  
R008,39 Manfrotto 2-EDGED ALUMINUM KNOB+INSERT 4,70  
R008,39AR Manfrotto SET OF KNOBS F/CINE STAND 16,00  
R008,49 Manfrotto BOTTOM SECTION W/STUD (SHORT) 37,39  
R008,51 Manfrotto 2-EDGED ALUMINUM KNOB W/INSERT 4,73  
R008,56 Manfrotto COMPLETE LEG SUPPORT, STEEL 30,63  
R008,58 Manfrotto SPIKE W/NUT 9,58  
R011,01 Manfrotto CONNECTOR 15,29  
R012,01 Manfrotto TOP LEG F/BACKLITE BASE 5,56  
R012,02 Manfrotto MIDDLE LEG FOR BACKLITE BASE 5,00  
R008,31BR Manfrotto POLISHED KNOB W/INSERT 4,48  
R008,31 Manfrotto 2-EDGED ALUMINUM KNOB+INSERT 4,58  
R008,26AC Manfrotto TOP COLUMN 25,92  
R008,02 Manfrotto BOTTOM SECTION W/STUD 36,90  
R008,05 Manfrotto COMPLETE LEG SUPPORT 17,05  
R008,06L-17 Manfrotto STEEL PIPE 30X980 MM 20,75  
R008,07 Manfrotto TOP SECTION W/SPRING 17,86  
R008,09 Manfrotto TOP BUSHING&WEDGE 35,11  
R008,09BR Manfrotto TOP BUSHING&WEDGE, POLISHED 31,80  
R008,15 Manfrotto BOTTOM SPIDER 11,00  
R008,15A Manfrotto BOTTOM SPIDER W/KNOB&RIVETS 11,12  
R008,15BR Manfrotto BOTTOM SPIDER, POLISHED 11,32  
R008,15SA Manfrotto BOTTOM SPIDER W/KNOB&RIVETS 11,15  
R008,19B Manfrotto COMPLETE LEG SUPPORT, BLACK 18,15  
R008,25AC Manfrotto BOTTOM COLUMN 26,80  
R012,03 Manfrotto BOTTOM LEG FOR BACKLITE BASE 4,85  
R012,04 Manfrotto BUSHING+SPRING+NUT&WASHER 13,28  
R022,03 Manfrotto CENTRE WEIGHT HANDLE 7,55  
R022,10 Manfrotto LOCK KNOB W/CLAMP 4,53  
R024,01 Manfrotto FRONT TUBE F/LIGHT BOOM 24,55  
R024,01B Manfrotto FRONT TUBE F/LIGHT BOOM, BLACK 26,80  
R024,01N Manfrotto FRONT TUBE F/LIGHT BOOM W/STUD 17,10  
R024,12 Manfrotto EXTENSION JOINT CLAMP 7,57  
R024,16B Manfrotto 2ND SEC TUBE BLACK 19,99  
R024,17 Manfrotto FIRST TUBE SECTION W/LOCK KNOB 11,00  
R024,17B Manfrotto 1ST SEC TUBE W/LOCK KNOB, BLAC 10,76  
R024,18 Manfrotto LAMP SUPPORT ASSY 18,13  
R024,32 Manfrotto TENSION ROD F/PIVOTING CLAMP 2,72  
R025,06 Manfrotto WORM SCREW & LEVER 13,50  
R025,08 Manfrotto PIN&RINGS 3,90  
R018,04 Manfrotto SPACER 3,26  
R017,05 Manfrotto SPACER 3,36  
R012,05 Manfrotto BOTTOM POLE WITH 1/4zW STUD 14,48  
R012,05B Manfrotto BOTTOM POLE W/STUD, BLACK 13,92  
R012,05N Manfrotto BOTTOM POLE W/STUD 12,99  
R012,07B Manfrotto BOTTOM SECTION W/STUD, BLACK 28,71  
R012,10B Manfrotto TOP SECTION W/COLLAR&STUD 30,28  
R012,11 Manfrotto TOP POLE W/COLLAR&STUD 17,96  
R012,11B Manfrotto TOP POLE W/COLLAR&STUD, BLACK 17,91  
R012,11N Manfrotto TOP POLE W/COLLAR&STUD 20,43  
R012,13 Manfrotto BUSHING+SPRINGS,WASHER&NUT 20,07  
R012,14 Manfrotto COMPLETE COLUMN ASSY 36,92  
R012,26B Manfrotto BOTTOM POLE WITH 1/4z STUD 16,88  
R012,29B Manfrotto TOP POLE W/COLLAR&3/8z STUD 24,45  
R017,04 Manfrotto WHEEL SUPPORT+BRAKE SHOE 11,12  
R008,01 Manfrotto BOTTOM COLUMN 22,44  
R004,72A Manfrotto TOP COLLAR 9,92  
R005,44 Manfrotto COMPLETE LEG SUPPORT 12,03  
R005,47 Manfrotto TOP SPIDER 10,93  
R005,48 Manfrotto TOP COLUMN W/STUD 35,16  
R005,52 Manfrotto TOP BUSHING 9,73  
R005,52AVBR Manfrotto BUSHING ASSY 23,54  
R005,52BR Manfrotto 5/8z POLISHED BUSHING 13,01  
R005,52J Manfrotto TOP BUSHING 9,73  
R005,52SA Manfrotto 5/8zW BUSHING 19,75  
R005,80 Manfrotto TOP SPIDER 10,85  
R006,07B Manfrotto TOP SECTION W/COLLAR&STUD 24,13  
R006,08B Manfrotto 3RD SECTION W/GASKET&WASHER 13,21  
R006,09B Manfrotto 2ND SECTION W/GASKET&WASHER 16,00  
R006,10B Manfrotto 1ST SECTION W/GASKET&WASHER 16,22  
R005,39 Manfrotto 2-EDGED ALUMINUM KNOB M8X31 10,68  
R005,21B Manfrotto TOP COLUMN W/STUD, BLACK 23,69  
R005,21 Manfrotto TOP COLUMN W/M10 STUD 21,95  
R004,72BR Manfrotto TOP COLLAR (POLISHED) 10,90  
R004,72J Manfrotto TOP COLLAR (JAPAN) 9,75  
R004,72N Manfrotto TOP COLLAR 10,93  
R004,75AR Manfrotto SET OF 8 LOCKING WEDGES F/AS.3 9,95  
R004,85 Manfrotto TOP SPIDER 8,35  
R004,86 Manfrotto BOTTOM SPIDER W/KNOB&RIVETS 7,45  
R005,01BR Manfrotto 5/8z POLISHED BUSHING 16,19  
R005,01OLD Manfrotto TOP BUSHING 8,31  
R005,01OLDBR Manfrotto 5/8z POLISHED BUSHING 11,52  
R005,05A Manfrotto KNOB W/BOLT (RISER CLAMP) AS01 2,84  
R005,07 Manfrotto TOP COLUMN W/STUD 21,68  
R005,11 Manfrotto TOP COLUMN W/STUD 18,23  
R007,01 Manfrotto BOTTOM COLUMN 20,36  
R007,01B Manfrotto BOTTOM COLUMN, BLACK 19,31  
R007,24AR Manfrotto SET OF WEDGES F/TALL STAND 14,87  
R007,25 Manfrotto TOP COLLAR 15,88  
R007,25A Manfrotto TOP COLLAR 15,93  
R007,25SA Manfrotto TOP COLLAR 18,52  
R007,28BR Manfrotto BOTTOM COLLAR (POLISHED) 12,72  
R007,29AR Manfrotto SET OF WEDGES F/MEMORY STAND 8,84  
R007,30AR Manfrotto SET OF WEDGES F/CINE STAND 12,30  
R007,32 Manfrotto ADJUSTABLE LEG W/STRUT&RIVETS 43,05  
R007,32B Manfrotto ADJUSTABLE LEG, BLACK 42,83  
R007,32BA Manfrotto ADJUSTABLE LEG 43,83  
R007,39AR Manfrotto SET OF KNOBS F/SENIOR STAND 18,23  
R007,44BAC Manfrotto 3RD SECTION W/GASKET&WASHER 22,64  
R007,45BAC Manfrotto 2ND SECTION W/GASKET&WASHER 27,32  
R007,22B Manfrotto TOP COLUMN, BLACK 14,75  
R007,22 Manfrotto TOP COLUMN 15,78  
R007,19B Manfrotto COMPLETE LEG SUPPORT, BLACK 20,07  
R007,02B Manfrotto BOTTOM SECTION W/STUD, BLACK 33,74  
R007,06AR Manfrotto SET OF zTz BARS 11,64  
R007,11AR Manfrotto SET OF 1+1 LOCK OFF TOMMY BARS 5,93  
R007,12AV Manfrotto SPRING FOR 35MM PIPE SET OF 3 5,12  
R007,13 Manfrotto TOP SPIDER W/KNOB&RIVETS 13,38  
R007,13A Manfrotto TOP SPIDER W/KNOB&RIVETS 13,50  
R007,13BR Manfrotto TOP SPIDER, POLISHED 13,43  
R007,13SA Manfrotto TOP SPIDER W/KNOB&RIVETS 13,52  
R007,15 Manfrotto BOTTOM SPIDER W/KNOB&RIVETS 11,00  
R007,15A Manfrotto BOTTOM SPIDER W/KNOB&RIVETS 11,12  
R007,15SA Manfrotto BOTTOM SPIDER W/KNOB&RIVETS 11,15  
R007,16AR Manfrotto SET OF WEDGES F/SENIOR STAND 15,93  
R007,19 Manfrotto COMPLETE LEG SUPPORT 19,94  
R007,46BAC Manfrotto 1ST SECTION W/GASKET&WASHER 27,39  
R048,14B Manfrotto COMPLETE LEG SUPPORT, BLACK 10,88  
R048,17 Manfrotto 4-EDGED KNOB ASSY+SCREW+WASHER 3,55  
R048,17N Manfrotto 4-EDGED LARGE KNOB W/LABEL 3,04  
R048,18 Manfrotto 4 EDGED KNOB AND LOCKING BOLT 2,67  
R048,18J Manfrotto 2-EDGED KNOB ASSY 2,67  
R048,18N Manfrotto 4-EDGED KNOB AND LOCKING BOLT 2,67  
R048,22 Manfrotto TOP CLAMP 12,59  
R048,22BAL Manfrotto CLAMP 12,40  
R048,47 Manfrotto COLLAR FOR 19-16MM TUBES 11,22  
R048,47P Manfrotto COLLAR FOR 19-16MM TUBES 11,22  
R048,48 Manfrotto COLLAR FOR 22-19MM TUBES 11,66  
R048,48P Manfrotto COLLAR FOR 22-19MM TUBES 11,66  
R048,14 Manfrotto COMPLETE LEG SUPPORT 10,41  
R048,12RDS Manfrotto TOP SPIDER W/KNOB&RIVETS 10,29  
R048,12P Manfrotto TOP SPIDER W/HANDLE&RIVETS 9,95  
R048,04HO Manfrotto COLUMN & STUD 26,56  
R048,04HOB Manfrotto COLUMN & STUD, BLACK 26,71  
R048,07 Manfrotto COMPLETE LOCKING LEVER SET 14,21  
R048,07BAL Manfrotto LOCKING LEVER SET - YELLOW 14,01  
R048,08 Manfrotto 19-22MM SECTION LOCK CLAMP 14,19  
R048,08BAL Manfrotto LOCKING LEVER SET - YELLOW 13,99  
R048,09 Manfrotto COMPLETE LOCKING LEVER SET 14,26  
R048,09BAL Manfrotto LOCKING LEVER SET - YELLOW 14,09  
R048,10 Manfrotto LOCKING LEVER W/NUT&WASHER 5,46  
R048,12 Manfrotto LEG BRACKET 7,01  
R048,12C Manfrotto LEG BRACKET 12,45  
R048,12N Manfrotto TOP SPIDER W/KNOB&RIVETS 6,98  
R048,49 Manfrotto COLLAR FOR 25-22MM TUBES 11,98  
R048,49P Manfrotto COLLAR FOR 25-22MM TUBES 11,98  
R049,03B Manfrotto BASE COLUMN W/SPIDER&RIVETS 11,61  
R049,03BAC Manfrotto BASE COLUMN+SPIDER, BLK, A/C 14,38  
R049,05 Manfrotto COMPLETE LEG SUPPORT 12,20  
R049,05B Manfrotto COMPLETE LEG SUPPORT, BLACK 9,19  
R049,15 Manfrotto COLLAR FOR 19-16MM TUBES 6,93  
R049,15N Manfrotto COLLAR FOR 19-16MM TUBES 8,01  
R049,15RDS Manfrotto COLLAR FOR 19-16MM TUBES 10,46  
R049,15SA Manfrotto COLLAR FOR 19-16MM TUBES 7,06  
R049,16 Manfrotto COLLAR F/22-19MM TUBES 7,20  
R049,16A Manfrotto AS.1 LOCK OFF COLLAR (MIDDLE) 7,40  
R049,16N Manfrotto COLLAR FOR 22-19MM TUBES 8,09  
R049,16RDS Manfrotto COLLAR FOR 22-19MM TUBES 10,54  
R049,16SA Manfrotto COLLAR FOR 22-19MM TUBES 7,13  
R049,03AC Manfrotto BOTTOM COLUMN 17,17  
R049,03 Manfrotto BASE COLUMN W/SPIDER&RIVETS 14,41  
R049,01P Manfrotto TOP SECTION W/COLLAR&STUD 25,31  
R048,50P Manfrotto COLLAR FOR 28-25MM TUBES 12,30  
R048,54 Manfrotto SPIDER LOCK KNOB, COMPLETE 6,62  
R048,54P Manfrotto SPIDER LOCK KNOB, COMPLETE 7,13  
R048,55 Manfrotto LOCK KNOB W/SCREW+BOLT+NUT 4,61  
R048,55P Manfrotto LOCK KNOB W/SCREW+BOLT+NUT 4,58  
R048,70 Manfrotto LOCK KNOB W/SCREW+BOLT+NUT 5,76  
R048,72 Manfrotto TOP COLUMN 31,63  
R048,72B Manfrotto ASS COL 19 BLCK+CDL 5/8+3/8 AC 34,55  
R048,72C Manfrotto TOP COLUMN 37,88  
R049,01 Manfrotto TOP SECTION WITH STUD 26,61  
R049,01B Manfrotto TOP SECTION W/STUD, BLACK 24,08  
R049,01C Manfrotto TOP SECTION W/COLLAR&BUSHING 30,94  
R049,01N Manfrotto TOP SECTION WITH STUD 18,08  
R049,17 Manfrotto COLLAR FOR 25-22MM TUBES 7,30  
R025,26 Manfrotto GEAR BOX HOUSING 11,00  
R032,10 Manfrotto TOP RUBBER FOOT+CAP ASSY 5,24  
R032,13 Manfrotto AUTOPOLE LOCKING HANDLE W/H.W. 8,31  
R032,25 Manfrotto 25MM COLUMN 53,97  
R032,30 Manfrotto TOP CASTING F/AUTOPOLE BASE 14,50  
R032,31 Manfrotto KNOB&WEDGE F/TOP CASTING 5,90  
R032,32 Manfrotto BOTTOM CASTING F/AUTOPOLE BASE 12,89  
R032,33 Manfrotto KNOB&WEDGE F/BOTTOM CASTING 5,83  
R032,36 Manfrotto AUTOPOLE BASE ASSY 18,62  
R032,36B Manfrotto BLACK AUTOPOLE BASE LEG ASSY 18,60  
R032,50 Manfrotto LEVER FOR AUTOPOLE COLLAR 5,34  
R035,07 Manfrotto BOLT & SPRING 2,60  
R035,12 Manfrotto TOP SECTION 5,95  
R035,13 Manfrotto FIXED JAW FOR SUPER CLAMP 10,05  
R032,09 Manfrotto BOTTOM RUBBER FOOT+CAP ASSY 5,17  
R032,08 Manfrotto HARDWARE F/LOCKING HANDLE 2,74  
R032,04XM Manfrotto CASTING 36,58  
R025,27 Manfrotto SUPERBOOM BASE 6,49  
R025,30 Manfrotto SIDE CRANK ASSY F/SUPERBOOM 5,76  
R025,32 Manfrotto REAR CRANK ASSY F/SUPERBOOM 5,76  
R025,50 Manfrotto TUBE 17,05  
R026,31 Manfrotto FLASH SUPPORT 11,98  
R026,38 Manfrotto COMPLETE GEAR ASSY 8,26  
R032,02 Manfrotto BOTTOM CASTING SECTION 9,04  
R032,03 Manfrotto SLIDE RING AND HANDLE 18,38  
R032,03BR Manfrotto TOP PART OF AUTOPOLE COLLAR 13,06  
R032,03XM Manfrotto TOP CASTING SECTION+HANDLE 17,96  
R032,04 Manfrotto CASTING FOR AUTOPOLE 32,59  
R032,04BR Manfrotto COMPLETE COLLAR WITH LEVER 28,64  
R035,15 Manfrotto LOCKING KNOB+WASHER+NUT 4,07  
R035,18 Manfrotto RATCHET HANDLE & WASHER 3,28  
R046,37 Manfrotto MOTOR CASE W/SCREWS 5,34  
R046,66 Manfrotto BRASS GEAR+PIN F/EXPAN 29,55  
R047,10 Manfrotto HALF JOINTS+GRUB SCREWS+SPRING 12,47  
R048,01 Manfrotto TOP SECTION W/3/8z STUD 26,80  
R048,01B Manfrotto TOP COLUMN W/3/8z STUD, BLACK 26,95  
R048,01C Manfrotto TOP SECTION W/LEVER SET&BUSH 28,81  
R048,01JB Manfrotto TOP SECTION W/BUSHING, BLACK 31,87  
R048,01N Manfrotto TOP SECTION W/STUD 22,39  
R048,01NN Manfrotto TOP SECTION W/5/8z STUD 22,56  
R048,01P Manfrotto TOP SECTION W/GREY LEVER&STUD 27,00  
R048,04 Manfrotto BASE COLUMN W/CASTING&RIVETS 9,78  
R048,04AC Manfrotto BASE COLUMN&CASTING F/AIR CUSH 13,06  
R046,36 Manfrotto MOTOR CASE W/SUPPORT 5,39  
R046,28 Manfrotto 2-EDGED KNOB+WASHER & NUT 2,50  
R046,18 Manfrotto DRAG ASSY 3,60  
R035,34 Manfrotto ASS SAFE PIN W/SPRING+PLUG 6,03  
R035,43 Manfrotto FIXED JAW X SUPER CLAMP GRAV . 40,06  
R035,70 Manfrotto SAFETY BUTTON+SPRING&CAP 3,94  
R043,01 Manfrotto TOP GRIP HALF W/KNOB&SPRING 22,47  
R043,01AR Manfrotto TOP GRIP HALF W/KNOB&SPRING 22,52  
R043,03 Manfrotto BOTTOM GRIP+RUBBER PADS 13,99  
R043,05 Manfrotto SPRING F/GAFFER GRIP+PIN 3,01  
R043,13 Manfrotto 5/8z STUD+SCREW F/GAFFER GRIP 3,80  
R043,14 Manfrotto TOP GRIP HALF W/STUDS 21,46  
R044,01 Manfrotto MOUNTING KIT 5,76  
R046,01 Manfrotto ROD 3,41  
R046,07 Manfrotto CHAIN GUARD 5,83  
R046,09 Manfrotto END KNOB F/EXPAN 3,77  
R048,04B Manfrotto BASE COLUMN W/CASTING, BLACK 10,12  
036I Manfrotto LIGHT STUD A21 6,05  
085B Manfrotto LIGHT BOOM 35 BLACK A25 W/CINE 356,40  
085BS Manfrotto LIGHT BOOM 35 BLACK A25 BLACK 355,94  
085BSL Manfrotto LIGHT BOOM 35 BLACK A25 W/O ST 188,33  
085BSWL Manfrotto LIGHT BOOM 35 BLACK A25 W/0 ST 131,93  
087NWLB Manfrotto LOW BASE 3 SECTION WIND UP STA 534,79  
091B Manfrotto EXPAN BLACK CHAIN 12,79  
091FL Manfrotto FULL NYLON CHAIN FOR EXPAN 24,82  
077B Manfrotto AUTOPOLE 1,0-1,7MT, BLACK 102,26  
076B Manfrotto AUTOPOLE 1,5-2,7MT, BLACK 114,98  
061RA Manfrotto JOINING STUD FOR 2 035 AT RIGH 5,41  
036MR Manfrotto LIGHT STUD W/MR SPIGOT (5/8X73 9,41  
046MC Manfrotto EXPAN SET, METAL CHAIN 95,89  
046MCG Manfrotto EXPAN SET, METAL GRAY CHAIN 95,89  
046MCR Manfrotto EXPAN SET, METAL RED CHAIN 95,89  
050B Manfrotto MAXI, QUICK LOCK STAND, BLACK 105,28  
050BAC Manfrotto MAXI, QUICK LOCK STAND A/C BLK 119,09  
051NBAC Manfrotto MINI COMP.ST.5/8+3/8+ADP.1/4 92,83  
059WM Manfrotto WALL MOUNTED B/P HOOKS 18,33  
091G Manfrotto EXPAN GRAY CHAIN 12,81  
091MC Manfrotto METAL CHAIN FOR EXPAN 33,54  
143K Manfrotto MAGIC ARM ALONE, 630MM LONG 132,18  
143N Manfrotto MAGIC ARM, ARM ALONE W/O ACCES 98,61  
155BKL Manfrotto TILT-TOP HEAD, W/O BRACKET 35,57  
156BLB Manfrotto BACKLITE BLCK 5/8+3/8+ADP.1/4 58,14  
170BASE Manfrotto BASE ONLY FOR MINI POLE 43,12  
173B Manfrotto MINI BOOM ARM, BLACK 23,08  
173HOB Manfrotto MINI BOOM ARM BLACK, 1,5 MT. L 25,31  
175Z Manfrotto SPRING CLAMP,5/8 ATTACH. NO BL 11,64  
196AC Manfrotto ACCESSORY MICRO CLAMP 16,02  
220B Manfrotto STILL LIFE TABLE BLACK 826,97  
143F Manfrotto FORK FOR STYRENE GOBOS 13,28  
091MCB Manfrotto EXPAN METAL BLACK CHAIN 33,54  
091MCG Manfrotto EXPAN METAL GRAY CHAIN 33,54  
091MCR Manfrotto EXPAN METAL RED CHAIN 33,54  
091R Manfrotto EXPAN RED CHAIN 12,79  
098B Manfrotto WALL MOUNTED BOOM 1,2-2,1M 025 141,10  
098SH ZZZ ALT! Manfrotto 098SHB WALL BOOM SHORTER 0,7-1,2 121,72  
098SHB Manfrotto WALL BOOM SHORTER BLCK 0,7-1,2 131,32  
122B Manfrotto BACKLITE POLE BLACK 5/8M+1/4W+ 26,34  
133B Manfrotto EXTENSION BAR BLACK F/S/CLAMP 10,49  
135B Manfrotto LIGHTING GANTRY BAR 24,67  
143BKT Manfrotto CAMERA BRACKET FOR 143 11,74  
035Z,036MR Manfrotto SUPER CLAMP W/MR SPIGOT+BOX 36,38  
I930K Manfrotto TEXTILE SILK 20'X20' 721,11  
I950MB Manfrotto FABRIC ROLL 7X3MT BLEACHED M/W 245,42  
I950MU Manfrotto FABRIC ROLL 7X3MT UNBLEACH.M/W 219,30  
I950SD Manfrotto FABRIC ROLL 10X1,5MT SOFT 167,43  
I950SDL Manfrotto FABRIC ROLL 10X1,5MT GRID LIGH 336,58  
I950SUS Manfrotto FABRIC ROLL 10X1,5MT SUNL.SILV 340,21  
I950SW Manfrotto FABRIC ROLL 10X1,5MT S/W 314,29  
I950WB Manfrotto FABRIC ROLL 10X1,1MT WHITE S. 231,40  
I950WG Manfrotto FABRIC ROLL 10X1,5MT G/W 312,15  
I950WSN Manfrotto FABRIC ROLL 10M X 7,32MT W/S/N 1875,57  
I999 Manfrotto SWATCH TEXTILE SAMPLES 43,34  
B250X ZZZ ALT! Manfrotto SUPER HIGH WIND-UP STAND 1300,61  
C155 Manfrotto SAFETY CABLE (2966) 19,62  
C155-01 Manfrotto SAFETY CABLE 70 CM 3,5MM 18,25  
I950K4 Manfrotto FABRIC ROLL 10X2,95MT 1/4 STOP 413,73  
I950K Manfrotto FABRIC ROLL 10X1,5MT SILK 70,12  
I950GBW Manfrotto FABRIC ROLL 7X3,55MT GRIFF BW 431,35  
I930K4 Manfrotto TEXTILE SILK 1/4 STOP 20'X20' 1182,79  
I930MB Manfrotto TEXTILE MUSLIN BLEACHED20'X20' 1067,78  
I930MU Manfrotto TEXTILE MUSLIN UNBLEACH20'X20' 1067,78  
I930SD Manfrotto TEXTILE SOFT DIFFUSER 20'X20' 1691,58  
I930SDL Manfrotto TEXTILE SOFT DIFF LIGHT20'X20' 1691,58  
I930SUS Manfrotto TEXTILE SUNFIRE/SILVER 20'X20' 1677,03  
I930SW Manfrotto TEXTILE SILVER/WHITE 20'X20' 1387,83  
I930WB Manfrotto TEXTILE WHITE BLOCK 20'X20' 1152,50  
I930WDN Manfrotto TEXTILE WHITE DOUBLE * 20""X20""" 2913,93  
I930WG Manfrotto TEXTILE WHITE/GOLD 20'X20' 1457,19  
I930WSN Manfrotto TEXTILE WHITE SINGLE * 20""X20""" 1469,71  
I950CK Manfrotto FABRIC ROLL 10X1,36MT CHINA 438,38  
I950CKB Manfrotto FABRIC ROLL 10X1,3MT CROMAK. B 252,42  
C1550 Manfrotto HEAVY DUTY SUPERCLAMP 46,38  
C1575B Manfrotto AVENGER SUPER CLAMP 34,77  
024B Manfrotto LIGHT BOOM DIAM 25 BLACK A25 W 130,88  
025B Manfrotto SUPERBOOM BLACK A17+014 W/CINE 571,22  
025B,110 Manfrotto SUPERBOOM BLACK A17+014 W/008+ 614,53  
025BS Manfrotto SUPERBOOM BLACK A17+014 W/008 582,14  
025BSL Manfrotto SUPERBOOM BLACK A17+014 W/O ST 404,40  
025BSWL Manfrotto S.BOOM BLACK A17+014 W/O STAND 346,97  
025PB Manfrotto SPBOOM W/O STAND W/O WT BLACK 346,97  
025TM Manfrotto S.BOOM BLCK W/STUDIO STD 499,09  
026MR Manfrotto LITE TITE SWIVEL W/ 5/8X2-3/4' 32,02  
026Z Manfrotto LITE TITE NERO 31,14  
032B Manfrotto AUTOPOLE 2,1-3,7MT,BLACK 123,06  
032BASE Manfrotto BASE ONLY FOR AUTOPOLE 61,72  
012B Manfrotto BACKLITE STAND BLACK 47,95  
008XU Manfrotto CINE STAND INOX, LEVLEG 221,46  
008PST Manfrotto POLE ONLY FOR CINE STAND A14 79,99  
C665 Manfrotto AUTO-POLE- 30"-50" 89,57  
E350 Manfrotto PHOTO TO VIDEO PIN ADAPT.(2972 9,19  
G100 Manfrotto SAND BAG SMALL 6 KG 31,83  
G200 Manfrotto SAND BAG 10KG 47,73  
005B Manfrotto RANKER STAND BLACK A04 5/8F W/ 108,12  
005BAC ZZZ ALT! Manfrotto RANKER STAND BLACK A04 5/8F W/ 123,97  
005X Manfrotto RANKER STAND ALU BASE INOX POL 134,38  
006B Manfrotto MONOPOD BLACK FOR FLASH, 5 SCT 68,62  
033B Manfrotto EXTEL CROSS BAR 40MMX2M BLACK 39,76  
R002,13 Manfrotto TOP SPIDER W/KNOB&RIVETS 9,46  
R004,05J Manfrotto ASS CROC SUP+RIV+MANOP HONJO 8,28  
R004,05N Manfrotto TOP SPIDER 8,62  
R004,05Q Manfrotto TOP SPIDER (ORANGE) 8,11  
R004,05SA Manfrotto TOP SPIDER W/KNOB&RIVETS 10,68  
R004,06A Manfrotto BOTTOM SPIDER W/KNOB&RIVETS 7,60  
R004,06BNR Manfrotto BOTTOM SPIDER 7,20  
R004,06BR Manfrotto BOTTOM SPIDER (POLISHED) 8,82  
R004,06J Manfrotto ASS CROC INF+RIV+MANOP HONJO 7,37  
R004,06N Manfrotto BOTTOM SPIDER W/KNOB&RIVET 7,72  
R004,06Q Manfrotto BOTTOM SPIDER (ORANGE) 7,20  
R004,06SA Manfrotto BOTTOM SPIDER W/KNOB&RIVET 9,80  
R004,07AR Manfrotto SET OF 8 LOCKING WEDGES F/AS.3 14,28  
R004,09 Manfrotto COMPLETE LEG SUPPORT 13,62  
R004,05BR Manfrotto TOP SPIDER (POLISHED) 10,22  
R004,05A Manfrotto TOP SPIDER W/KNOB&RIVETS 8,50  
R004,02SA Manfrotto BOTTOM COLLAR 12,74  
R002,15 Manfrotto BOTTOM LEG PRIMO STAND 20,87  
R002,15B Manfrotto BOTTOM LEG PRIMO STAND, BLACK 19,87  
R002,23N Manfrotto 4-EDGED LARGE KNOB 3,16  
R002,25-38 Manfrotto TOP COLUMN WITH 5/8+3/8 STUD 17,66  
R002,25B-38 Manfrotto TOP COLUMN WITH STUD, BLACK 17,35  
R002,34HO Manfrotto TOP COLUMN W/STUD 18,57  
R004,01CH Manfrotto TOP COLUMN W/5/8+3/8 STUD 19,23  
R004,01CHB Manfrotto TOP COLUMN BLCK W/5/8+3/8 STUD 17,84  
R004,01N Manfrotto TOP COLUMN W/STUD 20,58  
R004,02 Manfrotto BOTTOM COLLAR 10,49  
R004,02BR Manfrotto BOTTOM COLLAR (POLISHED) 11,52  
R004,02N Manfrotto BOTTOM COLLAR 11,56  
R004,02Q Manfrotto BOTTOM COLLAR (ORANGE) 10,17  
R004,09B Manfrotto COMPLETE LEG SUPPORT, BLACK 12,10  
R004,28 Manfrotto TOP COLUMN WITH 5/8z STUD 18,30  
R004,70BR Manfrotto BOTTOM COLLAR (POLISHED) 12,81  
R004,70J Manfrotto BOTTOM COLLAR (JAPAN) 11,52  
R004,70N Manfrotto BOTTOM COLLAR 12,69  
R004,70Q Manfrotto BOTTOM COLLAR (ORANGE) 11,29  
R004,70SA Manfrotto BOTTOM COLLAR 15,88  
R004,71 Manfrotto MIDDLE COLLAR 9,95  
R004,71A Manfrotto MIDDLE COLLAR 10,09  
R004,71BR Manfrotto MIDDLE COLLAR (POLISHED) 11,12  
R004,71DSC Manfrotto MIDDLE COLLAR 9,80  
R004,71J Manfrotto MIDDLE COLLAR (JAPAN) 9,95  
R004,71N Manfrotto MIDDLE COLLAR 10,93  
R004,71Q Manfrotto MIDDLE COLLAR (ORANGE) 9,70  
R004,71SA Manfrotto MIDDLE COLLAR 14,28  
R004,70A Manfrotto BOTTOM COLLAR 11,69  
R004,70 Manfrotto BOTTOM COLLAR 11,52  
R004,52 Manfrotto TOP SECTION W/STUD 21,17  
R004,31 Manfrotto 4-EDGED M6 LARGE KNOB+SPRING 3,60  
R004,31AR Manfrotto SET OF 5 LOCKING KNOBS F/AS.3 5,73  
R004,34HO Manfrotto TOP COLUMN WITH 3/8-3/8z STUD 20,34  
R004,34HOB Manfrotto TOP COLUMN W/STUD, BLACK 17,79  
R004,41 Manfrotto UPPER COLUMN SECTION WITH CAP 24,28  
R004,41-14 Manfrotto UPPER COLUMN SECTION WITH CAP 25,31  
R004,41B Manfrotto TOP SECTION W/STUD, BLACK 25,95  
R004,41B-14 Manfrotto UPPER COLUMN SECTION WITH CAP 26,97  
R004,42 Manfrotto 3RD SECTION W/GASKET&WASHER 19,48  
R004,42B Manfrotto 3RD SEC W/GASKET&WASHER, BLACK 20,11  
R004,43 Manfrotto 2ND SECTION W/GASKET&WASHER 22,49  
R004,43B Manfrotto 2ND SEC W/GASKET&WASHER, BLACK 21,14  
R004,46 Manfrotto COMPLETE LEG SUPPORT 14,99  
R004,72 Manfrotto TOP COLLAR 9,75  
R002,12 Manfrotto BOTTOM SPIDER W/KNOB&RIVETS 10,09  
420B Manfrotto COMBI BOOM STAND BLACK 174,51  
425B Manfrotto MEGA BOOM BLACK 940,14  
850EU Manfrotto MAIN POWER CABLE - EUROPEAN 13,92  
850US Manfrotto MAIN POWER CABLE - USA 32,46  
C110 Manfrotto SAFETY CABLE W/PIN 5,66  
R001,01JB Manfrotto TOP COLUMN W/COLLAR&BUSH, BLK 28,49  
R001,01K Manfrotto TOP COLUMN W/COLLAR&BUSHING 25,75  
R001,01KB Manfrotto TOP COLUMN W/COLLAR&BUSH, BLK 26,09  
R001,01Q Manfrotto TOP COLUMN W/COLLAR (ORANGE) 22,03  
R001,03Q Manfrotto TOP CLAMP (ORANGE) 7,01  
332B Manfrotto MINI AUTOPOLE 0,6-1,0MT BLACK 72,45  
320PSLB Manfrotto MINI S/LIFE TABLE BL.W/O SHEET 393,91  
220PX Manfrotto LIGHT TABLE NYLON (PERSPEX) SH 441,78  
231B Manfrotto COLUMN STAND BLACK 250,29  
254B Manfrotto AUTOBOOM BLACK A25 + 013 323,62  
299B Manfrotto STUDIO FOLD/BASE ALU CLMN BLAC 191,86  
306B Manfrotto STACKER ST.BLK 5/8+3/8+ADP.1/4 92,22  
306BSET Manfrotto STACKER STAND BLACK SET OF 3 275,06  
307B ZZZ ALT! Manfrotto STACKER ST.BLK 5/8+3/8+ADP.1/4 116,82  
307BSET Manfrotto STACKER STAND BLACK SET OF 3 353,80  
320B Manfrotto MINI STILL LIFE TABLE BLACK 533,27  
R001,03QB Manfrotto ASM COLLAR 13-16 IANIRO NERO 5,90  
R001,04Q Manfrotto 3RD COLLAR (ORANGE) 7,03  
R001,45 Manfrotto CLAMP 2-EDGED KNOB + WASHER 3,01  
R001,47B Manfrotto TOP SECTION W/COLLAR&STUD, BLK 18,84  
R001,97 Manfrotto 2-EDGED M6F KNOB+SPRING&WASHER 3,11  
R001,98 Manfrotto M5F KNOB W/SCREW&WASHER 2,52  
R002,03 Manfrotto 3/8z STUD W/PIN+CAP 11,64  
R002,04 Manfrotto TOP COLLAR 6,59  
R002,04BR Manfrotto TOP COLLAR (POLISHED) 10,83  
R002,04N Manfrotto TOP COLLAR 7,67  
R002,07 Manfrotto MIDDLE COLLAR 10,31  
R002,07A Manfrotto MIDDLE COLLAR 10,39  
R002,07BR Manfrotto MIDDLE COLLAR (POLISHED) 11,42  
R002,07N Manfrotto MIDDLE COLLAR 11,39  
R002,07Q Manfrotto TOP COLLAR (ORANGE) 10,00  
R001,44AR Manfrotto SET OF 5 KNOBS+INSERTS F/NANO 8,18  
R001,20B Manfrotto COMPLETE LEG SUPPORT, BLACK 8,11  
R001,20 Manfrotto COMPLETE LEG SUPPORT 7,86  
R001,04QB Manfrotto 2ND TOP COLLAR MER.STD 6,05  
R001,05Q Manfrotto 2ND COLLAR (ORANGE) 6,54  
R001,05QB Manfrotto 3RD COLLAR - MER.STD 6,05  
R001,06 Manfrotto 1ST COLLAR 6,20  
R001,06Q Manfrotto BOTTOM COLLAR (ORANGE) 7,20  
R001,07 Manfrotto 2-EDGED KNOB W/SPRING F/SUCTIO 1,42  
R001,14 Manfrotto HORIZONTAL BAR W/CAPS 12,08  
R001,14B Manfrotto HORIZONTAL BAR W/CAPS, BLACK 11,83  
R001,15 Manfrotto BASE COLUMN W/SPIDER&RIVETS 12,18  
R001,15B Manfrotto BASE COLUMN W/SPIDER, BLACK 10,14  
R001,16 Manfrotto SPIDER 10,02  
R001,16Q Manfrotto SPIDER (ORANGE) 10,17  
R001,16QB Manfrotto TOP CASTING, BLACK 10,05  
R002,07SA Manfrotto MIDDLE COLLAR 12,57  
R087,22 Manfrotto COMPLETE 3RD SECTION F/WINDUP 133,53  
R087,23 Manfrotto STEEL CABLE 12,79  
R087,31AR Manfrotto SET OF KNOBS FOR WINDUP 16,02  
R196,19 Manfrotto BUSHING F/ARTICULATED ARM BASE 18,30  
R197,11 Manfrotto SPIDER WITH SCREW AND NUT 29,55  
R197,12 Manfrotto LEG W/WHEEL F/LARGE CASTER BAS 22,56  
R197,13 Manfrotto LEG W/ECC. F/LARGE CASTER BASE 26,41  
R087,20 Manfrotto SPROCKET COLUMN 121,77  
R087,19 Manfrotto LEG CAPS 4,14  
R087,18A Manfrotto TOP COLLAR F/WINDUP 37,22  
R087,18 Manfrotto PULLEY CASTING 37,17  
R087,12 Manfrotto COMPLETE BUSHING 42,75  
R087,08 Manfrotto FOOT REST F/WINDUP (OLD MODEL) 29,18  
R087,07AR Manfrotto WEDGE SET F/WINDUP 9,56  
R087,03A Manfrotto COMPLETE 3RD SECTION F/WINDUP 134,51  
R087,03 Manfrotto COMPLETE 3RD SECTION F/WINDUP 134,48  
R086,24 Manfrotto LOCKING RING 16,64  
R197,14 Manfrotto PAWL & SPRING 4,31  
R197,15 Manfrotto ECCENTRIC+NUT&SPRING 5,98  
R199,98 Manfrotto BASE LEG W/CAM&BRAKED WHEEL 38,98  
R199,97 Manfrotto BASE WITH WHEELS, WITHOUT BUSH 126,54  
R199,96 Manfrotto BASE WITH WHEELS, WITHOUT BUSH 144,28  
R199,95 Manfrotto LEG F/SMALL FOOT BASE 27,34  
R199,94 Manfrotto LEG W/ECCENTRIC F/SMALL FOOT B 31,24  
R199,93 Manfrotto BASE COMPLETE W/FEET W/O BUSH 128,89  
R199,13B Manfrotto 30MM DIAM COLUMN + M10 SPIGOT 19,82  
R199,10 Manfrotto LEG F/SMALL CASTER BASE 30,77  
R199,09 Manfrotto LEG W/ECC. F/SMALL CASTER BASE 34,67  
R197,99 Manfrotto LEG W/WHEEL F/LARGE BASE 36,80  
R197,98 Manfrotto LEG W/ECC.&WHEEL F/SMALL BASE 40,67  
R197,97 Manfrotto BASE W/WHEELS, WITHOUT BUSHING 131,83  
R197,95 Manfrotto COMPLETE LEG F/LARGE FOOT BASE 29,11  
R197,94 Manfrotto LEG W/ECCENTRIC F/FOOT BASE 32,98  
R197,93 Manfrotto BASE W/FEET, W/O BUSHING 134,14  
R197,17 Manfrotto CAPS FOR LEGS (SET OF 3+3 PCS) 3,68  
R199,99 Manfrotto BASE LEG W/BRAKED WHEEL 35,06  
R086,21 Manfrotto 22MM TUBE + CAP 10,54  
R086,20 Manfrotto 19MM TUBE + STUD 12,01  
R083,71 Manfrotto GEAR BOX COMPLETE 60,32  
R083,64 Manfrotto TOP COLUMN WITH ATTACHMENT 65,22  
R083,61AR Manfrotto WEDGE SET F/2 SECTION WINDUP 8,16  
R083,61 Manfrotto ASS BRAKE SHOE SEET OF 3 5,81  
R083,60 Manfrotto COMPLETE BUSHING 31,04  
R083,59 Manfrotto COMPLETE BUSHING 30,06  
R083,50 Manfrotto FLOATING LEG FOR WIND-UP STAND 67,28  
R083,48 Manfrotto LAZY LEG LOCKOFF KNOB W/WASHER 5,24  
R083,45A Manfrotto FLOATING LEG FOR WIND-UP STAND 73,13  
R083,45 Manfrotto FLOATING LEG FOR WIND-UP STAND 71,49  
R083,31AR Manfrotto KNOB SET FOR 2 SECTION WIND-UP 12,84  
R083,25 Manfrotto LEG & BRACE + WHEEL HOLDER 37,00  
R083,24 Manfrotto SPROCKET COLUMN (OLD MODEL) 111,48  
R083,23 Manfrotto BOTTOM COLUMN (OLD MODEL) 55,96  
R083,20 Manfrotto SPROCKET COLUMN 104,03  
R083,19 Manfrotto COG FOR WIND-UP STAND 49,50  
R083,71A Manfrotto GEAR BOX COMPLETE 60,37  
R083,72 Manfrotto CRANK CASE 226,77  
R086,18 Manfrotto STRUT + CAPS&RIVET&WASHER 8,53  
R086,01 Manfrotto COMPLETE CASTING 5,44  
R085,04B Manfrotto FINAL BOOM SEC BLK W/BUSH+PIN 30,63  
R085,04 Manfrotto FINAL BOOM SECTION W/BUSH+PIN 27,42  
R084,39AR Manfrotto KNOB SET FOR TALL STAND 10,14  
R084,14 Manfrotto LEVLEG+BRACE+WHEEL CARRIER 66,76  
R084,09 Manfrotto TOP COLUMN W/SPRING 23,23  
R084,06AR Manfrotto zTz BOLTS SET 13,28  
R084,06 Manfrotto zTz BOLT 9,16  
R084,04 Manfrotto LEG & BRACE + RIVETS 32,98  
R084,03 Manfrotto BOTTOM COLUMN 28,03  
R084,02 Manfrotto STOPPER 24,62  
R084,01 Manfrotto BUSHING & WEDGE 20,73  
R083,90 Manfrotto COMPLETE LEG WITH FASTENER 46,16  
R083,89 Manfrotto LEG/STRUT/LEG FASTENER 48,68  
R083,72A Manfrotto CRANK CASE 172,06  
R083,17 Manfrotto LOWER TUBE (OLD MODEL) 61,64  
R197,14AV Manfrotto PAWL WITH SPRING 5 PC 12,62  
R070,27AVBR Manfrotto LOW SPIDER W/KNOB X PIPE DM 55 17,91  
R070,01AV Manfrotto LOWER MAIN CASTING F/A330 19,92  
R069,66AVBR Manfrotto TOP SPIDER W/ALLENXPIPE DM55 15,83  
R069,44 Manfrotto BRAKE SHOE F/COLLAR SET OF 5+5 17,30  
R069,41AV Manfrotto ASS SET DI 5 CHIAVETTE 7,89  
R069,39AV Manfrotto COLLAR PIPE DIAM.40 MM BLACK 18,15  
R069,38AV Manfrotto COLLAR PIPE DIAM.45 MM BLACK 18,50  
R069,37AV Manfrotto COLLAR PIPE DIAM.50 MM BLACK 19,01  
R069,35AV Manfrotto ASS SET 5 MANOPOLE M10X25 16,15  
R069,09 Manfrotto B0AKE SHOE F/SPIDER SET OF 5+5 16,32  
R069,07AV Manfrotto TOP SPIDER W/KNOB X PIPE 50 MM 19,38  
R069,06 Manfrotto BRAKE SHOE F/COLLAR SET OF 5+5 17,08  
R069,04 Manfrotto BRAKE SHOE F/COLLAR SET OF 5+5 14,75  
R060,26AVB Manfrotto ALUMINIUM PIPE BLACK + COLLAR 22,86  
R051,17AV Manfrotto KNOB & SCREW FOR COLLAR 8,77  
R049,17AV Manfrotto COLLAR PIPE DIAM 22-25MM 9,14  
R078,04AV Manfrotto KNOB & SPRING SET 5 PCS 6,13  
R083,02AVBR Manfrotto CRANK HANDLE FOR WIND UP 16,10  
R196,08AV Manfrotto ASS ANELLO IN GOMMA (5PZ) 3,41  
R087,16AV Manfrotto ASS COLLAR SHOES SET OF 5 6,79  
R087,07AV Manfrotto ASS BRAKE SHOES SET OF 5 6,37  
R083,91AV Manfrotto COMPLETE LEG WITH FASTENER 53,46  
R083,90AV Manfrotto LEG/STRUT/LEG FASTENER 50,91  
R083,72AVBR Manfrotto CRANK BOX ASSY F/B201 164,49  
R083,50AV Manfrotto ALUMINUM SLIDING LEG 76,12  
R083,45AV Manfrotto ASS GAMB LIV+PORTAR.+AST AVE 77,84  
R083,25AV Manfrotto ALUMINUM LEG L=962 W/CAP 41,77  
R083,16AV Manfrotto ALLUMINIUM LEG L=1240 W/CAP 44,32  
R083,14AV Manfrotto BRAKE SHOE X CRANKCASE STE 5PC 10,78  
R083,12AVBR Manfrotto CRANK HANDLE W/PIN FOR WIND UP 44,17  
R049,16AV Manfrotto COLLAR PIPE DIAM 19-22 9,02  
R049,15AV Manfrotto COLLAR PIPE DIAM 16-19MM 8,94  
R049,08 Manfrotto FEET FOR LEG SET 10 PC 3,28  
R007,16 Manfrotto BRAKE SHOE X SPIDER SET 10 PC 14,46  
R007,15AVBR Manfrotto LOW SPIDER W/KNOB X PIPE DM.35 15,14  
R007,15AV Manfrotto LOW SPIDER W/KNOB X PIPE DM.35 11,32  
R007,13AVBR Manfrotto TOP SPIDER W/KNOB X PIPE DM.35 17,76  
R007,13AV Manfrotto TOP SPIDER W/KNOB X PIPE DM.35 13,92  
R004,68B Manfrotto COMPLETE LEG SUPPORT BLACK 12,05  
R004,67AVB Manfrotto UPPER TUBE F/A630B STAND 17,64  
R004,32B Manfrotto TOP COLUMN WITH 5/8z STUD 16,73  
R004,32AVB Manfrotto ALUM PIPE BLACK 20MM + PIN 21,05  
R004,12 Manfrotto FEET FOR LEG SET OF 10 4,41  
R004,07 Manfrotto BRAKE SHOE X SPIDER SET OF 5+5 10,90  
R004,06AV Manfrotto LOW SPIDER W/KNOB X PIPE DM.35 9,80  
R004,05AV Manfrotto TOP SPIDER W/KNOB X PIPE DM.35 10,71  
R001,98AV Manfrotto KNOB W/SCREW AND SPACER SET 5 9,09  
R001,45AV Manfrotto KNOB M6 FEMALE SET OF 5 4,43  
R001,44AV Manfrotto KNOB M5 FEMALE SET OF 5 5,88  
R007,32AVB Manfrotto ALUM.SLIDING LEG L=683 W/CAP 44,57  
R008,09AV Manfrotto UNIVERSAL HEAD CASTING 36,21  
R048,17AV Manfrotto KNOB FOR COLLAR SET 5 PCS 3,80  
R048,12AV Manfrotto TOP SPIDER FOR PIPE DM.25 9,90  
R043,07AV Manfrotto RUBBER PIN SET 10 PCS 5,59  
R035,45AV Manfrotto SPRINGS FOR S/CLAMP GRAV.10 PC 4,24  
R035,14AV Manfrotto RUBBER PLATE F/CLAMP 5 PCS 3,43  
R035,13AV Manfrotto FIXED JAW FOR SUPER CLAMP 11,32  
R032,90AV Manfrotto SPACER FOR AUTOPOLE 5 PCS 6,49  
R032,17AV Manfrotto SPRINGS FOR AUTOPOLE 5 PCS 1,89  
R032,08AV Manfrotto SET OF SCREW + FERULE + NUT 10,17  
R032,05AV Manfrotto SPRINGS FOR AUTOPOLE 5 PCS 4,17  
R025,20AV Manfrotto SET OF 10 WASHER 5,10  
R014,09AV Manfrotto ASS KNOB M6X15 SET OF 5 4,80  
R012,18AV Manfrotto FEET FOR BACKLITE STAND 10 PCS 5,78  
R008,34AV Manfrotto STEEL SLIDING LEG L=683 W/CAP 46,99  
R008,11AV Manfrotto UNIV. HEAD CASTING SET OF 5 5,83  
R203,01 Manfrotto ARM WITH BUSHING 21,09  
R083,16 Manfrotto LEG & BRACE + WHEEL HOLDER 39,54  
R050,57B Manfrotto BASE COLUMN W/SPIDER&RIVETS 17,25  
R051,23B Manfrotto 2ND SECTION W/GASKET & WASHER 17,47  
R051,24 Manfrotto 1ST SECTION W/GASKET & WASHER 14,70  
R051,24B Manfrotto 1ST SECTION W/GASKET & WASHER 17,71  
R051,28 Manfrotto HANDLE W/SCREW&WASHER 6,00  
R051,30 Manfrotto 2-EDGED KNOB WITH SPRING 2,94  
R051,90 Manfrotto TOP CASTING W/RIVETS 3,85  
R051,91B Manfrotto BASE COLUMN W/CASTING, BLACK 8,70  
R051,92B Manfrotto TOP COLUMN WITH ATTACHMENT 23,54  
R052,01J Manfrotto TOP COLUMN, W/COLLAR&BUSHING 29,03  
R052,01JB Manfrotto TOP COLUMN, BLK, W/COLLAR&BUSH 26,48  
R052,01JBAC Manfrotto TOP BLK COLUMN F/AC+COLLAR&BUS 34,32  
R051,23 Manfrotto 2ND SECTION W/GASKET&WASHER 14,46  
R051,22B Manfrotto TOP COLUMN W/COLLAR & STUD 27,56  
R050,99AR Manfrotto SET OF FOUR LOCKING KNOBS 8,92  
R051,01J Manfrotto TOP COLUMN W/COLLAR&BUSHING 27,39  
R051,01JB Manfrotto TOP COLUMN, BLK, W/COLLAR&BUSH 26,90  
R051,01JBAC Manfrotto TOP A/C BLK COL, W/COLLAR&BUSH 31,85  
R051,16 Manfrotto TOP COLUMN W/COLLAR&STUD 25,28  
R051,16B Manfrotto TOP COLUMN, BLK, W/COLLAR&STUD 24,77  
R051,17 Manfrotto KNOB F/MINI COMPACT W/SCREW 2,65  
R051,17J Manfrotto 2-EDGED KNOB W/SCREW&WASHER 2,67  
R051,17N Manfrotto 4-EDGED LARGE KNOB+SCREW&WASHE 2,65  
R051,22 Manfrotto TOP COLUMN W/COLLAR & STUD 26,09  
R052,01N Manfrotto TOP SECTION WITH DM. 3/8z STUD 22,07  
R052,01Y Manfrotto COMPLETE TOP COLUMN 27,83  
R052,11 Manfrotto TOP SPIDER + KNOB&RIVETS (OLD) 8,35  
R053,23 Manfrotto GASKET F/30MM TUBE + WASHER 3,72  
R053,33 Manfrotto TOP COLUMN WITH STUD 31,92  
R053,33B Manfrotto TOP BLACK COLUMN WITH STUD 31,21  
R053,34 Manfrotto 16MM COLUMN WITH GASKET 13,99  
R053,34B Manfrotto 16MM BLACK COLUMN W/GASKET 15,44  
R053,35 Manfrotto 19MM COLUMN WITH GASKET 17,37  
R053,35B Manfrotto 19MM BLACK COLUMN WITH GASKET 17,30  
R053,36 Manfrotto 22MM COLUMN WITH GASKET 17,64  
R053,36B Manfrotto 22MM BLACK COLUMN WITH GASKET 17,59  
R053,37 Manfrotto 25MM COLUMN WITH GASKET 17,22  
R053,37B Manfrotto 25MM BLACK COLUMN WITH GASKET 17,54  
R053,21 Manfrotto GASKET F/25MM TUBE + WASHER 3,58  
R053,03B Manfrotto TOP SECTION,BLK, + COLLAR&STUD 28,32  
R052,14 Manfrotto 4-EDGED LARGE KNOB + WASHER 3,01  
R052,25 Manfrotto 25MM COLUMN + COLLAR&STUD 22,22  
R052,35 Manfrotto TOP COLUMN W/STUD, AIR CUSHION 24,13  
R052,35-14 Manfrotto TOP COL WITH 1/4z STUD AIR CUS 24,08  
R052,35B Manfrotto TOP COLUMN WITH STUD 24,13  
R052,35B-14 Manfrotto TOP BLK COL WITH 1/4z STUD A/C 26,07  
R053,01 Manfrotto 4-EDGED KNOB + SCREW&WASHER 2,50  
R053,01A Manfrotto KNOB ASSY 2,89  
R053,01SA Manfrotto 4-EDGED KNOB + SCREW&WASHER 2,62  
R053,03 Manfrotto TOP SECTION + COLLAR&STUD 27,83  
R053,03-14 Manfrotto TOP SECTION + COLLAR&STUD 30,36  
R054,01B Manfrotto BASE COLUMN, BLACK 21,68  
R050,56B Manfrotto SECOND SECTION + GASKET&WASHER 15,95  
R049,17A Manfrotto AS.1 LOCK OFF COLLAR (BOTTOM) 7,50  
R050,01B Manfrotto TOP COLUMN W/COLLAR&STUD, BLK 29,77  
R050,01BAC Manfrotto TOP COLUMN W/COLLAR & STUD 36,48  
R050,01BAL Manfrotto TOP SECTION W/COLLAR&STUD, BLK 29,57  
R050,01P Manfrotto TOP SECTION W/COLLAR & STUD 27,22  
R050,04 Manfrotto BASE COLUMN W/KSPIDERIVETS 15,04  
R050,04AC Manfrotto BASE PIPE W/SCREWS 18,89  
R050,04B Manfrotto BASE COL W/SPIDER&RIVETS, BLK 14,09  
R050,04BAC Manfrotto ASS COL BASE 28B+CROC+RIV A/C 17,93  
R050,04BAL Manfrotto BASE COLUMN W/SPIDER&RIVETS 14,68  
R050,05AR Manfrotto SET OF 3 KNOBS W/BOLT F/AS.2 8,04  
R050,07 Manfrotto LOWER LOCKING SECTION 14,14  
R050,01AC Manfrotto TOP COLUMN W/COLLAR & STUD 36,55  
R050,01A Manfrotto TOP SECTION W/COLLAR&STUD 23,72  
R049,17N Manfrotto COLLAR FOR 25-22MM TUBES 8,21  
R049,17RDS Manfrotto COLLAR FOR 25-22MM TUBES 10,66  
R049,17SA Manfrotto COLLAR F/25-22MM TUBES 7,25  
R049,30HO Manfrotto MIDDLE SECTION F/MIDI STAND 31,26  
R049,30HOB Manfrotto MIDDLE SEC F/MIDI STAND, BLK 28,71  
R049,35B Manfrotto 19MM COLUMN W/COLLAR&BUSHING 38,24  
R049,36 Manfrotto MIDDLE COLUMN 16,44  
R049,36B Manfrotto 22MM COLUMN W/GASKET, BLACK 16,39  
R049,91 Manfrotto TOP SECTION F/MIDI STAND 30,14  
R049,91B Manfrotto TOP SECTION F/MIDI STAND, BLK 27,59  
R050,01 Manfrotto TOP COLUMN W/COLLAR&3/8z STUD 29,96  
R050,07BAL Manfrotto LOWER LOCKING COLLAR 13,97  
R050,08 Manfrotto TOP SPIDER W/KNOB&RIVETS 8,94  
R050,08A Manfrotto TOP SPIDER W/KNOB&RIVETS 9,33  
R050,35B Manfrotto BASE COLUMN W/SPIDER&RIVETS 12,81  
R050,36 Manfrotto LEG SUPPORT FOR MINI POLE BASE 13,21  
R050,36B Manfrotto LEG SUP F/MINI POLE BASE, BLK 11,56  
R050,38 Manfrotto COMPLETE LEG SUPPORT 13,21  
R050,38B Manfrotto COMPLETE LEG SUPPORT, BLACK 11,56  
R050,45SA Manfrotto TOP SECTION W/COLLAR&STUD 24,65  
R050,46B Manfrotto LEVLEG SUPPORT, COMPLETE 8,87  
R050,51B Manfrotto TOP SECTION W/COLLAR&STUD 31,04  
R050,52B Manfrotto THIRD SECTION W/GASKET&WASHER 17,98  
R050,54B Manfrotto BASE COLUMN W/SPIDER&RIVETS 19,65  
R050,32B Manfrotto TOP SECTION W/COLLAR&STUD 23,08  
R050,30HOB Manfrotto TOP SECTION, BLACK, WITH STUD 30,87  
R050,08BAL Manfrotto TOP SPIDER W/KNOB&RIVETS 9,65  
R050,08P Manfrotto TOP SPIDER W/KNOB&RIVETS 12,05  
R050,13 Manfrotto LOWER COLUMN W/SPIDER&RIVETS 23,67  
R050,13B Manfrotto LOWER COLUMN W/SPIDER&RIVETS 12,30  
R050,13SA Manfrotto LOWER COLUMN W/SPIDER&RIVETS 13,57  
R050,14B Manfrotto TOP SECTION W/COLLAR&BUSH, BLK 24,35  
R050,14K Manfrotto TOP SECTION W/COLLAR&BUSHING 26,90  
R050,14KB Manfrotto TOP SECTION W/COLLAR&BUSH, BLK 26,75  
R050,17B Manfrotto COMPLETE LEG SUPPORT, BLACK 8,70  
R050,23B Manfrotto TOP SECTION W/COLLAR&STUD, BLK 20,85  
R050,30HO Manfrotto TOP SECTION WITH STUD 31,09  
R050,55B Manfrotto THIRD SECTION + GASKET&WASHER 17,05  
R054,02 Manfrotto COLLAR F/23-20MM TUBE 13,28  
R069,39XM Manfrotto COLLAR 25,26  
R070,03 Manfrotto FIXED LEG 30,60  
R070,03B Manfrotto BLK LEG+WHEEL CARRIER & BRACES 31,46  
R070,04 Manfrotto BASE COLUMN 24,13  
R070,05 Manfrotto COLLAR FOR FOLLOW SPOT STAND 19,31  
R070,05A Manfrotto COLLAR FOR FOLLOW SPOT STAND 18,35  
R070,07 Manfrotto LEG LOCK HANDLE 20,19  
R070,09 Manfrotto TOP COLUMN 21,44  
R070,15 Manfrotto LEVLEG+WHEEL CARRIER & BRACES 58,63  
R070,15A Manfrotto LEVLEG+WHEEL CARRIER & BRACES 60,27  
R070,21 Manfrotto TOP BUSHING, COMPLETE 28,57  
R070,24 Manfrotto TOP COLUMN, BLACK 16,81  
R070,01A Manfrotto BOTTOM LEG SPIDER 17,44  
R070,01 Manfrotto BOTTOM LEG SPIDER 17,40  
R069,40 Manfrotto TOP BUSHING, COMPLETE 31,65  
R069,40BNR Manfrotto COMPLETE BUSHING 24,21  
R069,47AV Manfrotto SPRING FOR 50MM PIPE SET OF 3 4,80  
R069,48 Manfrotto BASE COLUMN 32,27  
R069,52 Manfrotto COMPLETE LEG SUPPORT 37,31  
R069,53 Manfrotto COMPLETE LEVLEG SUPPORT 66,15  
R069,59 Manfrotto BOTTOM COLUMN 25,97  
R069,59B Manfrotto BOTTOM COLUMN, BLACK 25,19  
R069,60 Manfrotto BOTTOM COLUMN 36,60  
R069,66 Manfrotto TOP LEG SPIDER 13,72  
R069,75 Manfrotto BRAKE SHOE W/SCREW 11,49  
R069,99 Manfrotto TOP LEG SPIDER (F/OLD MODEL) 14,92  
R070,26B Manfrotto BASE COLUMN, BLACK 20,87  
R070,27 Manfrotto BOTTOM LEG SPIDER 16,81  
R070,27A Manfrotto BASE CASTING FOR WINDUP STAND 16,88  
R072,19 Manfrotto M6 F KNOB, COMPLETE 3,14  
R072,20 Manfrotto TOP CASTING W/KNOB&RIVET 8,89  
R072,20Q Manfrotto TOP CASTING, ORANGE, W/KNOB 12,05  
R083,08 Manfrotto WORM GEAR & PIN ASSY 30,67  
R072,22 Manfrotto LEG & BRACE + RIVETS 9,02  
R078,04 Manfrotto LOCKING KNOB F/BUSHING+SPRING 3,01  
R078,06 Manfrotto KNOB W/SPRING 3,01  
R083,00 Manfrotto CRANK HANDLE (OLD TYPE) 8,35  
R083,02 Manfrotto WIND-UP HANDLE 15,73  
R083,05 Manfrotto CRANK CASE 171,99  
R083,05A Manfrotto CRANK CASE 172,06  
R083,11 Manfrotto PIN FOR CRANK HANDLE 11,12  
R072,18Q Manfrotto 28MM COLUMN W/BOTTOM CASTING 15,46  
R072,12Q Manfrotto 19MM COLUMN W/COLLAR&STUD+PIN 20,83  
R072,01 Manfrotto COLLAR 7,28  
R072,01A Manfrotto COLLAR 7,55  
R072,01Q Manfrotto ORANGE COLLAR 7,84  
R072,01QB Manfrotto ASS MANIC IANIRO 25/28 NERO 7,30  
R072,01SA Manfrotto COLLAR 7,28  
R072,01SP Manfrotto 25/28MM QUICK COLLAR 6,84  
R072,02 Manfrotto COMPLETE TOP CASTING 6,25  
R072,03 Manfrotto BASE COLUMN W/CASTING & RIVETS 12,25  
R072,04Q Manfrotto BOTTOM ORANGE COLLAR 7,62  
R072,04QB Manfrotto ASS MANIC IANIRO 22/25 NERO 7,25  
R072,05Q Manfrotto ORANGE TOP COLLAR 7,50  
R072,05QB Manfrotto ASS MANIC IANIRO 19/22 NERO 7,15  
R083,12 Manfrotto CRANK HANDLE COMPLETE W/SHAFT 45,33  
R069,39A Manfrotto COLLAR 18,15  
R054,03 Manfrotto COLLAR F/26-23MM TUBE 12,81  
R060,01J Manfrotto TOP COLUMN W/COLLAR&BUSHING 24,08  
R060,01JB Manfrotto TOP COLLAR, BLK, W/COLLAR&BUSH 24,01  
R060,02 Manfrotto COMPLETE LEG SUPPORT 7,84  
R060,02B Manfrotto COMPLETE LEG SUPPORT, BLACK 8,09  
R060,04HO Manfrotto TOP COLUMN W/COLLAR+STUD 17,74  
R060,13 Manfrotto AL TUBE 19X1X586 18,33  
R060,13B Manfrotto AL TUBE 19X1X586 BLACK 18,25  
R060,14 Manfrotto TOP COLUMN W/COLLAR&STUD 17,54  
R060,14B Manfrotto BLK TOP COLUMN W/COLLAR&STUD 17,47  
R060,14P Manfrotto BLK TOP COLUMN W/COLLAR&STUD 23,13  
R060,14SA Manfrotto TOP COLUMN W/COLLAR&STUD 17,96  
R060,16 Manfrotto TOP SPIDER, COMPLETE 10,02  
R060,01B Manfrotto BASE COLUMN, BLACK, W/COLLAR 11,07  
R060,01 Manfrotto BASE COLUMN W/CASTING+RIVETS 11,25  
R054,09 Manfrotto TOP SPIDER 10,90  
R054,10 Manfrotto BOTTOM SPIDER 10,36  
R054,14 Manfrotto COLLAR F/20-17MM TUBE 10,41  
R054,22B Manfrotto TOP COLUMN, BLK, W/COLLAR&STUD 27,00  
R054,25B Manfrotto BASE COLUMN W/SPIDER & RIVETS 15,63  
R054,27B Manfrotto COMPLETE LEG SUPPORT, BLACK 11,29  
R054,29 Manfrotto GASKET F/20MM TUBE + WASHER 3,23  
R054,30B Manfrotto TOP COLUMN, BLK, W/COLLAR&STUD 44,61  
R054,30BAC Manfrotto TOP AIR CUSHIONED COLUMN, BLK 34,25  
R054,31B Manfrotto MIDDLE COLUMN, BLACK, W/GASKET 19,16  
R054,45 Manfrotto 2-EDGED KNOB +SCREW&WASHER 2,60  
R060,18 Manfrotto KNOB + SCREW&WASHER 3,04  
R060,19 Manfrotto 16MM COLUMN+STUD&COLLAR 20,95  
R060,45B Manfrotto 19MM COLUMN W/STUD&COLLAR, BLK 30,55  
R069,31AR Manfrotto KNOB SET 16,10  
R069,32 Manfrotto COMPLETE LEVLEG SUPPORT 60,81  
R069,35 Manfrotto ALUMINUM LOCK OFF + INSERT 4,78  
R069,39 Manfrotto COLLAR F/40-35MM TUBE 18,08  
R069,38 Manfrotto MIDDLE COLLAR 18,50  
R069,37 Manfrotto BOTTOM COLLAR 19,01  
R069,35AR Manfrotto SET OF 5 LOCKING KNOBS F/LS.5 18,64  
R069,31 Manfrotto LOCKING KNOB F/SPIDER 4,70  
R069,18AV Manfrotto SPRING FOR 40MM PIPE SET OF 3 2,82  
R069,16B Manfrotto NON ADJUSTABLE LEG, BLACK 36,73  
R060,46B Manfrotto 22MM BLACK COLUMN+GASKET 19,50  
R060,47B Manfrotto BASE COLUMN, BLACK 15,31  
R060,51B Manfrotto TOP BLACK COLUMN W/COLLAR&STUD 21,88  
R069,07 Manfrotto TOP SPIDER 16,83  
R069,07A Manfrotto TOP SPIDER 16,91  
R069,10AR Manfrotto WEDGE SET 9,90  
R069,13AV Manfrotto SPRING FOR 45MM PIPE SET OF 3 2,65  
R069,16 Manfrotto LEG WITH STRUT 38,20  
I610BAG Manfrotto BAG F/COLLAPSIBLE SCRM 12""X18""" 39,00  
I610B Manfrotto 12"" X 18"" BLACK FLAG COVER" 24,75  
I610 Manfrotto CADRE PLIANT 30X46 CM 27,49  
I610D Manfrotto 12"" X 18"" DOUBLE BLACK COVER" 31,21  
I610K Manfrotto 12""X 18"" SILK COVER" 23,01  
I650 Manfrotto 18""X24"" OPEN FRAME" 42,95  
I6241 Manfrotto GOLD/WHITE 120X185 O. REF 180,32  
I6234 Manfrotto SILVER/GOLD 120X185 O. REF 180,32  
I6231 Manfrotto SILVER/WHITE 185X120 O.REF.õ 180,32  
I6208 Manfrotto SUNLITE/WHITE 185X120 O.REF.õ 158,17  
I6207 Manfrotto TRANSLUCENT 185X120 OVAL REF. 137,69  
I610S Manfrotto 12"" X 18"" SINGLE BLACK COVER" 23,52  
I610KIT Manfrotto SET 2 12""X18"" FRAMES+I610BAG" 202,27  
I601 Manfrotto 12""X18"" CLOSED FRAME" 33,96  
I600TW Manfrotto 12""X18"" TRIPLE SCRIM WHITE" 71,96  
I600T Manfrotto 12""X18"" TRIPLE SCRIM BLACK" 73,72  
I500GS Manfrotto 4""X14"" FINGER GOLD/SILVER" 23,28  
I500K Manfrotto 4""X14"" SILK SCRIM" 23,28  
I500S Manfrotto 4""X14"" SINGLE SCRIM" 23,28  
I500SW Manfrotto 4""X14"" FINGER SUNLITE/WHITE" 23,28  
I600 Manfrotto 12""X18"" OPEN FRAME" 26,97  
I600B Manfrotto 12""X18"" SOLID BLACK FLAG" 52,85  
I600CK Manfrotto CHINA SILK SCRIM 12'X18' 71,91  
I600D Manfrotto 12""X18"" DOUBLE SCRIM BLACK" 59,98  
I600DW Manfrotto 12""X18"" DOUBLE SCRIM WHITE" 66,40  
I600K Manfrotto 12""X18"" SILK SCRIM" 49,25  
I600K4 Manfrotto 12""X18"" 1/4 STOP SILK SCRIM" 52,68  
I600S Manfrotto 12""X18"" SINGLE SCRIM BLK" 52,63  
I600SW Manfrotto 12""X18"" SINGLE SCRIM WHITE" 55,20  
I650B Manfrotto 18""X24"" SOLID BLACK FLAG" 58,65  
I650CK Manfrotto CHINA SILK SCRIM 18'X24' 76,64  
I650D Manfrotto 18""X24"" DOUBLE SCRIM BLACK" 74,97  
I700 Manfrotto 24""X30"" OPEN FRAME" 39,49  
I700B Manfrotto 24""X30"" SOLID BLACK FLAG" 63,77  
I700S Manfrotto 24""X30"" SINGLE SCRIM BLACK" 73,35  
I700CK Manfrotto CHINA SILK SCRIM 24'X30' 97,90  
I700D Manfrotto 24""X30"" DOUBLE SCRIM BLACK" 102,97  
I700DW Manfrotto 24""X30"" DOUBLE SCRIM WHITE" 112,16  
I700K Manfrotto 24""X30"" SILK SCRIM" 64,70  
I700K4 Manfrotto 24""X30"" 1/4 STOP SILK SCRIM" 70,05  
I700SW Manfrotto 24""X30"" SINGLE SCRIM WHITE" 79,16  
I700T Manfrotto 24""X30"" TRIPLE SCRIM BLACK" 144,08  
I700TW Manfrotto 24""X30"" TRIPLE SCRIM WHITE" 132,79  
I701 Manfrotto 24""X30"" CLOSED FRAME" 28,91  
I7200BAG Manfrotto BAG FOR 72"" OVAL REFLECTORS" 19,65  
I660S Manfrotto 18"" X 24"" SINGLE BLACK COVER" 40,94  
I660KIT Manfrotto SET 2 18""X24"" FRAMES+I660BAG" 250,39  
I650DW Manfrotto 18""X24"" DOUBLE SCRIM WHITE" 82,17  
I650K Manfrotto 18""X24"" SILK SCRIM" 53,85  
I650K4 Manfrotto 18""X24"" 1/4 STOP SILK SCRIM" 58,26  
I650S Manfrotto 18""X24"" SINGLE SCRIM BLACK" 62,55  
I650SW Manfrotto 18""X24"" SINGLE SCRIM WHITE" 69,24  
I650T Manfrotto 18""X24"" TRIPLE SCRIM BLACK" 98,17  
I650TW Manfrotto 18""X24"" TRIPLE SCRIM WHITE" 90,99  
I651 Manfrotto 18""X24"" CLOSED FRAME" 25,16  
I660 Manfrotto 18"" X 24"" COLLAPSIBLE FRAME" 27,81  
I660B Manfrotto 18"" X 24"" BLACK FLAG COVER" 39,76  
I660BAG Manfrotto BAG F/COLLAPSIBLE SCRM 18""X24""" 30,85  
I660D Manfrotto 18"" X 24"" DOUBLE BLACK COVER" 59,85  
I660K Manfrotto 18"" X 24"" SILK COVER" 32,83  
I750 Manfrotto 24""X36"" OPEN FRAME" 49,07  
I500D Manfrotto 4""X14"" DOUBLE SCRIM" 23,28  
I100S Manfrotto DOT 3"" SINGLE SCRIM" 19,92  
I1030 Manfrotto 24""X72"" FLOPPY CUTTER" 206,24  
I1030FRAME Manfrotto 24""X72"" CLOSED FRAME ONLY" 77,13  
I1031 Manfrotto 48""X48"" FLOPPY CUTTER" 191,47  
I1550KIT Manfrotto KIT DOTS + FINGERS + SAC 307,43  
I200 Manfrotto 6"" DOT FRAME" 19,92  
I200B Manfrotto DOT 6"" SOLID BLACK FLAG" 19,92  
I200D Manfrotto DOT 6"" DOUBLE SCRIM" 19,92  
I200GS Manfrotto DOT 6"" GOLD/SILVER" 19,92  
I200K Manfrotto DOT 6"" SILK SCRIM" 19,92  
I200S Manfrotto DOT 6"" SINGLE SCRIM" 19,92  
I200SW Manfrotto DOT 6"" SUNLITE/WHITE" 19,92  
I2000BAG Manfrotto BAG FOR 20"" OVAL REFLECTORS" 17,66  
I2007 Manfrotto TRANSLUCENT 50CM OVAL REFLEC 40,28  
I1024FRAME Manfrotto 48""X48"" CLOSED FRAME ONLY" 48,46  
I1024 Manfrotto 48""X48"" CUTTER" 147,86  
I100SW Manfrotto DOT 3"" SUNLITE/WHITE" 19,92  
I1010 Manfrotto 30""X36"" MEAT AXE FLAG" 63,99  
I1010FRAME Manfrotto 36""X30"" CLOSED FRAME ONLY" 58,14  
I1011 Manfrotto 24""X48"" MINI MEAT AXE FLAG" 78,47  
I1011FRAME Manfrotto 48""X24"" CLOSED FRAME ONLY" 49,47  
I1020 Manfrotto 10""X42"" CUTTER" 85,92  
I1020FRAME Manfrotto 10""X42"" CLOSED FRAME ONLY" 47,11  
I1021 Manfrotto 18""X48"" CUTTER" 96,16  
I1021FRAME Manfrotto 18""X48"" CLOSED FRAME ONLY" 32,93  
I1022 Manfrotto 24""X72"" CUTTER" 150,48  
I1022FRAME Manfrotto 24""X72"" CLOSED FRAME ONLY" 75,29  
I1023 Manfrotto 40""X40"" CUTTER" 141,56  
I1023FRAME Manfrotto 40""X40"" CLOSED FRAME ONLY" 38,24  
I2008 Manfrotto SUNLITE/WHITE 50CM OVAL REFLEC 37,58  
I2031 Manfrotto SILVER/WHITE 50CM OVAL REFLEC 37,98  
I2034 Manfrotto SILVER/GOLD 50CM OVAL REFLEC 37,98  
I400B Manfrotto 2""X12"" SOLID BLACK FLAG" 23,28  
I400D Manfrotto 2""X12"" DOUBLE SCRIM" 23,28  
I400GS Manfrotto 2""X12"" FINGER GOLD/SILVER" 23,28  
I400K Manfrotto 2""X12"" SILK SCRIM" 23,28  
I400S Manfrotto 2""X12"" SINGLE SCRIM" 23,28  
I400SW Manfrotto 2""X12"" FINGER SUNLITE/WHITE" 23,28  
I4800BAG Manfrotto BAG FOR 48"" OVAL REFLECTORS" 17,66  
I4807 Manfrotto TRANSLUCENT 120CM OVAL REFLEC 136,29  
I4808 Manfrotto SUNLITE/WHITE 120CM OVAL REFLE 139,38  
I4831 Manfrotto SILVER/WHITE 120CM OVAL REFLEC 139,38  
I4834 Manfrotto SILVER/GOLD 120CM OVAL REFLEC 139,38  
I4841 Manfrotto GOLD/WHITE 120CM OVAL REFLEC 139,38  
I500 Manfrotto 4""X14"" FINGER FRAME" 22,71  
I400 Manfrotto 2""X12"" FINGER FRAME" 22,71  
I3841 Manfrotto GOLD/WHITE 95CM OVAL REFLEC 110,25  
I2041 Manfrotto GOLD/WHITE 50CM OVAL REFLEC 37,58  
I300 Manfrotto 10"" DOT FRAME" 19,92  
I300B Manfrotto DOT 10"" SOLID BLACK FLAG" 19,92  
I300D Manfrotto DOT 10"" DOUBLE SCRIM" 19,92  
I300GS Manfrotto DOT 10"" GOLD/SILVER" 19,92  
I300K Manfrotto DOT 10"" SILK SCRIM" 20,87  
I300S Manfrotto DOT 10"" SINGLE SCRIM" 19,92  
I300SW Manfrotto DOT 10"" SUNLITE/WHITE" 19,92  
I3800BAG Manfrotto BAG FOR 38"" OVAL REFLECTORS" 17,66  
I3807 Manfrotto TRANSLUCENT 95CM OVAL REFLEC 110,69  
I3808 Manfrotto SUNLITE/WHITE 95CM OVAL REFLEC 110,25  
I3831 Manfrotto SILVER/WHITE 95CM OVAL REFLEC 110,25  
I3834 Manfrotto SILVER/GOLD 95CM OVAL REFLEC 110,25  
I500B Manfrotto 4""X14"" SOLID BLACK FLAG" 23,28  
I910CKB Manfrotto TEXTILE CROMAKEY BLUE 6'X6' 291,97  
I915BDN Manfrotto TEXTILE BLACK DOUBLE * 8""X8""" 658,00  
I915BL Manfrotto TEXTILE BLACK BLOCK 8'X8' 252,84  
I915BSN Manfrotto TEXTILE BLACK SINGLE * 8""X8""" 386,19  
I915CK Manfrotto TEXTILE CHINA SILK 8'X8' 453,54  
I915CKB Manfrotto TEXTILE CROMAKEY BLUE 8'X8' 470,38  
I915CKG Manfrotto TEXTILE CROMAKEY GREEN 8'X8' 470,38  
I915GBW Manfrotto TEXTILE GRIFFOLYN BLA/WH 8'X8' 310,66  
I915K Manfrotto TEXTILE SILK 8'X8' 207,81  
I915K4 Manfrotto TEXTILE 1/4 STOP 8'X8' 284,69  
I915MB Manfrotto TEXTILE MUSLIN BLEACHED 8'X8' 256,96  
I915MU Manfrotto TEXTILE MUSLIN UNBLEACH. 8'X8' 256,96  
I915SD Manfrotto TEXTILE SOFT DIFFUSER 8'X8' 384,80  
I915SDL Manfrotto TEXTILE SOFT DIFF. LIGHT 8'X8' 387,08  
I910WSN Manfrotto TEXTILE WHITE SINGLE * 6""X6""" 271,48  
I910WG Manfrotto TEXTILE WHITE/GOLD 6'X6' 242,72  
I910CKG Manfrotto TEXTILE CROMAKEY GREEN 6'X6' 291,97  
I910GBW Manfrotto TEXTILE GRIFFOLYN BLA/WH 6'X6' 200,29  
I910K Manfrotto TEXTILE SILK 6'X6' 166,28  
I910K4 Manfrotto TEXTILE SILK 1/4 STOP 6'X6' 205,56  
I910MB Manfrotto TEXTILE MUSLIN BLEACHED 6'X6' 176,08  
I910MU Manfrotto TEXTILE MUSLIN UNBLEACH. 6'X6' 176,08  
I910SD Manfrotto TEXTILE SOFT DIFFUSER 6'X6' 219,57  
I910SDL Manfrotto TEXTILE SOFT DIFF. LIGHT 6'X6' 242,62  
I910SET Manfrotto SET OF BUNGEE CORDS FOR 4'X4' 40,99  
I910SUS Manfrotto TEXTILE SUNFIRE/SILVER 6'X6' 316,37  
I910SW Manfrotto TEXTILE SILVER/WHITE 6'X6' 240,32  
I910WB Manfrotto TEXTILE WHITE BLOCK 6'X6' 200,80  
I910WDN Manfrotto TEXTILE WHITE DOUBLE * 6""X6""" 422,67  
I915SUS Manfrotto TEXTILE SUNFIRE/SILVER 8'X8' 453,54  
I915SW Manfrotto TEXTILE SILVER/WHITE 8'X8' 351,28  
I915WB Manfrotto TEXTILE WHITE BLOCK 8'X8' 241,77  
I920SDL Manfrotto TEXTILE SOFT DIFF LIGHT12'X12' 634,13  
I920SUS Manfrotto TEXTILE SUNFIRE/SILVER 12'X12' 638,35  
I920SW Manfrotto TEXTIL SILVER/WHITE 12'X12' 542,72  
I920WB Manfrotto TEXTILE WHITE BLOCK 12'X12' 557,52  
I920WDN Manfrotto TEXTILE WHITE DOUBLE * 12""X12""" 1203,86  
I920WG Manfrotto TEXTILE WHITE/GOLD 12'X12' 542,72  
I920WSN Manfrotto TEXTILE WHITE SINGLE * 12""X12""" 708,20  
I930BDN Manfrotto TEXTILE BLACK DOUBLE * 20""X20""" 3030,50  
I930BL Manfrotto TEXTILE BLACK BLOCK 20'X 20' 921,84  
I930BSN Manfrotto TEXTILE BLACK SINGLE * 20""X20""" 1455,67  
I930CK Manfrotto TEXTILE CHINA SILK 20'X20' 1931,68  
I930CKB Manfrotto TEXTILE CROMAKEY BLUE 20'X20' 1358,11  
I930CKG Manfrotto TEXTILE CROMAKEY GREEN 20'X20' 1358,11  
I920SD Manfrotto TEXTILE SOFT DIFFUSER 12'X12' 634,13  
I920MU Manfrotto TEXTILE MUSLIN UNBLEACH12'X12' 473,46  
I915WDN Manfrotto TEXTILE WITHE DOUBLE * 8""X8""" 660,81  
I915WG Manfrotto TEXTILE WHITE/GOLD 8'X8' 365,20  
I915WSN Manfrotto TEXTILE WHITE SINGLE * 8""X8""" 389,01  
I920BDN Manfrotto TEXTILE BLACK DOUBLE * 12""X12""" 1172,96  
I920BL Manfrotto TEXTILE BLACK BLOCK 12'X 12' 426,84  
I920BSN Manfrotto TEXTILE BLACK SINGLE * 12""X12""" 677,35  
I920CK Manfrotto TEXTILE CHINA SILK 12'X12' 881,85  
I920CKB Manfrotto TEXTILE CROMAKEY BLUE 12'X12' 874,58  
I920CKG Manfrotto TEXTILE CROMAKEY GREEN 12'X12' 874,58  
I920GBW Manfrotto TEXTILE GRIFFOLYN BLA/WH 12X12 379,51  
I920K Manfrotto TEXTILE SILK 12'X12' 387,91  
I920K4 Manfrotto TEXTILE SILK 1/4 STOP 12'X12' 504,31  
I920MB Manfrotto TEXTILE MUSLIN BLEACHED12'X12' 473,46  
I930GBW Manfrotto TEXTILE GRIFFOLYN BL/WH 20X20' 995,44  
I910CK Manfrotto TEXTILE CHINA SILK 6'X6' 313,60  
I750B Manfrotto 24""X36"" SOLID BLACK FLAG" 69,07  
I760KIT Manfrotto SET 2 24""X36"" FRAMES+I760BAG" 347,14  
I760S Manfrotto 24"" X 36"" SINGLE BLACK COVER" 54,81  
I780 Manfrotto 30""X36"" OPEN FRAME" 50,18  
I780B Manfrotto 30""X36"" SOLID BLACK FLAG" 75,02  
I780CK Manfrotto CHINA SILK SCRIM 30'X36' 144,01  
I780D Manfrotto 30""X36"" DOUBLE SCRIM BLACK" 124,75  
I780DW Manfrotto 30""X36"" DOUBLE SCRIM WHITE" 150,43  
I780K Manfrotto 30""X36"" SILK SCRIM" 72,96  
I780K4 Manfrotto 30""X36"" 1/4 STOP SILK SCRIM" 89,92  
I780S Manfrotto 30""X36"" SINGLE SCRIM BLACK" 86,53  
I780SW Manfrotto 30""X36"" SINGLE SCRIM WHITE" 100,21  
I780T Manfrotto 30""X36"" TRIPLE SCRIM BLACK" 178,48  
I780TW Manfrotto 30""X36"" TRIPLE SCRIM WHITE" 180,22  
I760K Manfrotto 24"" X 36"" SILK COVER" 35,89  
I760D Manfrotto 24"" X 36"" DOUBLE BLACK COVER" 84,70  
I750CK Manfrotto CHINA SILK SCRIM 24'X36' 102,90  
I750D Manfrotto 24""X36"" DOUBLE SCRIM BLACK" 98,86  
I750DW Manfrotto 24""X36"" DOUBLE SCRIM WHITE" 110,15  
I750K Manfrotto 24""X36"" SILK SCRIM" 59,54  
I750K4 Manfrotto 24""X36"" 1/4 STOP SILK SCRIM" 80,38  
I750S Manfrotto 24""X36"" SINGLE SCRIM BLACK" 75,63  
I750SW Manfrotto 24""X36"" SINGLE SCRIM WHITE" 85,28  
I750T Manfrotto 24""X36"" TRIPLE SCRIM BLACK" 133,16  
I750TW Manfrotto 24""X36"" TRIPLE SCRIM WHITE" 133,70  
I751 Manfrotto 24""X36"" CLOSED FRAME" 45,50  
I760 Manfrotto CADRE PLIANT 61X92 CM 29,13  
I760B Manfrotto 24"" X 36"" BLACK FLAG COVER" 55,35  
I760BAG Manfrotto BAG F/COLLAPSIBLE SCRM 24""X36""" 51,30  
I781 Manfrotto 30""X36"" CLOSED FRAME" 40,38  
I790CK Manfrotto CHINA SILK SCRIM 48""X48""" 155,21  
I790D Manfrotto 48""X48"" DOUBLE SCRIM BLACK" 227,65  
I905K4 Manfrotto TEXTILE SILK 1/4 STOP 4'X4' 119,17  
I905MB Manfrotto TEXTILE MUSLIN BLEACHED 4'X4' 141,90  
I905MU Manfrotto TEXTILE MUSLIN UNBLEACH. 4'X4' 141,90  
I905SD Manfrotto TEXTILE SOFT DIFFUSER 4'X4' 138,25  
I905SDL Manfrotto TEXTILE SOFT DIFF. LIGHT4'X4' 202,84  
I905SUS Manfrotto TEXTILE SUNFIRE/SILVER 4'X4' 243,46  
I905SW Manfrotto TEXTILE SILVER/WHITE 4'X4' 190,22  
I905WB Manfrotto TEXTILE WHITE BLOCK 4'X4' 145,85  
I905WDN Manfrotto TEXTILE WHITE DOUBLE * 4""X4""" 243,46  
I905WG Manfrotto TEXTILE WHITE/GOLD 4'X4' 188,38  
I905WSN Manfrotto TEXTILE WHITE SINGLE * 4""X4""" 210,11  
I910BDN Manfrotto TEXTILE BLACK DOUBLE * 6""X6""" 419,86  
I910BL Manfrotto TEXTILE BLACK BLOCK 6'X6' 193,28  
I905K Manfrotto TEXTILE SILK 4'X4' 135,07  
I905GBW Manfrotto TEXTILE GRIFFOLYN BLA/WH 4'X4' 141,54  
I790DW Manfrotto 48""X48"" DOUBLE SCRIM WHITE" 231,43  
I790K Manfrotto 48""X48"" SILK SCRIM" 126,35  
I790K4 Manfrotto 48""X48"" 1/4 STOP SILK SCRIM" 151,29  
I790S Manfrotto 48""X48"" SINGLE SCRIM BLACK" 165,25  
I790SW Manfrotto 48""X48"" SINGLE SCRIM WHITE" 179,07  
I790T Manfrotto 48""X48"" TRIPLE SCRIM BLACK" 281,09  
I790TW Manfrotto 48""X48"" TRIPLE SCRIM WHITE" 269,11  
I905BDN Manfrotto TEXTILE BLACK DOUBLE * 4""X4""" 246,27  
I905BL Manfrotto TEXTILE BLACK BLOCK 4'X4' 157,02  
I905BSN Manfrotto TEXTILE BLACK SINGLE * 4""X4""" 207,27  
I905CK Manfrotto TEXTILE CHINA SILK 4'X4' 187,65  
I905CKB Manfrotto TEXTILE CROMAKEY BLU 4'X4' 194,65  
I905CKG Manfrotto TEXTILE CROMAKEY GREEN 4'X4' 194,65  
I910BSN Manfrotto TEXTILE BLACK SINGLE * 6""X6""" 279,94  
C338 Manfrotto QUICK ACTION BABY CLAMP 5/8pin 72,89  
C827 Manfrotto HANGER W/HEAD 252,06  
C852 Manfrotto TELESCOPIC H.28MM PIN & BUSHIN 207,98  
C860 Manfrotto PIN W/ SAFTY CABLE /C840 13,11  
C880 Manfrotto UNIVERSAL HEAD ONLY 47,24  
C888UH Manfrotto TRIPLE TELE HANGER W/UNIV HD 282,85  
D050 Manfrotto SET OF 6 T-TOPS BLU 12,35  
D050B Manfrotto KIT OF 6 T-TOPS BLACK 17,37  
D050G Manfrotto KIT OF 6 T-TOPS GREEN 17,37  
D050LB Manfrotto KIT OF 6 T-TOPS LIGHT BLUE 17,37  
C822 Manfrotto EXTRA LONG DBL TEL HANGER/STIR 248,21  
C339 Manfrotto GRAB CLAMP 119,07  
C339BB Manfrotto GRAB CLAMP W/BABY BUSHING 132,64  
C339JS Manfrotto GRAB CLAMP W/JUNIOR SPIGOT 133,60  
C339LE Manfrotto GRAB CLAMP W/LIFTING EYE 128,77  
C500 Manfrotto PELICAN GAFFER GRIP 78,91  
C700 Manfrotto SQUARE CLAMP W/5/8" 29,77  
C720 Manfrotto SQUARE CLAMP W/ 5/8" PIN 31,02  
D050R Manfrotto SET OF 6 T-TOPS RED 17,37  
D050Y Manfrotto KIT OF 6 T-TOPS YELLOW 17,37  
D100 Manfrotto DOUBLE GRIP HEAD 48,85  
D310 Manfrotto MINI FLEXTENSION 14,99  
D315 Manfrotto MAXI FLEXTENSION 19,04  
D340 Manfrotto FLEXTENSION KIT W/FLAG 65,54  
D350 Manfrotto ARTICULATED ARM ADAPTER 18,99  
D360 Manfrotto FLEXTENSION ARM PIN 17" 40,28  
D400 Manfrotto 4.5" GRIP HEAD 70,85  
D400B Manfrotto JUMBO GRIP HEAD BLACK 69,85  
D410 Manfrotto JUMBO ADDAHEAD GRIP HEAD 44,10  
D410B Manfrotto JUMBO ADDAHEAD BLCK 44,10  
D306 Manfrotto ARM W/SNAP-IN HEX 126,05  
D301 Manfrotto SNAP-IN ARTICULATED ARM 110,84  
D100B Manfrotto DOUBLE GRIPHEAD BLACK 50,08  
D200 Manfrotto 2 1/2" GRIP HEAD 33,05  
D200B Manfrotto 2 1/2" GRIP HEAD BLACK 32,41  
D210 Manfrotto SNAP-IN GRIP HEAD 36,90  
D220 Manfrotto BABY GRIP HELPER 79,36  
D220B Manfrotto BABY GRIP HELPER BLACK 79,36  
D240 Manfrotto SWIVEL GRIP HEAD 72,79  
D250 Manfrotto GAG GOBO GRIP HEAD 27,00  
D250B Manfrotto GAG GOBO BLACK 28,54  
D260 Manfrotto ADD A HEAD GRIP HEAD 40,06  
D260B Manfrotto ADDAHEAD BLACK 40,06  
D420 Manfrotto JUMBO GAG GOBO GRIP HEAD 47,02  
C300 Manfrotto GRID CLAMP 66,93  
241S Manfrotto PUMP CUP WITH 5/8"" SOCKET" 62,87  
A430C Manfrotto BABY ROLLER STAND STEEL 327,54  
A650 Manfrotto CINE COMBO STAND W/LAZY LEG 218,76  
A660POLE Manfrotto POLE OF ART. 660 80,24  
A665BASE Manfrotto BASE OF ART. 665 102,36  
A665POLE Manfrotto POLE OF ART. 665 92,54  
A680BASE Manfrotto BASE FOR ART.A680 112,33  
A680POLE Manfrotto POLE FOR ART.A680 104,88  
A690BASE Manfrotto BASE FOR ART. A690 110,84  
A690POLE Manfrotto POLE FOR ART. A690 149,45  
A9000 ZZZ ALT! Manfrotto WHEEL SET W/BRAKES 141,32  
B100P Manfrotto SUPER CRANK ST.3 SEZ. P/WHEELS 2291,41  
B100PS Manfrotto SUPER CRANK ST.3 SEZ. PS 2992,65  
014MS Manfrotto ADAPTER RAPIDAPTER 5/8""-M10" 8,01  
A105B Manfrotto HIGH ALU-COMBO STAND W/LAZY LG 318,65  
A122 Manfrotto MINI LOW COMBO STAND 232,92  
A199 Manfrotto KIT OUTILS AVENGER 18,69  
A228SB Manfrotto 60" C-STAND BLCK DETCH.BASE" 220,18  
A235S ZZZ ALT! Manfrotto 30z C-STAND 158,44  
A290SB Manfrotto 20" MINI C-STAND DET.BASE ALL" 173,09  
A300 Manfrotto HIGH OVERHEAD ROLLER STAND 487,08  
A302 Manfrotto HIGH OVERHEAD STAND 365,20  
A302POLE Manfrotto POLE OF HI-HI ROLLER A302 249,58  
A310 Manfrotto MED OVERHEAD ROLLER STAND 449,72  
A312 Manfrotto OVERHEAD STAND 330,28  
B100S Manfrotto THREE SECT.STRATO-S. SMAL.BASE 1983,35  
B100SP Manfrotto THREE SECT.STRATO-S. SMLL.B.PN 2435,20  
B120 Manfrotto TWO SECT. STRATO SAFE STAND 1970,41  
B197 Manfrotto DIAM 50MM SECTION KIT FOR ST S 626,37  
B198 Manfrotto DIAM.60MM SECTION KIT FOR ST S 633,52  
B9000 Manfrotto HARD WHEEL SET/STRATO SAFE 299,17  
B9000J Manfrotto KIT PIEDI LIV. PER STRATO SAFE 200,78  
B9000T Manfrotto WHEEL PLATE SET 167,04  
C1000 Manfrotto DROP CEILING SCISSOR CLAMP 10,14  
C1005 Manfrotto SCISSOR CLIP W/CABLE SUPPORT 15,97  
C1010 Manfrotto LONG SCISSOR CLIP WITH HOOK 26,17  
C1100 Manfrotto SPARROW PLATE 16,22  
C210 Manfrotto BABY PIPE CLAMP W/TOMMY 65,17  
B150PS Manfrotto FIVE SECT.STRATO SF STND PS 4747,73  
B150P Manfrotto SPR STRATO SF SPR CRANK UP STD 4045,91  
B120P Manfrotto TWO SECT.STRATO SAFE PNEUMAT W 2385,49  
B120PS Manfrotto TWO SECT.STRATO SAFE PS 3087,37  
B130P Manfrotto THREE SECT.STRATO SAFE PNEUM W 3112,36  
B130PS Manfrotto THREE SECT.STRATO SAFE PS 3814,21  
B140P Manfrotto FOUR SECT.STRATO SF STND PNE W 3492,55  
B140PS Manfrotto FOUR SECT.STRATO SF STND PS 4229,31  
B140XLP Manfrotto 4 SECT.STRATO SAFE-P. WHEELS 3440,93  
B140XLPS Manfrotto FOUR SECT S.SAFE BOGEN PS 4142,75  
B143 Manfrotto BUSHING D.60 FOR STRATO-SAFE 36,97  
B144 Manfrotto BUSHING D.70 FOR STRATO-SAFE 49,56  
B145 Manfrotto BUSHING D.80 FOR STRATO-SAFE 63,04  
B150 Manfrotto STRATO-SAFE CRANK-UP STD 4 RSR 3630,83  
C210D Manfrotto BABY PIPE CLAMP W/O TOMMY BAR 54,68  
H1200M Manfrotto 12X12 MODULAR OVERHEAD FRAME 771,14  
H660 Manfrotto 6X6 LIGHTWEIGHT FRAME 447,20  
H800M Manfrotto 8X8 MODULAR BUTTERFLY FRAME 593,56  
H806EXT Manfrotto KIT FOR H800M,H1200M,H2000M 167,97  
H812EXT Manfrotto EXT.KIT FROM 8'X8'TO12'X12' 253,58  
H9000 Manfrotto BUTTERFLY PIPE CORNER KIT 8 PCS. 391,71  
H9500 Manfrotto BUTTERFLY PIPE CORNER KIT 392,00  
I800 Manfrotto METAL FRENCH FLAG 13,25  
I8030CB Manfrotto MOUNTING STIRRUP F/39"" BOARD" 143,94  
I810 Manfrotto PLASTIC FRENCH FLAG 10,80  
H600M Manfrotto 6X6 MODULAR FRAME 521,75  
H1220EXT Manfrotto EXT.KIT FROM 12'X12'TO20'X20 721,53  
H2000M Manfrotto 20X20 MODULAR OVERHEAD FRAME 1349,51  
H2006 Manfrotto FOLD AWAY FRAME 6""X6""" 630,19  
H2008 Manfrotto FOLD AWAY FRAME 8""X8""" 662,11  
H2012 Manfrotto FOLD AWAY FRAME 12""X12""" 756,24  
H2508 Manfrotto FOLD AWAY FRAME 8'X8' 874,67  
H2512 Manfrotto FOLD AWAY FRAME 12'X12' 911,11  
H4BAG Manfrotto GRIP KIT BAG 26,73  
H400M Manfrotto 4X4 MODULAR BUTTERFLY FRAME 366,35  
H406EXT Manfrotto EXT 4X4 MOD BUTTERFLY FRAME 197,59  
H408EXT Manfrotto EXT.KIT FROM 4'X4'TO 8X8'FRAME 236,72  
H440 Manfrotto 4X4 LIGHTWEIGHT FRAME 399,74  
E200 Manfrotto STAND ADAPTER 22,79  
E250 Manfrotto DOUBLE 5/8"" BABY PIN" 5,59  
E300 Manfrotto 5/8"" STUD WITH 1/4-20""FEM.THRD" 6,32  
H2020BAG Manfrotto BAG ""L""FOR 20X20 BFLY TEXTILES" 38,39  
H2020XBAG Manfrotto BAG ""XL""FOR 20X20 CROMAKEY TEX" 59,49  
H44BAG Manfrotto BAG ""S"" FOR 4X4 AND 6X6 BFLY" 17,57  
H88BAG Manfrotto BAG ""M"" FOR 8X8 AND 12X12 BFL" 26,66  
I100 Manfrotto 3"" DOT FRAME" 17,42  
I100B Manfrotto DOT 3"" SOLID BLACK FLAG" 19,92  
I100D Manfrotto DOT 3"" DOUBLE SCRIM" 19,92  
I100GS Manfrotto DOT 3"" GOLD/SILVER" 19,92  
C356 Manfrotto HOOK CLAMP SLIM 44,57  
C335 Manfrotto FIXED JUNIOR SIDE ARM 104,66  
035WDG Manfrotto SET OF 4 WEDGES FOR S/CLAMP 6,30  
066BT Manfrotto DOUBLE FEM.THRD M10-M10 5,02  
083NWB Manfrotto WIND-UP LEVLEG BLACK ZINC 512,05  
087NWB Manfrotto WIND UP 3 SECTION BLACK ZINC 632,84  
154B Manfrotto MICROPHONE SUPPORT, BLACK 75,73  
298B Manfrotto ALU-STUDIO 3 SCT COLUMN BLACK 218,54  
C100 Manfrotto JR PIPE CLAMP W/TOMMY BAR &PAD 73,94  
C151 Manfrotto "C" TYPE CLAMP WITH M12 SCREW" 97,36  
C285 Manfrotto THEATRE CLAMP W/5/8"PIN" 14,41  
C290 Manfrotto THEATRE CLAMP W 1/1/8" PIN" 19,92  
C330 Manfrotto FIXED BABY SIDE ARM 83,99  
I100K Manfrotto DOT 3"" SILK SCRIM" 19,92  
F900 Manfrotto BABY TRIPLE HEADER 53,29  
D420B Manfrotto JUMBO GAG GOBO BLACK 50,03  
D600CB Manfrotto BOOM ARM W/SLDNG ATTACH. BLACK 162,07  
D610 Manfrotto FISH POLE HOLDER /C BOOM CLAMP 24,57  
D650 Manfrotto JUNIOR BOOM ARM W/COUNTER WT. 253,77  
D750 Manfrotto 40MM (1,6"") TELESC.POLYHOLDER" 134,48  
D800KIT Manfrotto GRIP KIT H4BAG 127,45  
E100 Manfrotto BAR CLAMP ADAPTER 25,14  
E255 Manfrotto ADAPTOR 16MM TO 17MM SOCKET 14,85  
E260 Manfrotto ADAPTOR 28MM MALE 25MM FEMALE 28,18  
E265 Manfrotto ADAPTOR 28MM MALE 17MM FEMALE 26,29  
D430 Manfrotto JUMBO GRIP HELPER 74,41  
D430B Manfrotto JUMBO GRIP HELPER BLACK 75,17  
D500 Manfrotto 20" EXTENSION ARM 42,16  
D500B Manfrotto 20"" EXTENSION ARM BLACK" 42,83  
D520 Manfrotto 40"" EXTENSION ARM" 43,44  
D520B Manfrotto 40"" EXTENSION ARM BLACK" 45,23  
D530L Manfrotto 40""EXTENSION ARM + GRIP HEAD" 75,95  
D530LB Manfrotto 40"" EXTENS ARM BLCK + GRIPHEAD" 77,42  
D550 Manfrotto FUN GRIP ARM 105,18  
D550B Manfrotto FUN GRIP ARM BLACK 84,40  
D560 Manfrotto BALL & SOCKET FLAG ARM 72,13  
E270 Manfrotto ADAPTOR 25MM MALE 17MM FEMALE 25,77  
E390 Manfrotto TVMP ADAPTER(YOKE TO STAND) 17,59  
F830TH Manfrotto BABY TO JR SWIVEL PIN W/BALL 59,46  
F200 Manfrotto JUNIOR SIDE ARM 102,34  
F600 Manfrotto BABY OFFSET ARM 37,61  
F700 Manfrotto BABY SIDE ARM 94,91  
F809 Manfrotto RT. ANGLE BABY PLATE 25,87  
F810 Manfrotto BABY PLATE W/16MM SWIVEL SPIGO 36,90  
F820 Manfrotto SNAP-IN BABY SWIVEL 34,84  
F820TH Manfrotto SNAP-IN BABY SWIVEL W/BALL 50,86  
F825 Manfrotto BABY SWIVEL PIN 37,83  
F830 Manfrotto BABY TO JUNIOR SWIVEL PIN 44,57  
F830RH Manfrotto BABY TO JR SW PIN W/RATCHET 52,92  
F1501 Manfrotto 30MM (1,2"") POLYHOLDER" 54,68  
E550 Manfrotto 5/8"" PIN FOR C210 PIPE CLAMP" 18,72  
E600 Manfrotto SNAP IN PIN 4,75  
E600C Manfrotto SNAP IN PIN - STEEL VERSION 5,07  
E610 Manfrotto SNAP IN BABY PIN 13,01  
E620 Manfrotto HEXAGONAL PIN FOR WO0D 15,19  
E650 Manfrotto 6"" PIN WITH COLLAR" 11,93  
E700 Manfrotto BABY DROP DOWN PIN 36,60  
E710 Manfrotto JUNIOR DROP DOWN PIN 74,16  
F1500 Manfrotto AVENGER FOAMCORE CLAMP 55,47  
F1200 Manfrotto COLUMN & TREE LIGHTING SUPPORT 111,48  
F1100 Manfrotto 6"" PUMP/CUP W/FIXED PIN" 50,40  
F1000 Manfrotto PUMP CUP W/BABY SWIVEL PIN 72,89  
F100 Manfrotto JUNIOR OFFSET ARM 65,98  
MT029 Manfrotto 90ø CURVED CLAMP BLACK 15,58  
MT016 Manfrotto TUBE END RUBBER FOOT SET OF 2 2,89  
MT024 Manfrotto WALL TO WALL ADAPTER 12,81  
F808 Manfrotto 9""BABY WALL PLATE" 23,13  
174 Manfrotto CAMERA STUD M10 8,04  
MT030 Manfrotto DISK FOOT 4,56  
MT036 Manfrotto LARGR FOOT ADAPTER 8,80  
F815 Manfrotto BABY PLATE W/""T"" PIN" 37,09  
241 Manfrotto PUMP CUP W/SWIVEL 5/8 SOCKET 73,79  
004B ZZZ ALT! Manfrotto MASTER ST.BLCK 5/8+3/8+ADP.1/4 108,49  
014BIM Manfrotto RAPIDAPTER 3/8"" 25 MM." 11,22  
MT023 Manfrotto ADJUSTABLE SPIKE 10,51  
MT022 Manfrotto ADJUSTABLE FOOT BLACK 14,16  
MT008 Manfrotto MULTI PURPOSE PANEL 750 MM 31,68  
237HD Manfrotto BRAS FLEXIBLE HEAVY 520MM 30,30  
F300 Manfrotto JUNIOR WALL PLATE 25,26  
MT007P Manfrotto MULTI PURPOSE PANEL 500MM W/O 25,43  
MT005 Manfrotto CLAMP FOR 3-4 CROSS.TUBES BLAC 12,05  
MT004 Manfrotto T-CLAMP FOR PERP.MOUNT. BLACK 13,57  
613PAR Manfrotto T-BAR 2650MM LONG FOR PAR CANS 154,35  
MT009 Manfrotto MULTI PURPOSE PANEL 1000MM 28,86  
F800 Manfrotto 3"" BABY WALL PLATE" 14,21  
MT007 Manfrotto MULTI PURPOSE PANEL 500MM 27,27  
MT020 Manfrotto JOINING CASTING FOR 2 TUBE SEC 10,85  
MT018 Manfrotto ATTREZZO TAGLIATUBI FINO A 38M 74,24  
MT017 Manfrotto TUBE END ABS PLUG SET OF 2 PCS 3,01  
MT014 Manfrotto PARALLEL CLAMP BLACK 10,09  
MT013 Manfrotto PANEL CLAMP BLACK 15,07  
MT120B Manfrotto TUBE 200CM BLACK 29,91  
F805 Manfrotto 6"" BABY WALL PLATE" 17,37  
MT009P Manfrotto MULTI PURP. PANEL 1000MM W/O H 42,73  
MT011P Manfrotto MULTI PURPOSE PANEL 1500MM 42,31  
220 Manfrotto STILL LIFE TABLE 822,98  
170 Manfrotto MINI FLOOR-TO-CEILING POLE 48,90  
MT062 Manfrotto PORTACATALOGHI 39,22  
MT065 Manfrotto DISC BASE W/TUBE ADAPTOR 96,68  
MT105 Manfrotto TUBE 50CM 11,76  
143R Manfrotto MAGIC ARM W/035, W/O 143BKT & 111,82  
155 Manfrotto DOUBLE BALL JOINT HEAD 44,22  
MT105B Manfrotto TUBE 50CM BLACK 12,35  
MT110 Manfrotto TUBE 100CM 15,07  
MT110B Manfrotto TUBE 100CM BLACK 15,83  
MT115 Manfrotto TUBE 150CM 21,36  
MT115B Manfrotto TUBE 150CM BLACK 22,30  
MT120 Manfrotto TUBE 200CM 28,62  
237 Manfrotto BRAS FLEXIBLE 21,32  
297CS Manfrotto STEEL STUDIO STAND 2 SCT COLUM 203,30  
269BU Manfrotto SUPER STAND ALU A14 LEVLEG BLK 294,32  
MT056 Manfrotto 5 WAY BASE BLACK 30,14  
137WOB-M10 ZZZ ALT! Manfrotto Theaterhaken schwer mit M10 Gewinde 62,43  
MT052 Manfrotto AUTOPOLE ADAPTER 27,83  
C150 Manfrotto SWIVELLING C-CLAMP 111,18  
001B ZZZ ALT! Manfrotto NANO STAND BLK 5/8+3/8+ADP.1/4 61,72  
003 ZZZ ALT! Manfrotto BACKLITE STAND W/O POLE 25,16  
003M Manfrotto BACKLITE MINI W/O POLE 30,48  
008BU Manfrotto CINE STAND BLACK, LEVLEG 180,10  
MT045 Manfrotto ARTICULATED JOINT 180ø BLACK 12,99  
MT046 Manfrotto ATICULATED JOINT 360° 18,55  
034B Manfrotto EXTES, CROSS ARM 40MMX1,5M, BL 33,66  
C295 Manfrotto THEATRE CLAMP W 1/1/8" RECEIVR" 29,25  
052B ZZZ ALT! Manfrotto COMPACT STAND BLACK 77,69  
064 ZZZ ALT! Manfrotto CABLE CLIP SMALL /22/28MM) SET 2,55  
093 ZZZ ALT! Manfrotto CABLE CLIP GRANDE FORO 28/40MM 2,77  
109 Manfrotto CASTER SET F/3370 & 3073 37,58  
123 Manfrotto SUPER BOOM PIVOT CLAMP 46,28  
254 ZZZ ALT! Manfrotto 254 AUTOBOOM A25 + 013 272,93  
432,2,7B ZZZ ALT! Manfrotto 432,2,7B AUTOPOLE2 BLACK 2,0-2,7MT 114,91  
C337 Manfrotto QUICK ACTION CLAMP 1-1/8"SCKT" 121,50  
126CSU Manfrotto HEAVY DUTY STAND 203,06  
111CSU Manfrotto TALL CINE STAND, LEVLEG 221,21  
110G Manfrotto CASTER SET FOR (3) 98,96  
110 Manfrotto WHEEL SET DIAM. 75 W/BRAKES 75,75  
104G Manfrotto WHEEL SET 100MM W/BRAKES 87,34  
104 Manfrotto WHEEL SET DIAM 75 W/BRAKES 64,14  
087WBK Manfrotto WINDBRACING KIT FOR 087NW 90,38  
087PA Manfrotto PEG ADAPTER SET FOR 069/083/08 22,91  
083NW Manfrotto WIND UP STAND LEVLEG 512,05  
070CSU Manfrotto FOLLOW SPOT STAND 226,38  
013 Manfrotto ADAPTER SPIGOT 013 8,09  
142B Manfrotto EXTENSION 2 SCT FOR HVY STND B 84,97  
146CS Manfrotto EXTENSION 3 SECTIONS FOR HVY S 115,08  
623 Manfrotto 5/8"" SPIGOT HOUSING" 41,77  
622B Manfrotto MIC. STAND BLACK 97,39  
622 Manfrotto MIC. STAND SILVER 96,43  
620,10 ZZZ ALT! Manfrotto 620,10 SPIGOT 28 MM + M10 15,19  
619 Manfrotto COLUMN ADAPTER 47,55  
618 Manfrotto SPEAKER ADAPTER 25,50  
617 Manfrotto SPIGOT HOUSING 48,85  
616,10 ZZZ ALT! Manfrotto 616,10 BALL RACE M10 STUD 38,73  
615 Manfrotto T-BAR 610MM LONG 20,58  
614 Manfrotto T-BAR 1200MM LONG 30,87  
613 Manfrotto T-BAR 1420MM LONG 37,02  
612 Manfrotto CABINET FITTING 49,86  
611,10 ZZZ ALT! Manfrotto 611,10 STAND TOP M10 45,67  
298 ZZZ ALT! Manfrotto DISK BASE W/TUBE ADAPTOR 202,49  
264 Manfrotto ADAPTER 5/8" M - M10" 9,56  
146B Manfrotto EXTENS.3 SCTNS ALUMINIUM BLACK 107,63  
624 Manfrotto TILTING SPEAKER ADAPTER 69,56  
229 Manfrotto Kopf 3D Super Pro 201,10  
323 Manfrotto Quick Change Rectangular Plate Adapter Part Number 24,40  
058B Manfrotto Stativ TRIAUT black 332,00  
410 Manfrotto Mini-Getriebeneiger 3D "Junior" 208,60  
526 Manfrotto 526 Professional Fluid Video Head 1252,06  
190cx3 Manfrotto 190cx3 Carbon Fibre 3-section Tripod 274,12  
701 Manfrotto 701 HDV Fluid Head 118,45  
34MKC3-H01 Manfrotto COMPACT PHOTO-MOVIE Kit black 117,60  
244RC Manfrotto 244RC 0,00  
038 Manfrotto DOUBLE SUPER CLAMP 53,17  
R718,03 Manfrotto ASS HEAD CASTING 6,30  
263 Manfrotto 263 memory collar studio stand 134,75  
A256S Manfrotto A256S 20z Sliding Leg century stand 183,75  
077 Manfrotto AUTOPOLE 1,0-1,7MT, 102,90  
3222 Manfrotto 3222 Fixd Bracket on Rail w. 5/8 spigot 22,05  
3723 Manfrotto 3723 Scenery Holder 46,55  
3660 Manfrotto Rail Endstop 19,60  
FF3208,S Manfrotto RAIL Junctions 19,60  
3237 Manfrotto 3237 Sliding Carr. w. 6 whells+spigot 5/8 102,90  
Q650 Manfrotto Q650 Scheinwerfer 231,00  
1043 Manfrotto 1043 BAG Universal 96,80  
R714,40 Manfrotto ASS TENSION ROD 7,20  
R719,10B Manfrotto ALL TUBE 20X0,8X372 BLCK 6,52  
R719,12 Manfrotto LOWER CASTING 7,45  
R719,15B Manfrotto ASS. COLONNA CODLO E PATTINO 42,73  
R719,513 Manfrotto TOP CASTING+SCREW ASSY 10,73  
R719,514 Manfrotto UPPER COLLAR 5,95  
R719,89B Manfrotto ASSIEME COLONNA E CODOLO NERA 17,08  
R719,90B Manfrotto ASS.COLUMN TANG SLIDING BLOCK 49,86  
R724,01 Manfrotto ASS UPPER MAIN CASTING 6,91  
R724,02 Manfrotto ASS LOWER MAIN CASTING 7,13  
R724,03 Manfrotto ASS LEVER W/BRAKE SHOE 4,85  
R724,07B Manfrotto ASS PIPE D=28 BLACK 10,24  
R724,08B Manfrotto ALL TUBE 24X0,8X352 BLCK 6,47  
R719,09B Manfrotto ALL TIBE 24X0,8X341 BLCK 6,74  
R719,08B Manfrotto ALL TUBE 28X0,8X310 BLCK 6,71  
R714,61K Manfrotto BUSHING SET OF 50 12,18  
R714,62K Manfrotto BUSHING SET OF 50 13,18  
R714,63K Manfrotto BUSHING SET OF 50 26,90  
R718,04 Manfrotto ASS HEAD CASTING 7,74  
R718,05 Manfrotto ASS HEAD CASTING 10,93  
R718,10 Manfrotto COVER SET OF 5 2,23  
R718,12B Manfrotto ASS COLUMN BLACK 15,83  
R718,14B Manfrotto ASS COLUMN BLACK 15,63  
R718,19 Manfrotto ASS LEVER 6,03  
R719,01 Manfrotto SPHERE SEAT 10,05  
R719,04 Manfrotto ASS RING NUT W/RUBBER 6,35  
R719,05 Manfrotto ASS KNOB 10,22  
R724,09B Manfrotto ALL TUBE 20X0,8X383 BLCK 6,10  
R724,10B Manfrotto ALL TUBE 16X0,8X394 BLCK 5,98  
R724,11B Manfrotto ASS PIPE D=25 BLACK 18,40  
R785,204B Manfrotto ASM COLUMN 4,56  
R785,205B Manfrotto ASM LEG 12,32  
R785,205BL Manfrotto ASM LEG LASER 785SHB 15,90  
R785,206 Manfrotto ASM LEVER 17,10  
R785,207 Manfrotto ASM SPIDER 7,74  
R785,208 Manfrotto ASM COLUMN 4,31  
R785,209 Manfrotto ASM LEG 16,49  
R785,37 Manfrotto COLUMN CAP 0,15  
R785,56 Manfrotto FOOT SET OF 3 0,71  
R785,56K Manfrotto FOOT SET OF 100 25,75  
R790,12 Manfrotto SUCTION CUP SET OF 3 0,27  
R790,15 Manfrotto ASM STRAP 2,18  
R785,203BL Manfrotto ASM LEG LASER 785B 17,44  
R785,203B Manfrotto ASM LEG 17,05  
R724,20K Manfrotto BUSHING SET OF 50 40,60  
R728,99B Manfrotto ASM COLUMN 15,02  
R745,01 Manfrotto RING NUT 19,58  
R745,02 Manfrotto TENSION BAR 6,57  
R780,200 Manfrotto ASM PLATE 9,31  
R780,201 Manfrotto ASM PLATE 7,86  
R780,28 Manfrotto ASM LEVER 1,30  
R780,32 Manfrotto ASM TUBE 2,08  
R780,99 Manfrotto ASM PLATE 2,92  
R785,200 Manfrotto ASM LEVER 13,77  
R785,201 Manfrotto ASM SPIDER 4,58  
R785,202B Manfrotto ASM COLUMN 6,88  
R790,17 Manfrotto LABEL NG SET OF 6 PCS 0,15  
R714,39B Manfrotto ASS COLUMN BLACK 13,18  
R700,32 Manfrotto ASS MANOPOLA C/INS 5,12  
R701,203 Manfrotto ASM FRICTION DISC 6,10  
R701,205 Manfrotto ASM FLANGE 10,22  
R701,206 Manfrotto ASM FLANGE 12,23  
R701,207 Manfrotto PLATE 12,96  
R701,208 Manfrotto LOCKING WEDGE 3,28  
R701,210 Manfrotto ASM KNOB 5,02  
R701,211 Manfrotto SAFETY BUTTON 2,82  
R701,212 Manfrotto LOCKING KNOB 4,51  
R701,213 Manfrotto SLIDING PLATE 2,23  
R701,215 Manfrotto ASM LEVER 4,80  
R701,216 Manfrotto LABEL 701HDV 3,14  
R701,219 Manfrotto ASS LOCKING KNOB 6,35  
R701,202 Manfrotto ASM MAIN CASTING 23,89  
R701,201 Manfrotto ASM DISC 13,62  
R700,98 Manfrotto ASM LEVER 12,50  
R700,99 Manfrotto ASS CUSCINETTO C/VITE 5,22  
R701,01 Manfrotto ASS DISK 6,25  
R701,02 Manfrotto ASS MAIN CASING 25,04  
R701,03 Manfrotto ASS FLANGE SX 10,02  
R701,04 Manfrotto ASS FLANGE DX 10,80  
R701,05 Manfrotto ASS BASE W/SCREW 9,85  
R701,06 Manfrotto SPRING 2,72  
R701,07 Manfrotto ASS KNOB 5,07  
R701,08 Manfrotto ASS SLIDING PLATE 15,56  
R701,10 Manfrotto ASS PIN W/KNOB 11,54  
R701,12 Manfrotto ASS GUIDE 4,39  
R701,222 Manfrotto PANORAMIC LEVEL COLLAR 5,19  
R701,223 Manfrotto ASM SCREW 2,60  
R701,224B Manfrotto ASM LEVER 8,80  
R714,19 Manfrotto ASSIEME LEVETTA 2,89  
R714,20 Manfrotto ASS LEVER 2,84  
R714,21 Manfrotto ASS FOOT 2,21  
R714,25 Manfrotto ASS PLUG 2,47  
R714,26B Manfrotto ASS PIPE W/COLLAR 9,16  
R714,27B Manfrotto ASS PIPE D=20 BLACK 6,57  
R714,28B Manfrotto ASS PIPE D=16 BLACK 9,36  
R714,29B Manfrotto ASS PIPE D=12,5 BLACK 7,06  
R714,30B Manfrotto ASS CENTRAL COLUMN 10,78  
R714,35B Manfrotto ASS PIPE W/COLLAR 9,46  
R714,36B Manfrotto ASS PIPE D=20 BLACK 9,11  
R714,37B Manfrotto ASS PIPE D=16 BLACK 11,81  
R714,18 Manfrotto ASSIEME MANICOTTO D=16 3,53  
R714,17 Manfrotto PRE - ASSEMBLED COLLAR D=20 3,72  
R701,225 Manfrotto COVER 2,38  
R701,99 Manfrotto ASS LABEL W/SCREW 6,37  
R709,99 Manfrotto ASS KNOB 5,17  
R714,01 Manfrotto ASS UPPER MAIN CASTING 7,91  
R714,02 Manfrotto ASS LOWER MAIN CASTING 7,79  
R714,03 Manfrotto ASS LEVER W/BRAKE SHOE 3,14  
R714,07 Manfrotto BUSHING 3,75  
R714,08 Manfrotto ASS TENSION ROD 7,45  
R714,09 Manfrotto ASSY PLUG 5,61  
R714,10 Manfrotto ASS DISK W/RUBBER 3,19  
R714,14 Manfrotto ASS COLLAR D=28 5,64  
R714,16 Manfrotto ASSIEME MANICOTTO D=24 3,68  
R714,38B Manfrotto ASS PIPE D=12,5 BLACK 9,46  
R808,10 Manfrotto CAP SET OF 2 2,57  
R850,05 Manfrotto MOTORIZED EXPAN MOTOR ASS. 195,88  
R850,22 Manfrotto PASSIVE EXPAN 65,27  
R851,09 Manfrotto 851 TRANSFORMER 110V W/HOLDER 130,56  
R851,39 Manfrotto 851 CONTROL BOX HOUSING BACK 163,22  
R852,01 Manfrotto 852 CONTROL BOX MAIN PCBA 391,71  
R852,02 Manfrotto 852 CONTROL BOX DISPLAY PCBA 130,56  
R852,03 Manfrotto 852 CONTROL BOX CONNECTOR PCBA 65,27  
R852,04 Manfrotto 852 CONTROL BOX FILTER PCBA 111,01  
R850,04 Manfrotto MOTORIZED EXPAN POWER SUP.ASS. 39,18  
R850,03 Manfrotto MOTORIZED EXPAN-EXPAN ASS. 71,83  
R808,12 Manfrotto DISC 10,17  
R808,19 Manfrotto ASM KNOB 6,05  
R808,21 Manfrotto LABEL 3,11  
R808,24 Manfrotto ASM PAWL+SPRING 4,24  
R808,27 Manfrotto LABEL 2,94  
R808,98 Manfrotto ASM DISC 12,30  
R808,99 Manfrotto SET OF HANDLES 13,33  
R850,02 Manfrotto MOTORIZED EXPAN HOLDER ASS 39,18  
R852,05 Manfrotto 852 CONTROL BOX HOUSING BACK 163,22  
R852,06 Manfrotto CONTROL BOX DISPLAY LABEL 26,12  
R852,08 Manfrotto 852 TRANSFORMER 230V W/HOLDER 130,56  
269,29 Manfrotto AL.TUBE SECTION 25X1X1541MM 16,73  
3,2388 Manfrotto CAVO ALIMENTAZ.MOTORI 6MT õõõ 25,63  
3,2810 Manfrotto MANOP RIPR.GR.M8X30 MA0019 2,18  
373,12 Manfrotto LOCKING SLOT 7,35  
373,15 Manfrotto LOCKING SLOT 6,62  
505-1SPG Manfrotto SPRING 1 KG WITH COVER 16,71  
505-8SPG Manfrotto SPRING 8 KG WITH COVER 42,21  
505-9SPG Manfrotto SPRING F/GITZO G1380 (9KG) 41,38  
046,39 Manfrotto SMALL GEAR FOR ART.287C 0,91  
046,38 Manfrotto LARGE GEAR FOR ART.287C 1,81  
R852,10 Manfrotto CONTROL BOX WALL HOLDER 32,66  
R852,11 Manfrotto POWER SUPPLY CONNECTOR W/CABLE 45,72  
R852,13 Manfrotto FUSE HOLDER CABLE ASS. 32,66  
R852,20 Manfrotto CONNECTOR MAIN CABLE ASS. 26,12  
R852,21 Manfrotto 852 DISPLAY MAIN CABLE ASS 26,12  
R852,31 Manfrotto CONTROL BOX HOUSING-FRONT 117,50  
R853,01 Manfrotto 853 REMOTE CONTROLLER PCBA 84,87  
R853,02 Manfrotto 853 REMOTE CONTROLLER HOUSING 52,23  
505-10SPG Manfrotto SPRING 10 KG WITH COVER 38,71  
R804,17 Manfrotto LABEL 2,57  
R804,98 Manfrotto BASE DISK 5,98  
R804,97 Manfrotto MAIN CASTING 5,51  
R804,28 Manfrotto RING 2,23  
R804,26 Manfrotto HANDLE 5,39  
R804,24 Manfrotto HANDLE 4,80  
R804,20 Manfrotto BASE DISK 4,09  
R804,16 Manfrotto LABEL 2,67  
R804,05 Manfrotto ASM LOCK LEVER 3,92  
R804,06 Manfrotto ASM SCREW W/CAP 3,63  
R804,07 Manfrotto ASM LOCK LEVER 9,16  
R804,08 Manfrotto ASM SCREW W/CAP 3,65  
R804,09 Manfrotto LABEL 2,55  
R804,10 Manfrotto LABEL 2,55  
R804,11 Manfrotto SPRING 3,09  
R804,12 Manfrotto BASE DISK 3,87  
R804,19 Manfrotto HANDLE 5,39  
R804,14 Manfrotto LABEL 2,67  
R804,99 Manfrotto SET OF HANDLES 12,35  
R808,01 Manfrotto ASM BOTTOM CASTING 18,62  
R804,03 Manfrotto TOP CASTING 16,86  
R808,03 Manfrotto ASM PLATE 46,45  
R808,06 Manfrotto ASM BUBBLE 9,60  
R790,200B Manfrotto ASM LEG 28,74  
R808,08 Manfrotto ASM SPRING 4,70  
R790,201 Manfrotto ASM LEG 21,14  
R808,09 Manfrotto ASM SPRING 4,68  
R790,36 Manfrotto FOOT SET OF 3 0,17  
R804,04 Manfrotto ASM LOCK LEVER 4,73  
R804,02 Manfrotto ASM MAIN CASTING 8,58  
R804,01 Manfrotto BOTTOM CASTING 5,39  
R797,03 Manfrotto SCREW 1/4 3,77  
R808,02 Manfrotto ASM MAIN CASTING 26,12  
R808,05 Manfrotto ASM PLUG 3,01  
A2022DCB Manfrotto C-STAND 22 DETACHABLE 194,65  
A2018LJ Manfrotto C-STAND 18 SLIDING LEG 166,36  
A2018LJCB Manfrotto C-STAND 18 SLIDING LEG 181,45  
A2020 Manfrotto C-STAND COLUMN 20 104,79  
A2020CB Manfrotto C-STAND COLUMN 20 108,78  
A2022D Manfrotto C-STAND 22 DETACHABLE 185,61  
A2018LCB Manfrotto C-STAND 18 SLIDING LEG 172,80  
A2018L Manfrotto C-STAND 18 SLIDING LEG 166,36  
A2018FJCB Manfrotto C-STAND 18 172,19  
A2018FJ Manfrotto C-STAND 18 158,39  
A2018FCB Manfrotto C-STAND 18 165,60  
A2018F Manfrotto C-STAND 18 159,96  
A2016DJ Manfrotto C-STAND 16 DETACHABLE 179,19  
A2016DCB Manfrotto C-STAND 16 DETACHABLE 193,04  
A2022DJCB Manfrotto C-STAND 22 DETACHABLE 194,65  
A2016D Manfrotto C-STAND 16 DETACHABLE 180,98  
A1035CS Manfrotto COMBO STEEL STAND 35 350,35  
A2025FCB Manfrotto C-STAND 25 169,56  
A2033FCBKIT Manfrotto C-STAND KIT 33 BLK 249,51  
A2033FCB Manfrotto C-STAND 33 178,87  
A2033F Manfrotto C-STAND 33 165,55  
A2030DKIT Manfrotto C-STAND KIT 30 DETACHABLE 259,63  
A2030DCBKIT Manfrotto C-STAND KIT 30 DETACHABLE BLK 269,62  
A2030DCB Manfrotto C-STAND 30 DETACHABLE 199,50  
A2030D Manfrotto C-STAND 30 DETACHABLE 190,37  
A2029CB Manfrotto C-STAND COLUMN 29 112,77  
A2029 Manfrotto C-STAND COLUMN 29 108,78  
A2025LJCB Manfrotto C-STAND 25 SLIDING LEG 185,34  
A2025LJ Manfrotto C-STAND 25 SLIDING LEG 176,23  
A2025LCB Manfrotto C-STAND 25 SLIDING LEG 179,95  
A2025L Manfrotto C-STAND 25 SLIDING LEG 172,80  
A2025FJCB Manfrotto C-STAND 25 178,07  
A2025FJ Manfrotto C-STAND 25 163,17  
A2025F Manfrotto C-STAND 25 163,17  
A2014JCB Manfrotto C-STAND COLUMN 14 117,31  
A1020B Manfrotto COMBO ALU STAND 20 309,93  
A1010CS Manfrotto COMBO STEEL STAND 10 238,48  
A0045CS Manfrotto BABY STEEL STAND 45 266,81  
A0045B Manfrotto BABY ALU STAND 45 242,55  
A0040CS Manfrotto BABY STEEL STAND 40 262,76  
A0040B Manfrotto BABY ALU STAND 40 229,08  
A0035CS Manfrotto BABY STEEL STAND 35 256,03  
A0035B Manfrotto BABY ALU STAND 35 215,60  
A0030CS Manfrotto BABY STEEL STAND 30 215,60  
A0030B Manfrotto BABY ALU STAND 30 202,13  
A0025B Manfrotto BABY ALU STAND 25 188,65  
A0017 Manfrotto BABY STAND 17 185,96  
A0010 Manfrotto BABY STAND 10 172,19  
A0003 Manfrotto BABY BACKLITE STAND 139,38  
A2033FJ Manfrotto C-STAND 33 173,85  
A1020CS Manfrotto COMBO STEEL STAND 20 323,40  
A1035B Manfrotto COMBO ALU STAND 35 350,35  
A2009 Manfrotto C-STAND BASE 96,51  
A2014CB Manfrotto C-STAND COLUMN 14 104,00  
A2014 Manfrotto C-STAND COLUMN 14 100,01  
A2009CB Manfrotto C-STAND BASE 101,72  
A2007CB Manfrotto C-STAND MINI BASE 104,00  
A2007 Manfrotto C-STAND MINI BASE 91,09  
A1045CS Manfrotto COMBO STEEL STAND 45 393,45  
A1045B Manfrotto COMBO ALU STAND 45 370,56  
R136,33 Manfrotto COUPLING F/HANDLE 4,90  
R141,30 Manfrotto MOUNTING PLATE 16,37  
R141,30BR Manfrotto MOUNTING PLATE 15,12  
R141,38 Manfrotto TOP PIVOT SECTION 31,26  
R141,38BR Manfrotto TOP PIVOT SECTION POLISHED 32,49  
R141,38C21 Manfrotto GREEN TOP PIVOT SECTION 32,00  
R141,55 Manfrotto HANDLE (LARGE) 5,64  
R141,61 Manfrotto CENTRE PIVOT 7,37  
R141,66 Manfrotto DEGREE PLATE 3,14  
R141,73 Manfrotto HANDLE (SMALL) 5,19  
R141,76 Manfrotto SPRING F/HANDLE SET OF 5PCS 3,72  
R141,83 Manfrotto 141RCNAT NAME PLATE 3,50  
R141,84 Manfrotto GREEN DEGREE PLATE 3,50  
R141,87 Manfrotto RUBBER PAD 3,28  
R141,29C21 Manfrotto GREEN MAIN CASTING 17,05  
R141,29BR Manfrotto MAIN CASTING, POLISHED 16,93  
R141,29 Manfrotto MAIN CASTING 17,54  
R136,38 Manfrotto LOCKING KNOB+ROD 3,80  
R136,39 Manfrotto EXTENSION CLAMP WITH KNOB 5,64  
R136,41B Manfrotto CURVED HANDLE SECTION, BLACK 11,37  
R136,48 Manfrotto KNOB 3,04  
R136,99 Manfrotto SPRING SET OF 5 3,77  
R138,01 Manfrotto TOP CASTING W/SPIRIT LEVEL 24,84  
R138,05 Manfrotto HINGE PIN 5,00  
R139,10 Manfrotto RUBBER WASHER SET OF 5PCS 2,74  
R141,01 Manfrotto HEAD BASE 5,59  
R141,01BR Manfrotto HEAD BASE, POLISHED 5,27  
R141,28 Manfrotto LOWER CASTING FOR 3029 11,44  
R141,28BR Manfrotto LOWER CASTING FOR 3029 11,86  
R141,28C21 Manfrotto LOWER CASTING FOR 3029 11,78  
R141,91 Manfrotto ASM PLATE + LABEL 141 4,56  
R141,92 Manfrotto ASM PLATE + LABEL 4,36  
R148,01 Manfrotto ADAPTER 1/4-3/8 2,84  
R160,02 Manfrotto LOWER HEAD BRACKET 17,71  
R160,04 Manfrotto INTERNAL BODY 5,56  
R160,05 Manfrotto PIVOT SHAFT 6,91  
R160,06 Manfrotto TOP PLATE ASSY 40,89  
R160,14 Manfrotto PANNING LOCK KNOB 5,15  
R160,25 Manfrotto LABEL 3,53  
R160,27 Manfrotto UPPER SCALE F/3057 3,14  
R160,30 Manfrotto TILT HANDLE 4,78  
R160,99 Manfrotto HANDLE SET 9,36  
R161,01 Manfrotto CENTRE COLUMN COMPLETE 30,89  
R161,04 Manfrotto COLUMN LOCK SHIM 2,94  
R144,31 Manfrotto LEG LOCK KNOB 3,63  
R144,27B Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 29,4X1,2X425 BL 8,87  
R144,27 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 29,4X1,2X425 6,30  
R141,93 Manfrotto ASM PLATE + LABEL 141RC 4,36  
R141,98 Manfrotto LABEL 3,19  
R143,61 Manfrotto ADHESIVE RUBBER AND ADAPTER 2,62  
R144,03 Manfrotto COLUMN LOCK SHIM 3,50  
R144,05 Manfrotto TOP CLAMP 6,37  
R144,06 Manfrotto BOTTOM CLAMP 6,27  
R144,08 Manfrotto COLUMN LOCK KNOB 2,94  
R144,24 Manfrotto UPPER LEG BRACE 7,60  
R144,24BR Manfrotto POLISHED LEG LOCK BRACE 7,33  
R144,25 Manfrotto ASS TUBE 20X1X537 5,81  
R144,25B Manfrotto ASS TUBE 20X1X537 BLACK 5,95  
R144,26 Manfrotto ASS TUBE 25X1X485 9,02  
R144,26B Manfrotto ASS TUBE 25X1X485 BLACK 9,09  
R161,07 Manfrotto THREADED SHAFT ASSY WITH NUT 2,25  
R136,28 Manfrotto CENTRE CAST 32,83  
R131,02 Manfrotto THUMB LOCK WHEEL+SCREW 8,31  
R132,01X Manfrotto LOCKING COLLAR W/STAINLESS H/W 18,06  
R132,02 Manfrotto ASS BOTTOM SHIM 5,19  
R132,05 Manfrotto UPPER LEG BRACE 16,10  
R132,05A Manfrotto LEG WITH FLANGE 15,17  
R132,11 Manfrotto STEEL TUBE 35X1,2X850 20,63  
R132,11X Manfrotto LOWER LEG FOR 3061 29,01  
R132,14 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 40X1,25X720 11,86  
R132,14B Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 40X1,25X720BLCK 13,16  
R132,18 Manfrotto CHAIN CLIP 3,90  
R132,20 Manfrotto CHAIN ASSY 27,61  
R132,27 Manfrotto TILT LOCKING KNOB + WASHER 4,53  
R132,51X Manfrotto STEEL TUBE 22,98  
R132,514X Manfrotto LEG D=40 63,72  
R132,01A Manfrotto MIDDLE COLLAR - ORANGE 19,53  
R132,01 Manfrotto COMPLETE LEG COLLAR 18,06  
R131,99B Manfrotto ARM W/END ATTACHMENTS, BLACK 45,79  
R131,03 Manfrotto FIBER THICKNESS SET OF 5PCS 3,80  
R131,04 Manfrotto ARM W/END ATTACHMENTS 47,41  
R131,04B Manfrotto ARM W/END ATTACHMENTS, BLACK 47,11  
R131,1141 Manfrotto SLIDING CARRIAGE FOR KNOB 9,87  
R131,116 Manfrotto ASS.ANELLO GUIDA COLONNA TRIL. 0,71  
R131,12 Manfrotto LOCKING CLAMP ASSY 30,48  
R131,18 Manfrotto ASM KNOB 19,16  
R131,23B Manfrotto ASM TUBE 40,94  
R131,37 Manfrotto PAWL 8,89  
R131,90 Manfrotto ASM CLAMP 31,26  
R131,97 Manfrotto SHELL 10,22  
R131,98 Manfrotto RING NUT 6,03  
R131,99 Manfrotto ARM W/END ATTACHMENTS 46,06  
R132,98 Manfrotto ASM LEG+COLLAR 28,93  
R132,99 Manfrotto ASS. BALL W/MAIN CASTING 68,65  
R134,46 Manfrotto ASS PIPE D=29,5 8,45  
R134,46B Manfrotto ASS PIPE D=29,5 BLCK 7,99  
R134,47 Manfrotto ASS PIPE D=25 7,33  
R134,47B Manfrotto ASS PIPE D=25 BLCK 7,15  
R134,48 Manfrotto ASS FOOT 2,67  
R134,99B Manfrotto BLK LOWER LEG ASSY F/MONOPOD 44,84  
R136,01 Manfrotto BASE PLATE 6,15  
R136,02 Manfrotto LOCKING RING 4,92  
R136,03 Manfrotto BASE CASTING W/SPIRIT LEVEL 17,54  
R136,04 Manfrotto LOCK SIDE PLATE 7,08  
R136,07 Manfrotto DISC 4,53  
R136,09 Manfrotto HANDLE CLAMP 5,32  
R136,16 Manfrotto KNOB 2,40  
R134,45B Manfrotto TOP SECTION TUBE W/GRIP HANDLE 28,03  
R134,45 Manfrotto TOP SECTION TUBE W/GRIP HANDLE 26,41  
R134,42 Manfrotto STRAP 1,79  
R134,04 Manfrotto TOP SCT TUBE W/GRIP HNDL zOLDz 9,73  
R134,04B Manfrotto UPPER TUBE, BLACK 10,14  
R134,100 Manfrotto END CAP 59,09  
R134,101 Manfrotto COMPLETE FOOT BASE ASSY 55,54  
R134,17 Manfrotto 134 BOTTOM LEG 23,79  
R134,17B Manfrotto GAMBA DIAM 25 COMPLETA ART.134 23,52  
R134,25 Manfrotto COMPLETE FOOT PIECE 11,15  
R134,25LC Manfrotto LOWER LEG W/FOOT&COLLAR 36,68  
R134,26 Manfrotto ADAPTER 5,17  
R134,33 Manfrotto FOOT 16,68  
R134,34 Manfrotto LOCKING PIECE 16,39  
R134,35B Manfrotto LEG ASSY COMP 8,65  
R134,36 Manfrotto ASS SECURITY DOWEL 3,43  
R136,27 Manfrotto SCREW ON BEARING 4,78  
R165,04 Manfrotto LEG+LEG HOLDER 10,34  
R183,01 Manfrotto PROJECTOR PLATFORM 28,30  
R183,02 Manfrotto THUMB LOCK RING 10,19  
R190,01BR Manfrotto LOWER CASTING 7,67  
R190,02C21 Manfrotto UPPER CASTING (GREEN) 9,33  
R190,04 Manfrotto LOCKING WEDGE 3,58  
R190,05BR Manfrotto LEG LOCK KNOB 5,44  
R190,05K Manfrotto LEG LOCK KNOB SET OF 6 9,43  
R190,08 Manfrotto RELEASE LEVER 3,50  
R190,101B Manfrotto BLACK UPPER SEC CENTRE COLUMN 14,72  
R190,102 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 25X1X180 6,30  
R190,102B Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 25X1X180 6,74  
R190,103 Manfrotto CENTRE COLUMN 27,73  
R190,103B Manfrotto CENTRE COLUMN, BLACK 28,71  
R181,27 Manfrotto LEG STRAP&HOUSING 24,33  
R181,21B Manfrotto LEG FOR 3254 10,98  
R181,21 Manfrotto LEG FOR 3156 16,88  
R165,07 Manfrotto LEG HOLDER 11,10  
R165,09 Manfrotto LEG HOLDER FOR 3156 & 3254 3,48  
R165,13 Manfrotto THUMB SCREW 3,48  
R168,27 Manfrotto BALL&PIN 2,72  
R175,22 Manfrotto SPHERE 4,70  
R181,01 Manfrotto TOP PLATE 28,08  
R181,03 Manfrotto LEG BRACE 10,90  
R181,04 Manfrotto FOOT LEVER 12,67  
R181,05 Manfrotto LEG LOCKING LEVER 4,19  
R181,06 Manfrotto OUTER LEG HOUSING 29,38  
R181,07 Manfrotto BRACKET 11,34  
R181,09 Manfrotto ROD 6,74  
R181,10 Manfrotto CENTRE PIECE 40,72  
R190,113 Manfrotto SPRING SET OF 5PCS 2,52  
R190,114 Manfrotto STOPPER 5,93  
R190,302 Manfrotto LEG COLLAR 22/19 5,46  
R190,302C21 Manfrotto ASSIEME MANIC.19/22 SC.VERDE 5,15  
R190,303 Manfrotto LEG COLLAR 26/22 5,49  
R190,303C21 Manfrotto LEG LOCK GREEN COLLAR 5,54  
R190,304 Manfrotto LOCKING LEG COLLAR 4,53  
R190,304C21 Manfrotto ASSY GREEN LEG LOCK COLLAR 11,59  
R190,305 Manfrotto CLASSIC LEG RELEASE LEVER 3,43  
R190,305C01 Manfrotto STOP PUSH BUTTON 3,75  
R190,306 Manfrotto CROCIERA INFERIORE 6,93  
R190,307 Manfrotto UPPER CASTING 6,88  
R190,309 Manfrotto LEFT HALF BEARING 6,35  
R190,310 Manfrotto RIGHT HALF BEARING 10,90  
R190,311 Manfrotto ASS KNOB 2,50  
R190,301N Manfrotto ASSIEME LEVETTA ECCEN. E VITI 4,09  
R190,301K Manfrotto ASSY LOCKING LEVER&SCREW SET 9,60  
R190,301 Manfrotto LEVER+SCREWS ASSY 4,09  
R190,118B Manfrotto UPPER BLACK LEG AND COLLAR 16,19  
R190,118C21B Manfrotto LOWER LEG SECTION 16,17  
R190,12 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM PIPE 22X1X419 7,84  
R190,12B Manfrotto MIDDLE LEG F/3205,3431 5,95  
R190,13 Manfrotto ASS TUBE 19X1X451 6,54  
R190,13B Manfrotto ASS TUBE 19X1X451 BLACK 6,98  
R190,13C21B Manfrotto ASSY FINAL EXTENSION 13,87  
R190,14 Manfrotto LOCKING KNOB 2,94  
R190,15 Manfrotto CENTRE COLUMN 15,12  
R190,15B Manfrotto 190 CENTRE COLUMN, BLACK 13,21  
R190,15BR Manfrotto CENTRE COLUMN 20,68  
R190,18 Manfrotto MIDDLE LEG CLAMP 6,32  
R190,18BR Manfrotto MIDDLE LEG CLAMP 6,54  
R190,313 Manfrotto KNOB 2,89  
R165,02 Manfrotto CASTING WITH LEG 13,77  
R161,100 Manfrotto LEG STRUT ASSY 13,65  
R161,45 Manfrotto SLIDING BLOCK SET OF 5PCS 2,16  
R161,46 Manfrotto LEG STRUT ASSY 17,03  
R161,46B Manfrotto LEG STRUT ASSY, BLACK 17,17  
R161,48 Manfrotto COMPLETE GEARED COLUMN 45,55  
R161,48B Manfrotto COMPLETE GEARED COLUMN, BLACK 45,18  
R161,50 Manfrotto RACK GEAR 4,95  
R161,53 Manfrotto ANCHORING PLATE + STUD 26,61  
R161,53A Manfrotto ROTATING SURVEY ADAPTOR 29,57  
R161,53S Manfrotto ADAPTER F/161LC 21,27  
R161,54 Manfrotto FOOT PIECE 11,74  
R161,54LC Manfrotto LOWER LEG W/COLLAR&FOOT 43,49  
R161,55 Manfrotto SCREW 5/8W 8,48  
R161,56 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 35X1,25X780 13,35  
R161,44K Manfrotto BRAKE SHOE SET 4,34  
R161,43 Manfrotto SHIM 4,14  
R161,41 Manfrotto 19MM DIAM ROD 7,60  
R161,100B Manfrotto LEG STRUT ASSY, BLACK 13,79  
R161,110 Manfrotto BOTTOM CASTING 9,43  
R161,17 Manfrotto LOWER LEG 22,25  
R161,18 Manfrotto LOWER LEG COLLAR 16,64  
R161,18A Manfrotto LOWER COLLAR (ORANGE) 16,91  
R161,18X Manfrotto LOWER LEG COLLAR W/STAINLESS 15,95  
R161,19 Manfrotto FOOT 5,07  
R161,35 Manfrotto MAIN CASTING 39,37  
R161,35A Manfrotto MAIN CASTING (ORANGE) 35,38  
R161,36 Manfrotto MAIN CASTING COVER 8,70  
R161,36A Manfrotto CASTING COVER 9,16  
R161,39 Manfrotto COMPLETE HANDLE ASSY 18,25  
R161,40 Manfrotto 16MM DIAM ROD 7,06  
R161,56B Manfrotto ASS TUBE 35X1,25X780 BLACK 12,57  
R161,56LC Manfrotto 35MM TUBE W/TOP COLLAR 33,08  
R161,71LC Manfrotto LEG WITH CLAMP 33,81  
R161,72 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 29,5X1X875 12,10  
R161,73 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 25X1X980 11,88  
R161,75LC Manfrotto FOOT (OLD) +TUBE & COLLAR 38,76  
R161,79X Manfrotto BOTTOM COLLAR 16,91  
R161,81 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 35X1,25X780 16,19  
R161,82 Manfrotto ROD 3,09  
R161,87 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 40X1,2X722 11,25  
R161,87LC Manfrotto LEG WITH FLAGE 29,13  
R161,90 Manfrotto INNER & OUTER STRUTS 13,65  
R161,90B Manfrotto INNER & OUTER STRUTS, BLACK 13,79  
R161,98 Manfrotto ASM LEG+COLLAR 27,42  
R161,99 Manfrotto NUT M6 2,74  
R161,71 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 35,4X1,2X780 12,15  
R161,70 Manfrotto BOTTOM COLLAR W/ADAPTER 27,98  
R161,69B Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 40X1,2X722 BL. 10,19  
R161,57 Manfrotto LOWER LEG 37,07  
R161,57B Manfrotto LOWER LEG, BLACK 37,22  
R161,58 Manfrotto SLIDING CLAMP+SCREW&BOLT 4,39  
R161,63 Manfrotto BOTTOM CASTING 9,48  
R161,63A Manfrotto CASTING+SCREW+NUT+WASHER 9,43  
R161,65 Manfrotto CAP SET OF 5PCS 2,16  
R161,66 Manfrotto GEARED COLUMN+RING 36,80  
R161,66A Manfrotto GEARED COLUMN+RING (ORANGE) 35,35  
R161,66ALC Manfrotto CENTRE COLUMN WITH DRIVE 43,54  
R161,67 Manfrotto RING ASSY 16,15  
R161,68 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 50X1X270,5 7,64  
R161,68B Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 50X1X270,5 BL. 7,94  
R161,69 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 40X1,2X722 10,56  
R165,01 Manfrotto CASTING COMPLETE W/RIVETS 6,54  
R074,04 Manfrotto COMPLETE BOTTOM CASTING ASSY 12,94  
R074,23 Manfrotto LOWER LEG WITH LOCK 21,98  
R074,23B Manfrotto LOWER LEG W/LOCK, BLACK 22,66  
R074,49 Manfrotto MAIN CASTING (OLD MODEL) 24,45  
R074,52 Manfrotto MAIN CASTING 27,51  
R074,99 Manfrotto STRUT COLLAR 10,34  
R075,03 Manfrotto FOOT 5,83  
R075,04 Manfrotto INNER STRUT 6,54  
R075,04B Manfrotto INNER STRUT, BLACK 7,11  
R075,05 Manfrotto UPPER LEG FOR 3036 10,00  
R075,05B Manfrotto UPPER LEG 10,46  
R075,07 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 29,5X1X589 8,99  
R075,07B Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 29,5X1X589 BLCK 9,75  
R075,08 Manfrotto ASSIEME GAMBA DIAM 25 18,33  
R074,22B Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 28X1X489 BLACK 8,84  
R074,22 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 28X1X489 9,58  
R074,20B Manfrotto STRUT, BLACK 2,87  
R074,04B Manfrotto STRUT ASSY, BLACK 13,23  
R074,05 Manfrotto UPPER LEG BRACE 9,02  
R074,07 Manfrotto UPPER LEG LOCK 12,15  
R074,08 Manfrotto LOWER LOCK 12,08  
R074,09 Manfrotto LOCKING LEVER +SCREW&WASHER 4,95  
R074,10 Manfrotto SPIDER SLEEVE F/3033,3233 2,50  
R074,13 Manfrotto LEG PIVOT PIN 4,19  
R074,15 Manfrotto FOOT 5,98  
R074,16 Manfrotto COLUMN LOCK KNOB 3,45  
R074,18B Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 33X1,2X445 BLCK 4,97  
R074,19 Manfrotto COLUMN SLEEVE + RING 10,24  
R074,19B Manfrotto OUTER COLUMN SLEEVE+RING, BLK 10,93  
R074,20 Manfrotto STRUT 2,77  
R075,08B Manfrotto ASSIEME GAMBA DIAM 25 NERA 18,55  
R075,09 Manfrotto LEVER 2,55  
R079,51B Manfrotto ASS PIPE D=29,4 BLCK 6,93  
R079,52 Manfrotto ASS PIPE D=25 6,00  
R079,52B Manfrotto ASS PIPE D=25 BLCK 6,03  
R079,53 Manfrotto ASS PIPE D=20 5,95  
R079,53B Manfrotto ASS PIPE D=20 BLCK 6,05  
R079,58 Manfrotto ASS. DICO ANC. IMPUGN. E TUBO 79,26  
R079,59 Manfrotto TUBO F.C.29,4X27X546 54,73  
R079,60 Manfrotto ASS. TUBO F.C. D. 25 + PIEDINO 65,27  
R079,67 Manfrotto ASS. MANICOTTO INFERIORE COMP. 8,99  
R079,77 Manfrotto IMPUGNATURA 29X190 5,64  
R079,98B Manfrotto ALL TUBE BLACK 10,34  
R079,99B Manfrotto ASSIEME PIASTRA+TUBO+IMPUGN. 80,24  
R079,51 Manfrotto ASS PIPE D=29,4 7,23  
R079,50B Manfrotto TOP SEC TUBE, BLACK, W/GRIP 25,55  
R079,50 Manfrotto TOP SEC TUBE W/HAND GRIP 24,01  
R075,103 Manfrotto ASSIEME LEVETTA IN ZAMA A 1 SP 5,15  
R075,109 Manfrotto LEVER 4,78  
R075,22 Manfrotto LEG STRUT ASSY 11,39  
R075,22B Manfrotto LEG STRUT ASSY, BLACK 12,08  
R075,34 Manfrotto NAME PLATE 2,65  
R078,06AV Manfrotto ASS MANOP 4PG M6X15+MOLLA (5PZ 6,13  
R079,44 Manfrotto SCREW 3,38  
R079,47 Manfrotto TOP SCT TUBE W/GRIP HANDLE 21,27  
R079,47B Manfrotto TOP SEC TUBE, BLACK, W/GRIP 21,36  
R079,48 Manfrotto ASS PIPE D=25 7,23  
R079,48B Manfrotto ASS PIPE D=25 BLCK 6,79  
R079,49 Manfrotto ASS PIPE D=20 6,71  
R079,49B Manfrotto ASS PIPE D=20 BLCK 6,49  
R083,01A Manfrotto ASS SEMIGUSCI+VITI SCAT.ARRI 60,37  
R072,07B Manfrotto ASS GAMB BLCK+AST+RIV 8,60  
R055M,407 Manfrotto HALF SHELL DX 11,17  
R056,38 Manfrotto BASE PLATE FOR 3025,3028 4,95  
R056,45 Manfrotto 056 DEGREE+NAME PLATE 4,97  
R056,46 Manfrotto 115 DEGREE+NAME PLATE 3,68  
R056,46L Manfrotto DEGREE & NAME PLATE 3,99  
R056,53 Manfrotto RUBBER PAD 3,85  
R056,54 Manfrotto RUBBER PAD 3,43  
R056,99 Manfrotto CENTRE COLUMN LOCKING KNOB 0,74  
R057,01 Manfrotto COMPLETE MAIN CASTING F/DOLLY 25,97  
R057,02 Manfrotto DOLLY CENTRE BASE ASSEMBLY 18,50  
R057,03 Manfrotto CONNECTOR RING F/3056,156,254 3,70  
R057,04 Manfrotto LEG COVER 5,29  
R057,07 Manfrotto STRUT 2,82  
R057,08B Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 35X1X442 BLACK 8,97  
R056,37 Manfrotto LOWER CASTING FOR 3025 3028 12,13  
R056,18 Manfrotto HEAD PLATE W/CORK+SCREW&RING 14,87  
R056,12 Manfrotto 3/8 MNTG SCREW F/3025,28,29,26 6,59  
R055M,415 Manfrotto ASS COLLAR 29,2-24,8 19,80  
R055M,416 Manfrotto ASS COLLAR 24,8-20,4 19,65  
R055M,417 Manfrotto ASS COLLAR 20,4-16 *MG* 19,65  
R055M,427 Manfrotto RIGHT UPPER CASTING 15,14  
R055M,499 Manfrotto ASS COLLAR 24,8-20,4 SET OF 3 52,09  
R055M,601 Manfrotto RIGHT CASTING 10,24  
R055M,602 Manfrotto LEFT CASTING 10,22  
R055M,623 Manfrotto SPIDER 10,17  
R055M,99 Manfrotto ASS SLEEVE 23,86  
R055SPK2 Manfrotto PIEDINO COMPLETO 8,35  
R056,04 Manfrotto MIDDLE CASTING FOR 3025 3028 8,09  
R056,05 Manfrotto BRACKET & SCREW ASSY 11,64  
R056,09 Manfrotto LOCK KNOB 3,09  
R057,09 Manfrotto WHEEL CARRIER/BRACKET ASSY 20,87  
R057,10 Manfrotto BRACKET 8,11  
R058,22B Manfrotto LEG STRUT ASSY, BLACK 12,15  
R058,24 Manfrotto STRUT KNOB 4,07  
R058,25 Manfrotto OUTER STRUT 6,76  
R058,25B Manfrotto OUTER STRUT, BLACK 6,86  
R058,26 Manfrotto MIDDLE STEEL LEG 25MM DIAM. 17,40  
R058,27 Manfrotto 136 LOCK LEVER & BOLT 6,27  
R058,62 Manfrotto CENTER COLUMN 26,66  
R058,62B Manfrotto CENTER COLUMN, BLACK 28,10  
R058,66 Manfrotto MAIN CASTING 31,38  
R058,67 Manfrotto CENTRE COLUMN (NEW VERSION) 26,19  
R058,67B Manfrotto GEARED COLUMN ASSY 26,78  
R058,68 Manfrotto LABEL *058* 2,52  
R064,01 Manfrotto CABLE CLIP+ALLEN KEY 2,67  
R058,22 Manfrotto LEG STRUT ASSY 11,91  
R058,20B Manfrotto INNER STRUT, BLACK 7,20  
R058,20 Manfrotto INNER STRUT 7,06  
R058,03 Manfrotto SINGLE LEG HGHT CONTROL LEVER 3,26  
R058,05 Manfrotto TRIPLE LEG DROP FOR 3051/3251 4,92  
R058,06 Manfrotto LEG PIVOT HOLDER 3,43  
R058,07 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 40X1,25X231 5,93  
R058,07B Manfrotto OUTER COLUMN TUBE FOR 3251 6,59  
R058,08 Manfrotto LEG COLLAR 7,55  
R058,09 Manfrotto ROD 3,65  
R058,10 Manfrotto UPPER LEG BRACE 29,67  
R058,10B Manfrotto LEG & BRACE, BLACK 30,04  
R058,11 Manfrotto LEG PIVOT 9,85  
R058,14 Manfrotto ASS PLATE 5,44  
R058,16 Manfrotto LEG CLAMP COLLAR 6,96  
R058,18 Manfrotto LOCK RING WITH SPRING 3,16  
R070,03XB Manfrotto ASS GAMB BLCK+PORTAR.+AST 33,32  
R117,10 Manfrotto LEG PIVOT 18,40  
R117,45 Manfrotto M10 SCREW ATTACHMENT 15,61  
R117,46 Manfrotto M10 TWO START SCREW ATTACHMENT 15,70  
R117,92 Manfrotto ASM TUBE+COLLAR 32,93  
R117,93 Manfrotto ASM TUBE+COLLAR 34,23  
R117,94 Manfrotto ASM TUBE+COLLAR 36,55  
R117,95 Manfrotto ASM LEG 102,63  
R117,96 Manfrotto ALL TUBE 14,48  
R117,97 Manfrotto FOOT 9,36  
R117,98 Manfrotto ALL TUBE 9,58  
R117,98B Manfrotto ALL TUBE BLACK 9,90  
R117,99 Manfrotto COMPLETE BOTTOM COLLAR ASSY 16,44  
R127,01 Manfrotto COMPLETE TOP CASTING 15,53  
R127,02 Manfrotto CTR LOCK HOUSING FOR 3127&3137 5,27  
R117,44 Manfrotto 3/8z SCREW ATTACHMENT 15,70  
R117,40 Manfrotto OUTER STRUT 6,76  
R117,37 Manfrotto LEG PIVOT 13,60  
R117,10B Manfrotto LEG PIVOT CASTING, BLACK 18,72  
R117,100 Manfrotto LEG STRUT ASSY 12,42  
R117,100X Manfrotto LEG STRUT ASSY-STAINLESS STEEL 12,59  
R117,20 Manfrotto INNER STRUT 7,06  
R117,20X Manfrotto INNER STRUT, STAINLESS STEEL 7,23  
R117,23 Manfrotto 100MM BOWL ADAPTER 11,47  
R117,24 Manfrotto 100MM BOWL BASE 8,75  
R117,25 Manfrotto ASS GHIERA + RONDELLA 7,82  
R117,26 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 35,4X1,2X696,5 12,42  
R117,26B Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 35,4X1,2X696,5 12,62  
R117,27 Manfrotto LOWER LEG W/SPIKED FOOT 34,45  
R117,27B Manfrotto LOWER LEG W/SPIKED FOOT, BLACK 32,71  
R117,32 Manfrotto GEARED COLUMN W/SURVEY ADAPTOR 24,06  
R127,03 Manfrotto OUTER LEG HOUSING 22,12  
R127,04 Manfrotto WHEEL RAISER 7,01  
R128,19 Manfrotto CAMERA PLATFORM BRACKET 20,36  
R128,31 Manfrotto PIN 2,47  
R128,32 Manfrotto SPRING FOR BUSHING SET OF 5PCS 3,45  
R128,44 Manfrotto RUBBER SECTOR 2,30  
R128,50 Manfrotto RUBBER PAD 3,80  
R128,55 Manfrotto KNOB 2,99  
R128,56B Manfrotto ASM LEVER 9,31  
R128,62 Manfrotto LABEL 2,84  
R128,71 Manfrotto LOWER CASTING 3,53  
R128,72 Manfrotto MAIN CASTING 9,70  
R128,74 Manfrotto LOCKING SHIM 4,04  
R128,77 Manfrotto UPPER CASTING 25,55  
R128,99 Manfrotto FRICTION PLATES+FLUID 4,53  
R128,17C21 Manfrotto CAMERA PLATFORM BRACKET 27,56  
R128,16C21 Manfrotto ASS LOCK LEVER 5,44  
R128,16BR Manfrotto ASS LOCK LEVER, POLISHED 5,00  
R127,08 Manfrotto STRAP FOR 3127 & 3137 2,70  
R127,11B Manfrotto ALL RETT 15X35X2X260 10,29  
R127,18 Manfrotto FOOT ASSY 21,29  
R127,29B Manfrotto AL TUBE 15X35X2X498 BLCK 12,57  
R127,30B Manfrotto ALL PLATE 30X10X296 BLCK 10,17  
R128,01 Manfrotto BASE PLATE F/3126 3130 3,99  
R128,02 Manfrotto LOWER HEAD BRACKET 10,41  
R128,02C21 Manfrotto GREEN LOWER HEAD BRACKET 8,99  
R128,04 Manfrotto BLOCK LEVER 5,32  
R128,04C21 Manfrotto LOCK PLATE F/3130G 3,43  
R128,06 Manfrotto FRICTION PIN + WASHER 3,06  
R128,15 Manfrotto CORK PAD 3,21  
R128,16 Manfrotto ASS LOCK LEVER 4,46  
R131,01 Manfrotto HANDLE ASSY 28,20  
R117,05X Manfrotto LOWER LEG (STAINLESS STEEL) 43,93  
R083,99AV Manfrotto NUTS & BOLTS F/R083.25AV 6,22  
R101,971BR Manfrotto ASM KNOB 5,64  
R101NAT Manfrotto VERNICE NITRON RAL 6003 0,5KG 34,20  
R108,01 Manfrotto ANCHOR PLATE W/SCREWS 6,05  
R108,03 Manfrotto LEVER 3,14  
R108,05 Manfrotto MAIN BODY SUPPORT W/SCREWS 4,90  
R108,18 Manfrotto SCREW 3/8W 3,87  
R108,27 Manfrotto BALL & SCREW 2,89  
R108,28 Manfrotto CAMERA PLATFORM W/KNOB 23,30  
R114,01 Manfrotto CENTRE CASTING 21,85  
R114,05 Manfrotto LOCK KNOB 3,21  
R114,14 Manfrotto LEG CASTING 15,88  
R114,15 Manfrotto LEG + WHEEL CARRIER ASSY 17,59  
R101,962BRK Manfrotto MANOP 2PP M6X20 BRIL.KIT 5 PCS 28,71  
R101,857 Manfrotto GREASE HIGH VISCOSITY BLACK 11,66  
R088,10 Manfrotto RUBBER DISK 2,21  
R093,97 Manfrotto PLASTIC WRENCH F/3033,36,77 2,38  
R093,98 Manfrotto ASS PLASTIC CLAMP 2,65  
R098,02P Manfrotto ASS STAFFE WALL BOOM X BOWENS 12,81  
R1003,071 Manfrotto ASM LEG 77,03  
R1003,088 Manfrotto ASM LEGS 194,11  
R101,29 Manfrotto KNOB 2,25  
R101,380BR Manfrotto COLUMN LOCKING LEVER 5,37  
R101,697 Manfrotto ASS PUSH BOTTOM 18,52  
R101,804,G Manfrotto DIGIBOX ENGLISH PANEL 193,55  
R101,805 Manfrotto DIGIBOX FOOT SUPPORT 51,45  
R101,827 Manfrotto IRON TRIPOD STAND 31,85  
R101,856 Manfrotto GREASE LOW VISCOSITY WHITE 8,31  
R114,22 Manfrotto HARDWARE F/CENTRE CASTING 3,50  
R114,23 Manfrotto LEG & WHEEL 48,12  
R116,138 Manfrotto SET 2 VITI 1/4z 4,17  
R116,138K Manfrotto SCREW SET OF 50 64,36  
R116,15 Manfrotto ASM HANDLE 3,01  
R116,17 Manfrotto LOCKING KNOB 2,92  
R116,22 Manfrotto PAN FRICTION KNOB 6,35  
R116,23 Manfrotto FLUID JAR 14,26  
R116,36 Manfrotto PIVOT SHAFT 24,13  
R116,42 Manfrotto CURVED HANDLE SECTION (MK2) 8,87  
R116,43 Manfrotto HANDLE CLAMP ASSY 13,52  
R116,66 Manfrotto PAIR OF RUBBER PADS 3,19  
R116,90 Manfrotto COMPLETE HANDLE 25,28  
R117,02 Manfrotto ASS BRAKE SHOE 4,63  
R117,04 Manfrotto FOOT 5,83  
R116,137K Manfrotto SCREW SET OF 50 64,36  
R116,137 Manfrotto SET 2 VITI 3/8z 4,17  
R116,135 Manfrotto PAWL 3,97  
R114,26 Manfrotto WHEEL GUARD 5,19  
R114,27 Manfrotto LEG HOLDER 5,41  
R114,28B Manfrotto LEG & WHEEL, BLACK 51,45  
R114,95B Manfrotto LEG 18,79  
R114,99 Manfrotto LEG KNOB 3,82  
R116,05 Manfrotto CLAMP F/PAN BAR 7,91  
R116,101 Manfrotto MAIN CASTING 48,73  
R116,112 Manfrotto PAN LOCKING LEVER 7,08  
R116,114 Manfrotto TILT LOCKING LEVER 4,14  
R116,116 Manfrotto FRICTION ADJUSTMENT KNOB 4,31  
R116,120 Manfrotto LABEL 116MK3 VINTEN 4,63  
R116,127B Manfrotto STRAIGHT HANDLE SECTION 8,80  
R116,128B Manfrotto CURVED HANDLE SECTION 11,05  
R117,05 Manfrotto LOWER LEG ASSY 36,65  
R535,07 Manfrotto CARBON TUBE 39,10  
R540,06 Manfrotto LOWER LEVER ASSY 17,00  
R540,07 Manfrotto LOWER SLIDING BLOCK 3,28  
R540,08 Manfrotto ASSY UPPER COVER 5,05  
R540,09 Manfrotto SLIDING BLOCK F/LEVER 5,05  
R540,10 Manfrotto COVER WITH PLUGS AND SCREWS 4,12  
R540,14 Manfrotto ASSY SPREADER ROD 131,52  
R540,18 Manfrotto SPREADER ASSY 169,81  
R540,23 Manfrotto LEG ASSY WITH HANDLE 378,79  
R540,25 Manfrotto FOOT ASSY 6,66  
R540,26 Manfrotto FOOT FOR D20 TUBE 6,17  
R540,27 Manfrotto COMPLETE LEG ASSY 338,39  
R540,29 Manfrotto CASTING AND PLUGS ASSY 26,58  
R540,04 Manfrotto ASSY BUTTON UPPER COLLAR 7,62  
R540,03 Manfrotto ASSY UPPER LOCK HANDLE 22,07  
R540,02 Manfrotto UPPER PLUGS 4,48  
R535,08 Manfrotto ASS TUBE 44,39  
R535M,01 Manfrotto ASS MAIN CASTING 33,12  
R535M,24 Manfrotto ASS SLEEVE 24,75  
R536,02 Manfrotto ASS SLIDING PLATE 6,79  
R536,03 Manfrotto ASS SLEEVE 68,28  
R536,04 Manfrotto ASS SQUARE 7,18  
R536,07 Manfrotto LEVER 4,88  
R536,08 Manfrotto ASS BUSH 4,07  
R536,10 Manfrotto CARBON TUBE 45,94  
R536,11 Manfrotto CARBON TUBE 38,96  
R536,12 Manfrotto ASS TUBE 41,11  
R536M,01 Manfrotto ASS MAIN CASTING 37,09  
R536M,06 Manfrotto ASS SLEEVE 24,55  
R540,30 Manfrotto PLUGS ASSY - 2 PIECES 4,56  
R540,35 Manfrotto HANDLE ASSY 38,71  
R545,07 Manfrotto ASS PUSH BOTTOM 6,49  
R545,10 Manfrotto ASM SLIDING PLATE 9,21  
R545,18 Manfrotto ASM HOOK 4,36  
R545,19 Manfrotto HOOK 2,35  
R547,04 Manfrotto ASM SLIDING PLATE 9,70  
R547,09 Manfrotto ASM LOCKING KNOB 5,86  
R547,12 Manfrotto ASM SPHERE 24,06  
R547,20B Manfrotto ASM TUBE 13,67  
R547,23 Manfrotto ASM MAIN CASTING 4,73  
R547,25 Manfrotto CLIP 2,23  
R547,27 Manfrotto ASM HANDLE 11,54  
R547SPRB Manfrotto ASM SPREADER 41,38  
R550,205 Manfrotto PLATE HOUSING 25,19  
R545,06 Manfrotto ASM SLIDING PLATE 10,09  
R545,04 Manfrotto ASS COMPLETE LEG 72,67  
R545,02 Manfrotto LEVER 2,70  
R540,40 Manfrotto ASSY BOWL ADAPTOR 21,68  
R540,41 Manfrotto ASSY CUPS - 3 PCS 3,19  
R540,42 Manfrotto CAP SET OF 2 2,79  
R540,49 Manfrotto ASS STUD LOCKING LEG 11,05  
R540,55 Manfrotto WASHER 3,90  
R540,73 Manfrotto ASS HANDLE 38,20  
R540,96 Manfrotto SCREWS FOR ADAPTOR 2,21  
R540,97 Manfrotto NUT AND WASHER SPREADER ATT. 2,11  
R540,98 Manfrotto COPPIA MOLLE 2,18  
R540,99 Manfrotto SET 5 SPRINGS 2,65  
R542,96 Manfrotto ASM SPREADER 169,54  
R542,97 Manfrotto ASS COMPLETE LEG 387,08  
R545,01 Manfrotto MAIN CASTING 27,46  
R550,208-1 Manfrotto COVER 8,40  
R535,04 Manfrotto ASS SQUARE 7,01  
R521,99BSPCB Manfrotto PCB FOR 521 84,87  
R523,01 Manfrotto LABEL 19,60  
R523,08 Manfrotto LABEL 19,60  
R523,09PCB Manfrotto PCB FOR 523PRO 130,56  
R523,10 Manfrotto ASM 523 PCB 208,94  
R524,04 Manfrotto HANDLE 9,80  
R524,10 Manfrotto ASM UPPER COVER 19,60  
R524,99 Manfrotto ASM SLEEVE 13,06  
R526,02 Manfrotto ASM BUSHING 54,46  
R526,06 Manfrotto ASM KNOB 18,18  
R526,07 Manfrotto ASM MAIN CASTING 87,59  
R526,08 Manfrotto ASM HOUSING 57,87  
R526,09 Manfrotto ASM HOUSING 88,35  
R526,10 Manfrotto ASM PLATE 12,18  
R522,99 Manfrotto ASSIEME MANICOTTO 8,75  
R522,38B Manfrotto ASM TUBE 13,06  
R522,37 Manfrotto HANDLE 9,80  
R521,99PRPCB Manfrotto PCB FOR 521PRO 84,87  
R522,01 Manfrotto ASM UPPER COVER 13,06  
R522,02 Manfrotto ASM LOWER COVER 13,06  
R522,03 Manfrotto ASM ZOOM WHEEL 16,34  
R522,06 Manfrotto COVER F/SPRING 9,80  
R522,07 Manfrotto LABEL 19,60  
R522,09PCB Manfrotto PCB FOR 522 111,01  
R522,13B Manfrotto ASSIEME TUBO,CODOLO E OR 28,98  
R522,17 Manfrotto CABLE 522C 9,19  
R522,20 Manfrotto ASSIEME LANC 209,62  
R522,31 Manfrotto LABEL 19,60  
R522,35 Manfrotto ASM LANC 163,22  
R522,36 Manfrotto CUP F/HANDLE 13,06  
R526,12 Manfrotto ASM FLANGE 78,08  
R526,14 Manfrotto KNOB COVER SET OF 2 6,13  
R530,13 Manfrotto CAP 12,62  
R530,14 Manfrotto CROSS 27,61  
R530,17 Manfrotto ASM SPIDER 8,38  
R532,97 Manfrotto ASS COMPLETE LEG 315,09  
R532,98 Manfrotto ASS COMPLETE LEG 263,57  
R533,01 Manfrotto ASM MAIN CASTING 5,37  
R533,04B Manfrotto ASM TUBE 11,22  
R533,06B Manfrotto ASM SLEEVE 14,70  
R533,07 Manfrotto ASM HOOK 3,58  
R533,99 Manfrotto ASM MAIN CASTING 34,15  
R534,19 Manfrotto ASM SLEEVE 20,36  
R534,20 Manfrotto ASM SLEEVE 14,63  
R535,02 Manfrotto ASS SLIDING PLATE 6,54  
R530,12 Manfrotto PIVOT 5,93  
R530,11 Manfrotto ASS MAIN CASTING 16,22  
R530,09 Manfrotto ASS PIN W/SPREADER ATT. 7,99  
R526,15 Manfrotto LABEL 4,36  
R526,16 Manfrotto ASM SLIDING BLOCK 29,03  
R526,18 Manfrotto WRENCH 180,91  
R526,99 Manfrotto ASM PAN MOVEMENT 91,92  
R528,01 Manfrotto ASS MAIN CASTING 35,84  
R528,02 Manfrotto ASS CONNECTION 8,18  
R528,02B Manfrotto TERMINAL 7,60  
R528,05X Manfrotto STEEL TUBE 34,81  
R528,98 Manfrotto ASS SPREADER ARM 39,03  
R528,99 Manfrotto ASS FOOT 22,74  
R529,02 Manfrotto RUBBER PAD 2,06  
R530,01 Manfrotto CASTING AND INSERT W/SCREW 22,88  
R530,04B Manfrotto ASM TUBE 45,40  
R535,03 Manfrotto ASS SLEEVE 71,39  
R561,99 Manfrotto ASM FLANGE 10,09  
R678,03 Manfrotto PIEDINO NERO PER 678 8,09  
R678,04 Manfrotto BUSHING 5,49  
R680,01 Manfrotto LEG COLLAR 30/35,5 8,11  
R680,02 Manfrotto ASS SLEEVE 35,5/30 9,90  
R680,07 Manfrotto ASM SLEEVE 9,65  
R684,04 Manfrotto BLACK LEG+BRACE+WHEEL CARR. 33,81  
R684,14 Manfrotto BLACK LEVLEG+BRACE+WHEEL CARR. 66,54  
R684,20B Manfrotto ASS LEG 123,19  
R684,26 Manfrotto ASS LEVEL 6,59  
R684,32 Manfrotto ASM HANDLE 8,45  
R684,34 Manfrotto ASM LEVER+SPRING 2,74  
R684,35B Manfrotto ASM LEG 126,27  
R684,36 Manfrotto ASM FOOT 16,05  
R678,02 Manfrotto ASSIEME CORPO DI BLOCCAGGIO 12,76  
R678,01 Manfrotto ASSIEME GHIERA DI SOSTEGNO 13,35  
R625,01 Manfrotto ASM PLATE SUPPORT 36,16  
R577,01 Manfrotto ASS PIASTRA D'ATTACCO 34,67  
R585,04 Manfrotto ARM 26,39  
R585,31 Manfrotto COUNTERWEIGHT 12,89  
R585,38 Manfrotto HANDLE 10,78  
R585,40 Manfrotto KNOB 14,85  
R585,41 Manfrotto KNOB 5,15  
R595,01 Manfrotto ASM JAW 11,29  
R595,02 Manfrotto ASM JAW 12,47  
R595,03 Manfrotto ASM TIE BAR 11,54  
R595,04 Manfrotto BUSHING 4,46  
R595,05 Manfrotto RUBBER SECTOR SET OF 2 2,94  
R595,11 Manfrotto RUBBER SECTOR 2,74  
R595,12 Manfrotto RUBBER SECTOR 2,50  
R684,37 Manfrotto BRACKET 2,96  
R694,01 Manfrotto ASM TUBE + DISK 49,86  
R695,11 Manfrotto CARBON TUBE 11,6x1,2x413 15,41  
R695,98 Manfrotto BUSHING F/COMPLETE MONOPOD 4,88  
R695,99 Manfrotto BUSHING F/COMPLETE MONOPOD 4,88  
R700,01 Manfrotto ASS CORPO CENTRALE 12,64  
R700,02 Manfrotto ENS.DISC DE FRICTION P/700RC2 6,62  
R700,03K Manfrotto RING SET OF 50 21,66  
R700,04 Manfrotto ASS SUPPORTO PIASTRA 15,85  
R700,06C21 Manfrotto LEVEL CASTING 5,51  
R700,07 Manfrotto ASS PAN BRAKE 2,11  
R700,12 Manfrotto ASS KNOB 3,21  
R700,13 Manfrotto ASS COVER 2,11  
R700,18 Manfrotto PIVOT ASSEMBLY W/ SPACER 6,64  
R700,30 Manfrotto CLAMP KNOB 6,22  
R695,10 Manfrotto CARBON TUBE 16x1,2x371 16,37  
R695,09 Manfrotto CARBON TUBE 20,4x1,2x327 17,03  
R695,08 Manfrotto CARBON TUBE 24,8x1,2x293 17,49  
R694,02 Manfrotto TUBE 23,96  
R694,03 Manfrotto TUBE 22,20  
R694,04 Manfrotto TUBE 21,07  
R694,12 Manfrotto ASM TUBE + DISK 51,13  
R694,13 Manfrotto CARBON TUBE 24,8X1,2X402 20,56  
R694,14 Manfrotto CARBON TUBE 20,4X1,2X436 20,68  
R694,15 Manfrotto CARBON TUBE 16X1,2X480 19,13  
R695,01 Manfrotto ASS TUBE + DISK 44,00  
R695,02 Manfrotto TUBE 18,01  
R695,03 Manfrotto TUBE 17,91  
R695,04 Manfrotto TUBE 17,05  
R695,05 Manfrotto TUBE 11,6x1,2 16,49  
R695,07 Manfrotto ASM TUBE + DISK 49,07  
R700,31 Manfrotto LABEL 2,70  
R561,98 Manfrotto DISK 5,51  
R550,208-2 Manfrotto COVER 8,40  
R550,250 Manfrotto HANDLE F/550 3,90  
R550,252B Manfrotto PAN BAR ONLY 13,60  
R550,254 Manfrotto CLAMP F/3433 5,54  
R550,259 Manfrotto INSTRUCTION *505* VINTEN 7,82  
R550,262 Manfrotto PAN BAR LOCKING LEVER 6,25  
R550,267 Manfrotto CLAW BALL KNOB 17,25  
R550,272 Manfrotto SPRING 37,93  
R550,277 Manfrotto SPRING 2,28  
R550,282 Manfrotto BOWL CLAMP WASHER 2,13  
R552,223 Manfrotto TILT SEAL SHIM KIT OF 100 45,79  
R552,227 Manfrotto BLANKING PLUG KIT OF 100 83,20  
R552,310 Manfrotto PCB HOUSING, BOTTOM KIT OF 50 60,15  
R552,311 Manfrotto PCB HOUSING, TOP KIT OF 50 57,60  
R550,247 Manfrotto ASS FLUID 50,84  
R550,243 Manfrotto SPRING ADJUSTMENT RING 3,58  
R550,240 Manfrotto PAN BRAKE BRACKET + WEDGES 22,22  
R550,210 Manfrotto SAFETY BUTTON 3,80  
R550,212 Manfrotto FLUID ADJUSTMENT RING 6,44  
R550,213 Manfrotto FRICTION DRUM 6,74  
R550,215 Manfrotto PAN SHAFT 17,32  
R550,219 Manfrotto SPRING CAP 6,05  
R550,222 Manfrotto BRAKE BRACKET 20,56  
R550,225 Manfrotto FRICTION LEVER 2,87  
R550,226 Manfrotto PAN BRAKE WEDGES 3,16  
R550,227 Manfrotto CORK KIT OF 100 62,30  
R550,231 Manfrotto TILT BRAKE WEDGES 3,16  
R550,233 Manfrotto TILT BRAKE BRACKET + WEDGES 22,22  
R550,237 Manfrotto PIN M6 5,05  
R550,239 Manfrotto SLIDING PLATE LOCKING LEVER 7,42  
R554,03 Manfrotto ASM COLUMN & BALL BEARING 72,96  
R554,99 Manfrotto HALF-SPHERE 25,46  
R561,04 Manfrotto ASM RUBBER CAP 8,62  
R561,05B Manfrotto ASM TUBE 43,61  
R561,07 Manfrotto ASM MAIN CASTING 22,17  
R561,08 Manfrotto ASM FLANGE 12,01  
R561,09 Manfrotto ASM BRACKET 21,07  
R561,10 Manfrotto ASM BASE 46,33  
R561,15 Manfrotto ASM FLANGE 14,87  
R561,16 Manfrotto MAIN BODY 21,63  
R561,17 Manfrotto DISK 10,90  
R561,18 Manfrotto ASM BUSH 4,48  
R561,19 Manfrotto LABEL 4,83  
R561,94 Manfrotto ASM LEVER 5,24  
R561,96 Manfrotto ASM COLLAR 9,90  
R561,03B Manfrotto ASM TUBE 9,38  
R561,02B Manfrotto ASM TUBE 18,67  
R561,01 Manfrotto ASM FLANGE 4,85  
R555,02B Manfrotto ASS. COLONNA E APPOGGIO SFER. 40,60  
R555,03 Manfrotto ASSY LEG STRUT 8,70  
R555,05 Manfrotto ASM NUT W/RING & WASHER 3,31  
R555,07 Manfrotto SPHERE 12,79  
R555,08 Manfrotto ASM PLATE W/SCREW 27,59  
R555,09 Manfrotto ASS. MANOPOLA E GHIERA 18,55  
R555,10 Manfrotto ASM KNOB 12,01  
R556,01 Manfrotto CENTER COLUMN 22,07  
R556,01B Manfrotto CENTER COLUMN BLACK 21,00  
R556,02B Manfrotto ASS. COLONNA E APPOGGIO SFER. 42,65  
R556,06 Manfrotto ASS. MANOPOLA E GHIERA 19,16  
R558,01 Manfrotto ASS BELT 3,06  
R560,95 Manfrotto ASM MONOPOD+LOWER TUBE 51,06  
R561,97 Manfrotto ASM LABEL 3,70  
R501,225 Manfrotto LOCKING KNOB 3,94  
R501,58 Manfrotto BALANCE SPRING F/TILT MOV 3,97  
R501,59 Manfrotto PAN EQUALIZER 6,76  
R501,60 Manfrotto EQUALIZER 4,46  
R501,61 Manfrotto TILT EQUALIZER 7,82  
R501,65 Manfrotto FRICTION KNOB F/TILT MOV 13,50  
R501,69L Manfrotto PIASTRA SCORREVOLE LASER 23,03  
R501,70 Manfrotto SETTORI IN GOMMA 3,09  
R501,80B Manfrotto REPLACMENT HANDLE 11,96  
R501,90 Manfrotto NUT + BEARING + WASHER 4,97  
R503,08 Manfrotto LOCKING KNOB F/TILT MOV 4,85  
R503,11 Manfrotto LEVER+WASHER+OR ASSY 3,80  
R503,12 Manfrotto FRICION KNOB F/PAN MOV 7,37  
R503,13 Manfrotto LOCKING LEVER 2,60  
R501,57 Manfrotto ASS PAD W/SPRING 2,87  
R501,56 Manfrotto FRICTION PLATES ASSY 5,46  
R501,55 Manfrotto FRICTION PLATE 8,01  
R501,226 Manfrotto KNOB COVER 2,70  
R501,228 Manfrotto LABEL 501HDV 2,67  
R501,229 Manfrotto TILT FRICTION LABEL 2,74  
R501,230 Manfrotto PAN FRICTION LABEL 2,43  
R501,24 Manfrotto ASS FRICTION DISC 5,83  
R501,26 Manfrotto SPRING F/3433 2,62  
R501,298 Manfrotto ASM LEVER 6,66  
R501,299 Manfrotto ASM BEARING 4,21  
R501,30 Manfrotto LEVEL + RING + WASHER 3,80  
R501,37 Manfrotto HANDLE CAP 2,94  
R501,47 Manfrotto RUBBER PAD SET OF 2 2,40  
R501,51 Manfrotto BASE PLATE 14,04  
R501,52 Manfrotto MAIN CASTING 24,84  
R503,16 Manfrotto ASS MAIN CASTING 23,25  
R503,17 Manfrotto ASS RIGHT FLANGE+BUSH.+WASHER 9,82  
R503,301 Manfrotto LABEL 3,68  
R503,304 Manfrotto LABEL 2,72  
R503,310 Manfrotto ASM MAIN CASTING 39,25  
R503,313 Manfrotto ASM FLANGE 22,69  
R503,315 Manfrotto ASM KNOB 5,59  
R503,316 Manfrotto ASM KNOB 11,83  
R503,317 Manfrotto ASM KNOB 9,80  
R503,318 Manfrotto ASM FLANGE 35,26  
R503,322 Manfrotto ASM SPRING 14,04  
R503,324 Manfrotto ASM KNOB 5,81  
R503,327 Manfrotto COVER 2,67  
R503,328 Manfrotto ASM KNOB 6,98  
R503,329 Manfrotto ELECTRONIC CIRCUIT BOARD 25,77  
R503,300 Manfrotto ASS TILT SPRING 10,22  
R503,230 Manfrotto ASS LEFT FLANGE 30,70  
R503,222 Manfrotto LABEL 3,48  
R503,18 Manfrotto ASS LEFT FLANGE 9,51  
R503,201 Manfrotto ASS RIGHT FLANGE 26,19  
R503,202 Manfrotto ASS LEFT FLANGE 24,67  
R503,203 Manfrotto ASS TOP BASE 17,44  
R503,205 Manfrotto ASS COVER 69,07  
R503,207 Manfrotto BATTERY COVER 2,55  
R503,210 Manfrotto ASS SAFETY LEVER 3,90  
R503,212 Manfrotto ASS TOP FRIC. CONTROL KNOB 7,23  
R503,214 Manfrotto ASS BRAKE KNOB 3,85  
R503,215 Manfrotto ASS LOCKING KNOB 5,59  
R503,216 Manfrotto ASS LOCK LEVER 6,27  
R503,220 Manfrotto ASS FRICTION KNOB 13,84  
R503,221 Manfrotto ASS BRAKE KNOB W/SCREWS 8,89  
R503,330 Manfrotto ASM BRAKE 7,57  
R501,223 Manfrotto ASM LEVER 2,72  
R490,17 Manfrotto ASS MANOPOLA 11,56  
R496,21 Manfrotto KNOB 3,04  
R496,22 Manfrotto LABEL 3,50  
R496,23 Manfrotto LABEL 2,62  
R496,25 Manfrotto LEVER COVER SET OF 5 3,21  
R500,07 Manfrotto SLIDING BLOCK 6,86  
R500,08 Manfrotto SLIDING PLUG 2,82  
R500,09 Manfrotto TENSION ROD 6,52  
R500,11 Manfrotto BOTTOM SHOE W/INSERT 4,97  
R500,12 Manfrotto INSERT M6 2,60  
R500,15 Manfrotto SLIDING LEG W/SPIKED FOOT 13,87  
R500,15B Manfrotto BLACK SLIDING LEG W/FOOT 11,34  
R500,95B Manfrotto END EXTENSION + FOOT 15,21  
R501,01 Manfrotto BASE PLATE 14,26  
R496,18 Manfrotto DISC 2,74  
R496,17 Manfrotto INSERT 3,63  
R496,16 Manfrotto DISC 4,85  
R490,18 Manfrotto ASS MOLLA 3,43  
R490,23 Manfrotto ASS SFERA C/CODOLO 23,35  
R492,01 Manfrotto DISC 7,11  
R492,09 Manfrotto SPHERE 5,88  
R492,11 Manfrotto SLIDING BLOCK 2,74  
R492,13 Manfrotto LABEL 2,72  
R494,03 Manfrotto SPHERE HOUSING 2,16  
R494,04 Manfrotto DISC 5,73  
R494,07 Manfrotto SPHERE 7,74  
R494,09 Manfrotto SLIDING BLOCK 2,92  
R494,11 Manfrotto LABEL 2,82  
R494,12 Manfrotto LABEL 2,65  
R496,03 Manfrotto SPHERE HOUSING 2,18  
R501,02 Manfrotto MAIN CASTING 23,47  
R501,03 Manfrotto RIGHT FLANGE 15,34  
R501,204 Manfrotto ASM MAIN CASTING 22,22  
R501,205 Manfrotto ASM DISC 3,16  
R501,206 Manfrotto SPRING 3,33  
R501,207 Manfrotto ASM FRICTION DISC 5,54  
R501,210 Manfrotto ASM DISC 12,57  
R501,212 Manfrotto ASM PIN 4,73  
R501,213 Manfrotto ASM LEVER 4,07  
R501,214 Manfrotto ASM KNOB 5,59  
R501,216 Manfrotto COVER 2,57  
R501,217 Manfrotto SAFETY BUTTON 2,77  
R501,218 Manfrotto LOCKING WEDGE 2,77  
R501,220 Manfrotto ASM FRICTION KNOB 7,74  
R501,221 Manfrotto ASM KNOB 5,32  
R501,203 Manfrotto ASM FLANGE 15,58  
R501,202 Manfrotto ASM FLANGE 14,06  
R501,201 Manfrotto PLATE 14,97  
R501,04 Manfrotto LEFT FLANGE 13,79  
R501,05 Manfrotto PLATE COVER 12,27  
R501,06 Manfrotto PLATE 7,47  
R501,07 Manfrotto LOCKING WEDGE 2,96  
R501,08 Manfrotto PLATE BUTTON RELEASE 2,77  
R501,09 Manfrotto FRICTION KNOB PAN BAR MOV 5,88  
R501,10 Manfrotto PAN BRAKE KNOB AND WASHER 6,69  
R501,11 Manfrotto COVER 2,50  
R501,15 Manfrotto FRICTION DISK 3,60  
R501,16 Manfrotto TILT FRICTION KNOB 7,13  
R501,18 Manfrotto BRAKE KNOB TILT 5,37  
R501,19 Manfrotto PLATE LOCKING KNOB 3,90  
R501,20 Manfrotto PAN BRAKE KNOB 2,77  
R501,222 Manfrotto ASM KNOB PLUG 3,01  
R516,207 Manfrotto COVER 2,57  
R519,05 Manfrotto ASS COMPENSATOR DISK 11,74  
R519,10 Manfrotto ASS RIGHT FLANGE 65,61  
R519,11 Manfrotto ASS LEFT FLANGE 163,27  
R519,14 Manfrotto ASS PLUG F/YELLOW SPRING 25,99  
R519,16 Manfrotto ASS BALANCE KNOB 23,72  
R519,17 Manfrotto PLUG 2,62  
R519,18 Manfrotto ASS TOP BASE 12,76  
R519,19 Manfrotto ASS SAFETY PUSH BUTTON 3,19  
R519,20 Manfrotto PLATE BRAKE 3,68  
R519,21 Manfrotto ASS KNOB 4,53  
R519,22 Manfrotto ASS LOCKING CASTING 5,00  
R519,23 Manfrotto ASS COMPENSATOR F/DISK 9,95  
R519,25 Manfrotto ASM SPRING 14,75  
R519,04 Manfrotto ASS BRAKE SHOE 13,52  
R519,01 Manfrotto ASS BASE CASTING 98,59  
R516,99 Manfrotto ASS BRAKE KNOB W/SCREWS 10,73  
R516,21 Manfrotto ASS KNOB FOR TILT FRICTION 10,24  
R516,210 Manfrotto ASS SAFETY LEVER 7,55  
R516,215 Manfrotto ASS LOCKING KNOB 4,78  
R516,22 Manfrotto LEVER LOCKING KNOB 3,77  
R516,23 Manfrotto KNOB COVER 2,65  
R516,27 Manfrotto HANDLE F/LEVER 516 4,36  
R516,27B Manfrotto LEVA DIRITTA PER 516 9,80  
R516,29 Manfrotto HANDLE F/516 31,21  
R516,302 Manfrotto MANFROTTO LABEL 4,36  
R516,31 Manfrotto LOCKING KNOB F/TILT MOV 4,88  
R516,32 Manfrotto LOCKING KNOB F/PAN MOV+WASHER 7,28  
R516,91 Manfrotto ASS NUT+BEARING+WASHER 7,08  
R516,92 Manfrotto ASS KNOB FOR PAN MOV 7,37  
R519,28 Manfrotto KNOB INSERT 4,90  
R519,29 Manfrotto ASS BRAKE KNOB 3,31  
R520,13 Manfrotto LOCK HANDLE 5,49  
R520,18 Manfrotto MAIN CASTING 44,61  
R521,01 Manfrotto LOWER COVER 13,06  
R521,03 Manfrotto ASM 521 PCB 156,70  
R521,12 Manfrotto RUBBER SECTOR SET OF 4 8,18  
R521,13 Manfrotto ASM SCREW CLAMP 16,34  
R521,17 Manfrotto ASM 521P PCB 150,14  
R521,31 Manfrotto ASM 521PFI PCB 163,22  
R521,34 Manfrotto LABELS F/521PFI 19,60  
R521,35 Manfrotto KNOB COVER 13,06  
R521,36 Manfrotto LABEL 6,54  
R521,37 Manfrotto CABLE 14,38  
R521,39 Manfrotto RUBBER SECTOR 6,54  
R520,06 Manfrotto TOP CASTING 55,25  
R520,01 Manfrotto MAIN CASTING 19,16  
R519,99 Manfrotto ASS BRAKE KNOB 7,23  
R519,30 Manfrotto ASS FRICTION KNOB 29,60  
R519,34 Manfrotto ASS FRICTION KNOB 33,81  
R519,35 Manfrotto ASS LOCKING KNOB 4,02  
R519,38 Manfrotto ASS BUBBLE 5,19  
R519,40 Manfrotto ASS KNOB INSERT 5,39  
R519,43 Manfrotto SPRING 17,10  
R519,44 Manfrotto 519 LABEL 4,02  
R519,49 Manfrotto ASS PLUG 3,06  
R519,51 Manfrotto ASS BUSHING 19,36  
R519,52 Manfrotto ASS BUSHING 20,97  
R519,56 Manfrotto LABEL 4,61  
R519,57 Manfrotto LABEL 5,73  
R519,98 Manfrotto ASS BRAKE KNOB 6,74  
R521,41 Manfrotto JAW 16,34  
R516,206 Manfrotto ASS BASE CASTING 19,36  
R503,336 Manfrotto ELECTRONIC CIRCUIT BOARD 24,75  
R510,01 Manfrotto LEFT MECHANISM HOUSING 104,10  
R510,02 Manfrotto RIGHT MECHANISM HOUSING+SIDE 65,44  
R510,03 Manfrotto COVER+KNOB 71,30  
R510,03L Manfrotto LOCK SIDE PLATE, LEFT 73,75  
R510,04 Manfrotto LEFT SIDE 95,18  
R510,07 Manfrotto BALANCE ADJUSTMENT KNOB 29,52  
R510,08 Manfrotto PLATE SHOE 7,94  
R510,09 Manfrotto COVER LOCKING LEVER 24,08  
R510,11 Manfrotto PAN DRAG MECHANISM 38,81  
R510,12 Manfrotto HEMISPHERE+RING NUT 10,95  
R510,13 Manfrotto SAFETY BUTTON 8,16  
R510,15 Manfrotto TILT DRAG MECHANISM 49,44  
R510,20 Manfrotto TILT ADJUSTMENT KNOB 12,96  
R503,99 Manfrotto ASS CLAMP F/PAN BAR 28,81  
R503,98B Manfrotto ASS LEVER 21,07  
R503,97 Manfrotto ASS BODY W/FLANGES 72,57  
R503,338 Manfrotto LABEL 5,83  
R503,344 Manfrotto KNOB COVER 3,06  
R503,347 Manfrotto LABEL 3,21  
R503,349 Manfrotto LABEL 3,06  
R503,351 Manfrotto LABEL 2,96  
R503,352 Manfrotto LABEL 3,90  
R503,355 Manfrotto ASM BRAKE 9,11  
R503,399 Manfrotto INSERT 12,45  
R503,728 Manfrotto ASS BOWL KNOB 25,28  
R503,89 Manfrotto ASM BUBBLE 4,39  
R503,90 Manfrotto NUT+BEARING+WASHER ASSY 3,75  
R503,91 Manfrotto LOCKING KNOB F/PAN MOV+WASHER 6,71  
R503,93 Manfrotto SPRING+LEVEL+SCREW ASSY 3,06  
R510,33 Manfrotto WIDE-ANGLE LOCKING KNOB 9,16  
R510,34 Manfrotto RATCHET HANDLE 9,85  
R516,02 Manfrotto BASE CASTING 17,20  
R516,05 Manfrotto ASS RIGHT FLANGE 48,29  
R516,06 Manfrotto ASS LEFT FLANGE 81,54  
R516,07 Manfrotto COVER+SCREWS 17,54  
R516,08 Manfrotto ASS PLATE BRAKE 2,89  
R516,11 Manfrotto ASS PUSH BUTTON+SPRING 4,43  
R516,12 Manfrotto ASS BALANCE 9,09  
R516,13 Manfrotto ASS TILT BALANCE 8,53  
R516,16 Manfrotto HALF COVERING 8,75  
R516,18 Manfrotto PANORAMIC LEVEL COLLAR 5,66  
R516,201 Manfrotto ASS RIGHT FLANGE 57,75  
R516,202 Manfrotto ASS LEFT FLANGE 120,74  
R516,203 Manfrotto ASS TOP BASE 15,39  
R516,01 Manfrotto BASE PLATE 20,68  
R515,14B Manfrotto COMPLETE LEG 73,45  
R515,14 Manfrotto ASS GAMBETTA COMPLETA 87,15  
R510,35 Manfrotto STOPPER 2,60  
R510,40 Manfrotto BALANCE MODULUS 45,67  
R510,40Y Manfrotto ASS MOLLA DI FRIZ.+PERNO 39,22  
R510,41 Manfrotto BOWL CLAMP 11,69  
R510,42 Manfrotto PAN UNIT 101,99  
R510,45 Manfrotto ASM DISCS 25,97  
R510,57 Manfrotto PLATE LOCKING LEVER 9,07  
R510,67 Manfrotto LOCKING LEVER 3,77  
R510,73 Manfrotto INTERNAL BRAKE SYSTEM 8,99  
R510,80 Manfrotto TOOL TO REPAIR HEAD 510 333,96  
R515,06 Manfrotto BRAKE SHOE 4,85  
R515,08 Manfrotto TOP LEVER 5,44  
R515,13 Manfrotto LOWER LEVER 7,01  
R516,205 Manfrotto ASS COVER 69,24  
R440,13 Manfrotto RING FOR CARRYING STRAP 3,80  
R440,58 Manfrotto FOOT 4,88  
R440,98 Manfrotto ASS BUSH 3,19  
R440,99 Manfrotto ASS BUSH 3,19  
R441,01 Manfrotto RUBBER FOOT F/3443 2,57  
R441,02 Manfrotto COMPLETE CENTRE COLUMN 44,44  
R441,33 Manfrotto TOP LEG SECTION WITH COLLAR 43,44  
R442,90 Manfrotto CLAW BALL 24,08  
R444,03 Manfrotto COMPLETE COLUMN 40,60  
R445,01 Manfrotto TAPPO COLONNA 6,42  
R445,02 Manfrotto ASSIEME COLONNA E DISCO 29,65  
R449,03 Manfrotto TOP LEG SECTION 59,05  
R449,04 Manfrotto LEG 28,96  
R449,05 Manfrotto LEG 24,23  
R440,57 Manfrotto CLIP LOCKING LEG - 2 PCS 3,11  
R440,55 Manfrotto BUSHING 7,23  
R440,36 Manfrotto BOTTOM LEG SECTION 17,84  
R440,15 Manfrotto RUBBER FOOT 2,57  
R440,16 Manfrotto TOP CASTING COMPLETE W/SCREWS 15,48  
R440,19 Manfrotto LEG STOPPER WITH SCREW 12,52  
R440,20 Manfrotto CASTING WITH LABEL 7,01  
R440,21 Manfrotto CASTING WITH SPIRIT LEVEL 9,33  
R440,22 Manfrotto LOCKING NUT 4,02  
R440,24 Manfrotto KNOB WITH SPRING AND NUT 4,88  
R440,25 Manfrotto ANELLO MYLAR 38X46 2,21  
R440,30 Manfrotto ACCESSORY DISC 10,14  
R440,32 Manfrotto COMPLETE CENTRE COLUMN 40,60  
R440,33 Manfrotto TOP LEG SECTION WITH COLLAR 35,45  
R440,34 Manfrotto 2ND LEG SECTION 18,87  
R440,35 Manfrotto THIRD LEG SECTION 18,64  
R449,06 Manfrotto BOTTOM LEG 16,93  
R449,17 Manfrotto RUBBER PAD 2,55  
R458,01BL Manfrotto ASS LEG 147,61  
R458,10 Manfrotto LOCKING BUTTON 5,32  
R458,35 Manfrotto ASS DISK 8,97  
R458,39 Manfrotto ASS HOOK 2,25  
R458,52B Manfrotto ASM LEG 154,67  
R458,99 Manfrotto ASM COLLAR 15,73  
R460,01 Manfrotto MIDDLE CASTING F/3437 12,59  
R460,02 Manfrotto LOWER CASTING F/3437 14,68  
R460,03 Manfrotto TOP PLATE ASSY 23,81  
R460,04 Manfrotto BASE PLATE 6,64  
R460,05K Manfrotto KNOB COVER SET OF 50 38,64  
R460,06 Manfrotto 460MG LOCKING KNOB 5,46  
R460,07 Manfrotto 460MG DEGREE+NAME PLATE 3,99  
R458,01B Manfrotto ASS LEG 140,63  
R455,07 Manfrotto CENTRE COLUM LOCKING LEVER 6,32  
R455,06 Manfrotto LEG RELEASE LEVER 4,02  
R454,01L Manfrotto PLATE SUPPORT 18,40  
R454,02L Manfrotto PLATE 22,39  
R454,03 Manfrotto QUICK POSITIONING KNOB 14,65  
R454,04 Manfrotto PAWL 8,13  
R454,05 Manfrotto ASS PAWL 8,87  
R454,06 Manfrotto LOCKING PAD + SPRING ASSEMBLY 3,21  
R454,07 Manfrotto ASS THREAD ROD 7,64  
R454,08 Manfrotto RUBBER SECTOR 2,38  
R454,09 Manfrotto MICRO POSITIONING KNOB 7,84  
R454,15 Manfrotto ASS PLATE 18,01  
R454,16 Manfrotto ASS PLATE 18,01  
R454,17 Manfrotto PLATE WITH SCALE AND SCREWS 20,78  
R455,04 Manfrotto LEG PIVOT HOLDER 4,68  
R468,01 Manfrotto MAIN BODY 0,66  
R440,12 Manfrotto SET OF THREE GUIDE COLLARS 4,04  
R405,03 Manfrotto ASS CORPO CENTRALE 39,54  
R405,27 Manfrotto LABEL 4,36  
R405,93 Manfrotto ASS CORPO SUPERIORE 45,06  
R405,94 Manfrotto ASS MANOP COMANDO PAN 40,38  
R405,95 Manfrotto ASS RUOTA DENTATA + ETICHETTA 22,00  
R405,98 Manfrotto ASS MANOP COMANDO TILT 40,28  
R405,99 Manfrotto ASS MANOP COMANDO LEVEL 39,89  
R410,01 Manfrotto PLATE 5,34  
R410,02 Manfrotto BOTTOM CASTING 18,84  
R410,03 Manfrotto ADJUSTMENT HANDLE 18,30  
R410,04 Manfrotto SCREW 5,00  
R410,05 Manfrotto ASS NOTTOLINO DI REG.+GRANO 5,24  
R410,06 Manfrotto INNER CASTING 19,16  
R410,07 Manfrotto BOT TEETHED CASTING W/NAME PL 12,35  
R405,26 Manfrotto LABEL 4,36  
R405,25 Manfrotto LABEL 4,36  
R405,24 Manfrotto ASS GHIERA LEVEL 7,35  
R405,05 Manfrotto WORM SCREW 10,44  
R405,06 Manfrotto ASS PERNO FILETTATO + ANELLO 11,20  
R405,07 Manfrotto ASS GHIERA PAN 7,35  
R405,08 Manfrotto ASS MANOPOLA 8,31  
R405,09 Manfrotto KNOB COVER 3,43  
R405,10 Manfrotto DISK 14,04  
R405,12 Manfrotto ASS TILT SPRING 3,06  
R405,13 Manfrotto RING NUT COVER 3,72  
R405,14 Manfrotto ASS PAN SPRING 2,65  
R405,15 Manfrotto MYLAR RING 53X42,75X0,3 2,23  
R405,19 Manfrotto MYLAR RING 49X39X0,3 2,18  
R405,21 Manfrotto ASS KNOB WASHER 2,60  
R405,22 Manfrotto ASS GHIERA TILT 7,35  
R410,08 Manfrotto TOP CASTING 34,52  
R410,10 Manfrotto COVER 3,16  
R438,02 Manfrotto MAIN CASTING 15,41  
R438,03 Manfrotto SPHERE COLLAR 10,49  
R438,04 Manfrotto PLATE ASSEMBLY 25,19  
R438,06 Manfrotto RATCHET LEVER 8,13  
R438,90 Manfrotto CONNECTING SCREW W/SPRING 3,14  
R440,01 Manfrotto TOP COLLAR 9,95  
R440,02 Manfrotto ECCENTRIC LEVER 3,77  
R440,04 Manfrotto BOTTOM COLLAR 10,31  
R440,05 Manfrotto SET OF 4 BUSHES 4,88  
R440,06 Manfrotto SET OF TWO COLLAR SLEEVES 3,19  
R440,07 Manfrotto SET OF THREE COLLAR SLEEVES 4,04  
R440,08 Manfrotto CONO BLOCCAGGIO 3,92  
R440,09 Manfrotto COLUMN LOCK SHIM 3,06  
R438,01 Manfrotto MAIN CASTING 12,86  
R427,13B Manfrotto ASS TUBE AND SPIKE 92,46  
R425,99 Manfrotto ATTACHMENT 25,97  
R410,11 Manfrotto CENTER COLUMN STOPPER 2,55  
R410,12 Manfrotto TOP TEETHED CASTING W/NAME PL 12,64  
R410,13 Manfrotto TOP PLATE 7,25  
R410,15 Manfrotto PLATE LOCKING LEVER 6,57  
R410,16BR Manfrotto PIN 2,70  
R410,19 Manfrotto ANTI-FRICTION RING 2,65  
R410,27 Manfrotto ANTIFRICTION RINGS FOR R410,08 2,50  
R410,35 Manfrotto RUBBER SECTOR 2,82  
R410,42 Manfrotto LABEL 2,72  
R410,43 Manfrotto LABEL 3,14  
R410,46 Manfrotto LABEL 3,38  
R410,99 Manfrotto ASS TOP CASTING 26,68  
R420,23 Manfrotto ASS LEG BRACE SET OF 2 7,45  
R440,11 Manfrotto SET OF TWO GUIDE COLLARS 3,19  
R475,08B Manfrotto ALUMINIUM PIPE 29,5X1X539 BL. 8,06  
R482,01 Manfrotto SPHERE SEAT 6,69  
R482,02 Manfrotto SPHERE SEAT 5,54  
R482,03 Manfrotto ASSY KNOB 10,90  
R482,04 Manfrotto ASSY RUBBER DISK 4,83  
R482,19 Manfrotto ASS ADATTATORE PER FLASH 5,44  
R482,22 Manfrotto LABEL 2,67  
R484,01 Manfrotto ASS BODY 9,38  
R484,02 Manfrotto ASS BALL HOLDER 5,29  
R484,03 Manfrotto ASS BALL 7,45  
R484,04 Manfrotto ASS DISCO CON GOMMA 5,15  
R484,05 Manfrotto ASS DISK 2,35  
R484,07 Manfrotto ASS SPIGOT W/SCREW 8,11  
R484,09BR Manfrotto ASS BRAKE SHOE 2,43  
R475,99 Manfrotto ASS TENSION ROD COMPLETE 12,47  
R475,90B Manfrotto ASS ALL TUBE W/SLEEVE BLCK 27,81  
R475,09 Manfrotto ASS. TUBE W/FOOT 20,56  
R475,09B Manfrotto ASS. TUBE W/FOOT BLACK 19,40  
R475,10 Manfrotto MAIN CASTING W/BUBBLE 29,03  
R475,12 Manfrotto ASS. TIRANTE D16 E RIVETTO 6,81  
R475,13 Manfrotto ASS. TIRANTE D.13 VITI E SFERA 5,81  
R475,13B Manfrotto ASS. TIR.NERO D13 VITI E SFERA 5,90  
R475,15 Manfrotto ASS.ANELLO E PERNO PORTACING. 5,90  
R475,25 Manfrotto ASS SLEEVE 35,4/29,5 11,66  
R475,26 Manfrotto WRENCH EX.8 SET OF 5 3,33  
R475,88B Manfrotto TENSION BAR BLCK 9,95  
R475,89 Manfrotto TENSION BAR 13,25  
R475,89B Manfrotto TENSION BAR BLCK 13,48  
R475,90 Manfrotto ASS ALL TUBE W/SLEEVE 28,96  
R484,11 Manfrotto PIN SET OF 5 4,95  
R484,21 Manfrotto LABEL 2,77  
R488,20 Manfrotto TAVOLETTA SUPERIORE 20,90  
R488,21 Manfrotto ASS SFERA CON CODOLO 11,29  
R488,29 Manfrotto LABEL 2,74  
R488,32 Manfrotto LABEL 3,43  
R488,33 Manfrotto LABEL 3,04  
R488,97 Manfrotto ASS SUPPORTO PIASTRA 32,63  
R488,98 Manfrotto ASSY KNOB AND RING 10,56  
R488,99 Manfrotto ASS VITE E ANELLI 6,00  
R490,01 Manfrotto MAIN CASTING 19,21  
R490,02 Manfrotto ASS DISCO PAN 16,10  
R490,03 Manfrotto ASS PORTA RULLI 9,41  
R490,04 Manfrotto ASS RONDELLA DI SPINTA 7,18  
R490,11 Manfrotto ASS RONDELLA C/VITE 7,03  
R488,14 Manfrotto PAWL COVER 2,67  
R488,13 Manfrotto PAWL COVER 4,26  
R488,10 Manfrotto ASSY KNOB 9,36  
R484,23 Manfrotto LABEL 2,30  
R486,01 Manfrotto ASS BODY 11,56  
R486,02 Manfrotto ASS BALL HOLDER 8,38  
R486,03BR Manfrotto ASS BRAKE SHOE 3,06  
R486,04 Manfrotto ASS DISK W/RUBBER 10,00  
R486,05 Manfrotto ASS SPIGOT W/BALL 17,15  
R486,07 Manfrotto ASS SPIGOT W/SPRING 6,52  
R486,08 Manfrotto ASS KNOB 10,41  
R486,16 Manfrotto LABEL 2,52  
R488,01 Manfrotto SPHERE SEAT 14,77  
R488,02 Manfrotto ASS DISK 12,54  
R488,03 Manfrotto ASS PORTA RULLI E SPINE 6,98  
R488,04 Manfrotto ASS ANELLO E O-RING 3,60  
R490,12 Manfrotto ASS MANOPOLA 11,44  
R475,08 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM PIPE 29,5X1X539 8,99  
R468,39 Manfrotto ASM BALL HOLDER 29,35  
R468,42 Manfrotto ASM PAWL 16,95  
R468,43 Manfrotto PAWL COVER 6,17  
R468,45 Manfrotto ASM KNOB 8,97  
R468,50 Manfrotto ASM PAWL RINGS 26,07  
R468,53 Manfrotto RING NUT 9,87  
R468,54 Manfrotto ASM LABELS 4,51  
R468,55 Manfrotto ASM LABELS 4,51  
R468,56 Manfrotto ASM LABELS 4,51  
R468,57 Manfrotto ASM LABELS 4,51  
R468,58 Manfrotto ASM LABELS 4,51  
R468,59 Manfrotto ASM LABELS 4,51  
R468,60 Manfrotto ASM UPPER CASTING 35,30  
R468,37 Manfrotto WASHER 6,15  
R468,36 Manfrotto ASM BALL 13,70  
R468,35 Manfrotto BODY 35,77  
R468,03 Manfrotto LOCKING ACTUATOR ASSY 14,43  
R468,04 Manfrotto BASE DISK WITH RING 26,85  
R468,05 Manfrotto FRICTION ASSY 37,80  
R468,09 Manfrotto SUPPORT WASHERS 9,09  
R468,10 Manfrotto PAN LOCKING ASSY 8,35  
R468,12 Manfrotto PAWL 7,55  
R468,14 Manfrotto TOP PLATFORM 38,83  
R468,15 Manfrotto SPHERE D.50 15,48  
R468,16 Manfrotto RING NUT COVER 4,51  
R468,17 Manfrotto ASS TOP GUIDE 3,45  
R468,22 Manfrotto CORK PAD F/3435 HEAD 2,62  
R468,24 Manfrotto ATTACHMENT SCREW ASSY 6,22  
R468,28 Manfrotto TOP PLATFORM 19,26  
R468,61 Manfrotto ASM UPPER CASTING 17,17  
R468,62 Manfrotto ASM UPPER CASTING 29,16  
R469,08 Manfrotto GUIDES AND SCREW FOR 3436QR 9,85  
R469,09 Manfrotto RING FOR SPHERE 3,77  
R469,10 Manfrotto TOP PLATE ASSEMBLY 54,64  
R469,11 Manfrotto RUBBER DISK D.72 2,87  
R469,13 Manfrotto RING NUT COVER 4,51  
R469,16 Manfrotto ASS TAVOLETTA+VITE+GRANO 12,47  
R475,01 Manfrotto UPPER LOCK WITH LEVER 9,14  
R475,02 Manfrotto ASSY LEVER FOR COLLAR 4,43  
R475,03 Manfrotto LOWER CASTING ASSY&RING 10,29  
R475,04 Manfrotto ASSY KNOB COLUMN LOCKING 3,92  
R475,05 Manfrotto KNOB & SPRING LOWER 2,99  
R475,06 Manfrotto ASSY COLLAR LOCKING & BUSHING 8,01  
R475,07 Manfrotto ASS. PIPE D=35,4 11,15  
R469,07 Manfrotto GUIDES FOR BASE ON 469 HEAD 10,71  
R469,06 Manfrotto BALL FOR 3436 35,16  
R469,04 Manfrotto BASE DISK WITH RING 49,17  
R468,63 Manfrotto ASM UPPER CASTING 20,78  
R468,64 Manfrotto ASM UPPER CASTING 33,30  
R468,70 Manfrotto ASM KNOB 10,07  
R468,71 Manfrotto BELLOWS COVER 11,91  
R468,75 Manfrotto ASM LABELS 9,46  
R468,76 Manfrotto ASM LABELS 9,46  
R468,79 Manfrotto BODY 51,79  
R468,80 Manfrotto ASM PAWL 15,63  
R468,98 Manfrotto BODY 41,26  
R468M,74 Manfrotto BODY 35,94  
R469,01 Manfrotto MAIN BODY 0,66  
R469,02 Manfrotto SPHERICAL COLLAR+SPRING+BALL 10,73  
R469,03 Manfrotto LOCKING ACTUATOR ASSY 18,55  
R475,07B Manfrotto ASS. PIPE D=35,4 BLACK 9,78  
R334,16 Manfrotto SCREW 3,04  
R341,02 Manfrotto ASS PLATE W/SCREW 9,33  
R341,99 Manfrotto ASS BLOCKAGE SCREW 7,94  
R342,02 Manfrotto BALL CASTING STUD 3,28  
R342,06 Manfrotto BASE PLATE 6,86  
R342,08 Manfrotto RATCHET LOCK KNOB 8,87  
R342,09 Manfrotto MAIN CASTING W/NAME LABEL+GRUB 8,18  
R342,92 Manfrotto RING NUT SUPP+RUBBER SECT ASSY 4,83  
R344,01 Manfrotto LOWER LEG 20,43  
R344,01B Manfrotto BLACK LOWER LEG 21,51  
R344,01BBR Manfrotto LOWER LEG W/POLISHED COLLAR 21,61  
R344,01C21B Manfrotto BLACK EXT LEG W/GREEN COLLAR 20,87  
R349,02 Manfrotto JAW 3,70  
R349,03 Manfrotto ASS PROTEZIONE + PASTIGLIA 4,85  
R341,01 Manfrotto ASS BRACKET 39,76  
R340,12 Manfrotto RUBBER SECTOR 2,47  
R340,11 Manfrotto RUBBER SECTOR 2,47  
R334,17 Manfrotto PAD F/3413 2,38  
R334,28 Manfrotto ASS DISK 2,40  
R338,01 Manfrotto ASM DISK 30,06  
R338,02 Manfrotto DISK 25,87  
R338,03 Manfrotto SCREW 7,20  
R338,11 Manfrotto PAWL 4,46  
R338,99 Manfrotto ASM SCREW W/SPRING 3,65  
R340,01 Manfrotto L-BRACKET W/RUBBER 40,55  
R340,02 Manfrotto HEXAGONAL PLATE 8,04  
R340,03 Manfrotto SLIDING PIN 6,59  
R340,04 Manfrotto FLOATING PIN 2,72  
R340,05 Manfrotto PAWL 3,43  
R340,08 Manfrotto 3/8z SCREW 8,04  
R349,04 Manfrotto ASM CRANK 10,66  
R350,01 Manfrotto MAIN CASTING W/SCREWS&NUT 21,09  
R351,33 Manfrotto ASS TUBE + SLEEVE 77,91  
R351,35 Manfrotto ASS TUBE 33,42  
R351,44 Manfrotto CONNECTION 15,80  
R351,46 Manfrotto ASM TUBE FOR LOWER LEG 7,82  
R351,47 Manfrotto ASM LOWER LEG 35,60  
R351,50 Manfrotto CARBON TUBE 35,84  
R351,51 Manfrotto ASM TUBE 32,59  
R351,52 Manfrotto ASM TUBE + SLEEVE 74,68  
R351,95 Manfrotto ASM TUBE + SLEEVE 57,70  
R351,98 Manfrotto ASS TUBE + SLEEVE 55,91  
R351,99 Manfrotto ASS CLAW BALL 22,52  
R352,02 Manfrotto BALL ASSY F/3262 8,26  
R352,03 Manfrotto 3/8z THREAD SLEEVE 4,04  
R351,31 Manfrotto CABLE CLIP W/ALLEN KEY 3,94  
R351,30 Manfrotto SPREADER CLIP 7,13  
R351,14 Manfrotto LEG STOPPER 4,68  
R350,02 Manfrotto CLAW BALL LEVELLER 24,62  
R350,18 Manfrotto CAMERA PLATFORM WITH KNOB 35,79  
R351,01 Manfrotto MAIN CASTING FOR 3181&3182 19,50  
R351,01L Manfrotto MAIN CASTING 22,83  
R351,02 Manfrotto BALL CASTING W/ROD 21,71  
R351,04 Manfrotto CLAW BALL & CLAMP KNOB 30,89  
R351,08 Manfrotto UPPER LEG 28,74  
R351,10 Manfrotto RUBBER COVERS FOR SPIKED FEET 3,36  
R351,11 Manfrotto LEG W/TWIN SPIKE FOOT 16,22  
R351,11B Manfrotto LEG, BLACK, W/TWIN SPIKE FOOT 16,15  
R351,12 Manfrotto UPPER LEG 38,15  
R351,12B Manfrotto UPPER LEG, BLACK 36,28  
R351,13 Manfrotto CLAW BALL KNOB 11,69  
R352,06 Manfrotto BASE PLATE 9,09  
R334,13B Manfrotto LEG ASSY 60,88  
R316,09 Manfrotto BOWL 15,09  
R322,06 Manfrotto ASSEMBLY HANDLE 6,44  
R322,07 Manfrotto ASS RING NUT 6,66  
R322,08 Manfrotto ASS UPPER COVER 14,28  
R322,09 Manfrotto ASS TOP CASTING 14,41  
R322,10 Manfrotto RUBBER STOPPER 11,42  
R322,17 Manfrotto ASS LABEL 2,77  
R328,09 Manfrotto HANDLE 16,81  
R328,12B Manfrotto BLACK TOP POLE W/CLAMP&HOOK 22,39  
R328,15B Manfrotto BLK BOTTOM POLE W/HANDLE SLOT 28,64  
R328,17B Manfrotto BLACK TOP POLE WITH HOOK 24,13  
R328,20B Manfrotto BLK BOTTOM POLE W/HANDLE SLOT 28,64  
R328,22B Manfrotto BLACK TOP POLE WITH HOOK 26,88  
R328,25B Manfrotto BLK BOTTOM POLE W/HANDLE SLOT 28,64  
R322,05 Manfrotto ASS LOWER COVER 16,46  
R322,03 Manfrotto ASS LOCKING SYSTEM 10,76  
R322,01 Manfrotto ASS BASE 31,38  
R316,10 Manfrotto FRICTION ADJUSTEMENT KNOB 27,78  
R316,11 Manfrotto COVER LOCKING LEVER 15,17  
R316,13 Manfrotto FRICTION PLATES 11,61  
R316,16 Manfrotto COMPLETE RELEASE PLATE 7,55  
R316,17 Manfrotto RELEASE BUTTON W/SPRING 7,08  
R316,20 Manfrotto FRICTION SPRING 48,02  
R316,30 Manfrotto BRAKE+HALF-RING+SCREWS 18,50  
R316,32 Manfrotto PAN LOCKING KNOB 20,07  
R316,33 Manfrotto PLATE LOCKING LEVER 10,36  
R316,40 Manfrotto PLATE 7,50  
R317,29 Manfrotto PROFzPIATTOz 25X15,9X131,3 POL 18,03  
R317,30 Manfrotto PROFzPIATTOz 25X15,9X111,3 POL 15,29  
R317,31 Manfrotto PROFzPIATTOz 25X15,9X91,1 POL 15,29  
R329,01 Manfrotto BASE PLATE+SPIRIT LEVEL ASSY 15,36  
R329,02 Manfrotto PIVOT DIAL ASSY (RIGHT) 7,52  
R330,03 Manfrotto CAMERA SUPPORT BRACKET 8,53  
R330,04 Manfrotto FLASH HEAD SUPPORT BRACKET 8,94  
R330,06 Manfrotto HARDWARE + LOCKING WEDGES 11,76  
R330,12 Manfrotto ASM FLASH HOLDER 3,36  
R330,25 Manfrotto TURNBUCKLE WITH 1/4z W SCREW 3,53  
R330,99 Manfrotto ASS BLOCKAGE SCREW 6,27  
R331,01 Manfrotto BASE PLATE 12,91  
R331,02 Manfrotto INSERT 6,42  
R331,03 Manfrotto SUPPORT 15,26  
R331,08 Manfrotto HEAD LOCK KNOB 3,11  
R334,02 Manfrotto HANDLE SHELL+SCREW+CORK 7,94  
R334,04 Manfrotto RELEASE LEVER 6,32  
R329,99 Manfrotto HANDLE SET 11,74  
R329,98 Manfrotto ASM PLATE 41,21  
R329,41 Manfrotto ASS LABEL 3,14  
R329,03 Manfrotto PIVOT DIAL ASSY (LEFT) 12,23  
R329,04 Manfrotto CENTRE CASTING 28,40  
R329,05 Manfrotto TOP PLATE ASSY W/DEGREE LABEL 17,27  
R329,07 Manfrotto SLIDE FOR PLATE + SCREWS 6,81  
R329,08 Manfrotto SAFETY BUTTON 2,70  
R329,09 Manfrotto PAN LOCK KNOB 8,16  
R329,10 Manfrotto PLATE LOCK KNOB WITH WEDGE 10,85  
R329,14 Manfrotto LABEL SET OF 5PCS 5,29  
R329,16 Manfrotto LABEL SET OF 5PCS 7,33  
R329,29 Manfrotto PLATE LOCK KNOB WITH SPRING 13,08  
R329,31 Manfrotto RUBBER SECTOR SET OF 5PCS 4,26  
R329,32 Manfrotto ASS TOP CASTING+LABEL 22,30  
R329,33 Manfrotto HALF RING FOR TOP PLATE 5,66  
R334,05 Manfrotto GEAR ASSY 6,15  
R384,59 Manfrotto RUBBER 2,45  
R390,22 Manfrotto CENTRE COLUMN W/STOPPER 16,34  
R390,23 Manfrotto THREE FACED TUBE D.24 8,94  
R390,24 Manfrotto TOP LEG SECTION W/COLLAR 10,51  
R390,24B Manfrotto TOP BLACK LEG SECT, W/COLLAR 9,65  
R390,25 Manfrotto THREE FACED TUBE D.20 7,37  
R390,26 Manfrotto ALL PROF 16X0,8X384 TR.P.AN.S. 6,32  
R390,26B Manfrotto ALL PROF 16X0,8X384 TR.AN.NERO 6,30  
R390,30 Manfrotto CAP 3,90  
R390,32 Manfrotto STOPPER F/3011N,3011BN 2,45  
R390,56 Manfrotto 24/28MM CASTING 3,41  
R390,57 Manfrotto 20/24MM CASTING 3,26  
R390,58 Manfrotto LOWER COLLAR 3,11  
R390,90 Manfrotto SCREW SET 3,21  
R390,15 Manfrotto BASE PLATE LOCKING KNOB F/3405 2,65  
R390,14 Manfrotto COMPLETE LOCK KNOB ASSY 4,68  
R390,11 Manfrotto COLUMN LOCK LEVER 3,33  
R387,08XB Manfrotto ASS GAMBA+PORTARUOTE+AST 387XU 157,90  
R387,13B Manfrotto ASS COL SUPER WIND UP3SCTN BLK 204,31  
R387,19B Manfrotto ASS COL ACC60 FORATA+TAPPO BLK 120,88  
R387,28XB Manfrotto ASS GAMBA LIV INOX X S/WIND UP 333,52  
R387,66XB Manfrotto STAINLESS STEEL BASE COL. BLK 99,84  
R390,01 Manfrotto MAIN CASTING 16,15  
R390,02 Manfrotto COMPLETE SHELL 9,75  
R390,03 Manfrotto TOP PLATE 11,44  
R390,06 Manfrotto COVER 8,06  
R390,07 Manfrotto ANELLO TEFLON 54,5X47X1 2,89  
R390,08 Manfrotto ANELLO TEFLON 54,5X35X1 2,89  
R390,09 Manfrotto UPPER CASTING WITH SCREWS 8,01  
R390,10 Manfrotto LOWER MAIN CASTING F/3405 6,35  
R390,95 Manfrotto LOCKING LEVER 8,65  
R393,01 Manfrotto BRACKET SUPPORT 35,13  
R400,12 Manfrotto LOCKING SLIDE (BACK) 5,07  
R400,13 Manfrotto LOCKING PLATFORM 46,23  
R400,15 Manfrotto HARDWARE F/PLATE ADJUSTMENT 4,80  
R400,16 Manfrotto LOCKING LEVER+SPRING 5,78  
R400,18 Manfrotto TILT/PAN CONTROL CRANK HANDLE 15,46  
R400,21 Manfrotto BRAKE SHOE 6,42  
R400,22 Manfrotto ASM SLIDING PLATE 5,39  
R400,30 Manfrotto SLIDING LOCK 16,86  
R400,32 Manfrotto PANORAMIC GEAR 22,20  
R400,33 Manfrotto VERTICAL TILT GEAR 23,64  
R400,34 Manfrotto LEVELLING CONTROL HANDLE 29,25  
R400,37 Manfrotto SAFETY BUTTON 5,98  
R405,01 Manfrotto ASS CORPO DI BASE CON BOLLA 28,84  
R400,11 Manfrotto FRONT SEMI SUPPORT 5,15  
R400,10 Manfrotto TOP CASTING COVER 5,02  
R400,09 Manfrotto CENTRE TOP CASTING COVER 8,62  
R393,02 Manfrotto BRACKET 27,46  
R393,03 Manfrotto PLATE COVER WITH SCREWS 5,00  
R393,06 Manfrotto ANCHORING PLATE 17,79  
R393,07 Manfrotto FRICTION GEAR ASSY 17,10  
R393,09 Manfrotto HANDLE zPLASTISOLz 5,15  
R393,14 Manfrotto LOCKING KNOB 5,68  
R394,01 Manfrotto ASS PLATE W/BUBBLES 14,19  
R400,02 Manfrotto TOP CASTING 29,42  
R400,03 Manfrotto RING BEVEL GEAR F/VERTICAL MOV 47,85  
R400,04 Manfrotto HELICAL GEAR FOR PAN MOVEMENT 39,13  
R400,05 Manfrotto HANDLE COVER 14,53  
R400,07 Manfrotto PAN CRANK COVER 8,26  
R400,08 Manfrotto TILT CRANK COVER 8,43  
R405,02 Manfrotto MIDDLE CASTING 23,25  
R384,58K Manfrotto ASM SCREW+WASHER SET OF 50 185,12  
R352,08 Manfrotto RATCHET LOCK LEVER ASSY 11,66  
R357,07 Manfrotto ASS MANOPOLA 10,19  
R357,08 Manfrotto SAFETY PIN+SPRING 4,90  
R357,09 Manfrotto CAMERA SCREW STOPPER 2,33  
R357,20 Manfrotto ASS RUBBER 2PCS 2,74  
R357,22 Manfrotto ASS SLIDING PLATE 40,82  
R357,24 Manfrotto ASS PIASTRINA VHS 7,62  
R357,25 Manfrotto ASS DENTE BLOCC. PIASTRA 15,46  
R359,02 Manfrotto TUBE ADAPTER W/SCREW 10,61  
R361,01 Manfrotto ARM F/3248 3,26  
R361,02 Manfrotto BRACKET SUPPORT 4,19  
R361,03 Manfrotto ARM F/3248 3,16  
R361,05 Manfrotto ATTACHMENT PIECE 8,72  
R361,06 Manfrotto SHOULDER SUPPORT F/3248 2,35  
R357,06 Manfrotto SPIRIT LEVEL ASSY W/SPRINGS 3,14  
R357,05 Manfrotto ANTIROTATION TOOTH F/CAMERA 3,36  
R357,03 Manfrotto LOCK KNOB 12,91  
R352,09 Manfrotto MAIN CASTING W/NAME LABEL+GRUB 9,09  
R352,10 Manfrotto DOUBLE ATTACHMENT 3/8 1/4 ASSY 3,94  
R352,14 Manfrotto SPRING F/MONOPOD 2,03  
R352,25 Manfrotto UPPER PLATFORM 17,52  
R352,39 Manfrotto RUBBER PAD 2,74  
R352,92 Manfrotto SHELL+SCREW+NUT+RUBBER ASSY 9,29  
R354,03 Manfrotto RELEASE LEVER 6,15  
R354,07 Manfrotto ASS SPRING 2,33  
R354,08 Manfrotto LOCKING LEVER ASSEMBLY 5,37  
R354,11 Manfrotto PIN&SPRING 2,92  
R355,01 Manfrotto TABLE SUPPORT 12,18  
R356,01 Manfrotto WALL SUPPORT 15,04  
R357,01 Manfrotto PLATFORM 28,91  
R361,13 Manfrotto 3248 SCREW 5,73  
R373,09 Manfrotto ASS COVER 6,05  
R373,31 Manfrotto TUBO D35,5 173,75  
R373,32 Manfrotto TUBO D. 30,8 141,54  
R373,33 Manfrotto TUBO D. 26 85,73  
R373,34 Manfrotto ASS TUBE D=22 104,37  
R373,35 Manfrotto TUBO 18 110,15  
R379,03B Manfrotto LOWER SECTION 13,70  
R379,06 Manfrotto JOINT BUSH DIAM 26 + SPRING 3,16  
R379,07 Manfrotto RUBBER RING NUT F/TUBE D.19 3,16  
R379,08 Manfrotto RUBBER RING NUT F/TUBE D.22 3,16  
R379,09 Manfrotto RUBBER RING NUT F/TUBE D.25 3,16  
R379,10 Manfrotto FOOT ASSY 4,02  
R384,56 Manfrotto SLIDING PLATE 5,71  
R384,57 Manfrotto RUBBER 2,45  
R373,30 Manfrotto TUBO 18 99,37  
R373,29 Manfrotto TUBO 22 98,61  
R373,28 Manfrotto TUBO D. 26 101,68  
R373,10 Manfrotto ASS CAP 14,21  
R373,13 Manfrotto COLLARE BLOCCAGGIO 35,5 73,57  
R373,14 Manfrotto TUBO D. 30,8 165,99  
R373,16 Manfrotto LOCKING COLLAR 30,8 50,30  
R373,17 Manfrotto TUBO D. 26 138,84  
R373,19 Manfrotto COLLARE BLOCCAGGIO 26 67,01  
R373,20 Manfrotto TUBO 22 129,12  
R373,22 Manfrotto COLLARE BLOCCAGGIO 22 66,93  
R373,23 Manfrotto TUBO 18 120,12  
R373,24 Manfrotto ASS COLLAR 6,74  
R373,25 Manfrotto ASS SCREW 3,97  
R373,26 Manfrotto TUBO D35,5 140,16  
R373,27 Manfrotto TUBO D. 30,8 113,21  
R384,58 Manfrotto ASS SCREW+WASHER 6,49  
R276,04B Manfrotto ALL TUBE 24X0,8X395 BLCK 6,93  
R293,04 Manfrotto LENS STRAP 7,72  
R293,05 Manfrotto FIXING SCREW SET 5,39  
R3,0019 Manfrotto GRUB SCREW SET OF 5 STNLS INOX 3,14  
R3,0036 Manfrotto STUD F/EXPO3 DISPLAY STAND 3,97  
R3,0050 Manfrotto GRUB SCREW 2,52  
R3,0057 Manfrotto GRUB SCREW M6 SET OF 5 3,77  
R3,0058 Manfrotto ASS GRUB SCREW SET OF 5 3,48  
R3,0058K Manfrotto ASS GRUB SCREW SET OF 100 39,86  
R3,0105 Manfrotto DOWEL SET OF 5 2,06  
R3,0141 Manfrotto GRUB SCREW M5 SET OF 5 2,35  
R3,0193 Manfrotto SCREW SET OF 5 2,08  
R3,0245 Manfrotto SCREW SET OF 5 3,19  
R3,0279 Manfrotto SCREW 3/8z X 3/4z TE 8.8 Z 2,40  
R293,03 Manfrotto SLIDING BRACKET W/LENS SUPPORT 10,39  
R293,02 Manfrotto FIXED BRACKET 12,89  
R290,90 Manfrotto ADAPTOR W/KNOB&SPRING 13,35  
R276,05 Manfrotto ALL TUBE 20X0,8X425 6,10  
R276,05B Manfrotto ALL TUBE 20X0,8X425 BLCK 6,84  
R276,06 Manfrotto ALL TUBE 16X0,8X447 5,83  
R276,06B Manfrotto ALL TUBE 16X0,8X447 BLCK 1,54  
R290,03 Manfrotto LEG BRACE 6,49  
R290,08 Manfrotto 290 CENTRE COLUMN 15,09  
R290,08B Manfrotto 290 CENTRE COLUMN, BLACK 15,48  
R290,11 Manfrotto UPPER LEG 13,13  
R290,11B Manfrotto 290 UPPER LEG, BLACK 10,66  
R290,12 Manfrotto FOOT 9,43  
R290,14 Manfrotto ATTACHMENT PLATE WITH 3/8z STU 18,33  
R290,16 Manfrotto ADAPTOR 1/4z SOKKIA 12,35  
R290,65 Manfrotto TOP COLUMN W/ATTACHMENT PLATE 13,79  
R3,0280 Manfrotto SCREW 2,67  
R3,0284 Manfrotto SCREW W/WASHER 3,65  
R3,0903 Manfrotto ASS MANOP 4PG+ROND+VITE M6X65 3,16  
R3,0942 Manfrotto BOLT 2,11  
R3,0948 Manfrotto SCREW M6 SET OF 5 2,38  
R3,0951 Manfrotto ASM SCREWS SET OF 5 3,04  
R3,0971 Manfrotto SCREW M5X16 SET OF 100 17,22  
R3,0990K Manfrotto RIVET SET OF 50 7,52  
R3,1100 Manfrotto RIVET SET OF 5 2,23  
R3,1431K Manfrotto WASHER SET OF 50 11,00  
R3,1494K Manfrotto ROLL PIN STRATO SAFE 50PC KIT 40,06  
R3,1910K Manfrotto NUT SET OF 50 15,31  
R3,1932 Manfrotto NUT SET OF 5 2,23  
R3,1954 Manfrotto ASS NUT 2,11  
R3,2060 Manfrotto ROD + CAP NUT ASSY 3,75  
R3,0899 Manfrotto LOCKING KNOB W/SCREW (CENTRAL) 3,45  
R3,0796 Manfrotto ASS SCREW 5X60 SET OF 5 2,70  
R3,0782K Manfrotto SCREW SET OF 10 4,61  
R3,0285 Manfrotto BRACKET LOCK KNOB 2,67  
R3,0293 Manfrotto 1/4z SCREW F/HEAD PLATE 3,11  
R3,0298 Manfrotto SCREW 2,33  
R3,0302 Manfrotto SCREW SET OF 10 0,96  
R3,0369 Manfrotto ASS SCREW W/NUT SET OF 5 3,55  
R3,0370 Manfrotto ASS SCREW W/NUT SET OF 5 3,48  
R3,0480 Manfrotto HANDLE/BOLT 4,78  
R3,0620K Manfrotto SCREW SET OF 100 17,42  
R3,0672K Manfrotto SCREW SET OF 100 29,45  
R3,0766 Manfrotto SCREW&WASHER 2,72  
R3,0768 Manfrotto SCREW&WASHER 2,65  
R3,0778K Manfrotto SCREW SET OF 10 2,99  
R3,2080 Manfrotto NUT SET OF 5 2,11  
R276,04 Manfrotto ALL TUBE 24X0,8X395 7,33  
R241,03 Manfrotto CAMERA PLATE W/CORK&PIN 13,30  
R250,06 Manfrotto LEG STOPPER 5,71  
R250,07 Manfrotto SLIDING COLLAR W/QUICK FLIP 21,49  
R250,09 Manfrotto SLIDING BLOCK F/LEVER 5,07  
R250,10 Manfrotto LOWER COLLAR 10,05  
R250,11 Manfrotto COMPLETE FOOT SET 26,73  
R250,12 Manfrotto FOOT FOR 3191 3192 2,84  
R250,13 Manfrotto RETRACTABLE SPIKE 10,54  
R250,15 Manfrotto LEVER+COLLAR SET 5,98  
R250,22 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 19X1X680 2,01  
R250,22B Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 19X1X680 BLACK 10,00  
R250,29 Manfrotto LEG CLIP 2,45  
R250,34 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 19X1X385 6,30  
R250,34B Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 19X1X385 BLACK 6,74  
R250,05 Manfrotto TOP LEG PIVOT 21,17  
R250,04 Manfrotto LEG LOCK WEDGE 4,92  
R241,04 Manfrotto COVER W/SCREWS 23,96  
R241,05 Manfrotto PLATE SUPPORT 11,93  
R241,10 Manfrotto COMPLETE COLUMN DIAM 28 9,60  
R241,20 Manfrotto PLATFORM 2,55  
R241,90 Manfrotto KNOB ASSY 2,96  
R243,02 Manfrotto COMPLETE POD 11,00  
R243,03 Manfrotto CORK WASHER 4,78  
R243,04 Manfrotto CLAMP KNOB 4,48  
R243,17 Manfrotto RUBBER SECTOR 2,47  
R243,92 Manfrotto ANCH BRACKET+RUBBER+GRUBS ASSY 11,74  
R246,01 Manfrotto ADAPTER 3/8W 11,76  
R246,02 Manfrotto SINGLE SIDE SUPPORT W/SCREWS 5,86  
R250,35 Manfrotto TANDEM LEG W/TWIN SPIKED FOOT 23,67  
R250,35B Manfrotto TANDEM LEG, BLACK, W/SPIKE 24,55  
R250,99 Manfrotto SPREADER ATTACHMENT 3,85  
R254,07 Manfrotto PLATE 18,52  
R259,04 Manfrotto ASM RING 3,82  
R268,05 Manfrotto BALL SOCKET 10,95  
R268,07 Manfrotto BASE PLATE 21,78  
R268,100 Manfrotto COMPLETE PLATE+BALL ASSY 76,29  
R268,100L Manfrotto COMPLETE PLATE+BALL ASSY 76,51  
R268,12 Manfrotto LOCK LEVER 9,33  
R268,14 Manfrotto LOCK LEVER 11,44  
R268,20 Manfrotto BOLT&WASHER 2,67  
R276,01 Manfrotto IMPUGNATURA PER MONOPIEDE 276 4,31  
R276,02 Manfrotto RUBBER FOOT F/3405 2,18  
R276,03 Manfrotto TOP SECTION W/RUBBER GRIP 13,72  
R250,56 Manfrotto ASM LEVEL 6,81  
R250,55 Manfrotto ASM COLLAR 21,83  
R250,53 Manfrotto ASS SLEEVE ATTACH 11,05  
R250,36 Manfrotto TANDEM LEG W/SPIKED FOOT 26,68  
R250,36B Manfrotto TANDEM LEG W/SPIKED FOOT,BLACK 26,71  
R250,38 Manfrotto CASTING W/RIVETS 6,08  
R250,41 Manfrotto RETAINING HOOK 2,55  
R250,42 Manfrotto FIXED MIDDLE COLLAR F/MV SPR 6,59  
R250,42B Manfrotto FIXED MIDDLE COLLAR F/MV SPR 6,69  
R250,43 Manfrotto FIXED MIDDLE COLLAR F/MV SPR 11,81  
R250,45 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 19X1X830 7,57  
R250,45B Manfrotto ASS TUBE 19X1X830 BLACK 7,60  
R250,46 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 19X1X780 7,57  
R250,46B Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 19X1X780 BLACK 7,60  
R250,48 Manfrotto FIXED MIDDLE COLLAR F/MV SPR 6,15  
R250,48B Manfrotto FIXED MIDDLE COLLAR F/MV SPR 6,20  
R276,03B Manfrotto BLACK TOP SECT W/RUBBER GRIP 13,72  
R3,3910 Manfrotto RING 1,00  
R300,11 Manfrotto DISK 3,50  
R300,12 Manfrotto DISK 41,48  
R300,14 Manfrotto NOTCH + GRUB SCREW 6,84  
R300,15 Manfrotto LOCK HANDLE 9,38  
R300,18 Manfrotto DISK W/HOLES 32,90  
R300,20 Manfrotto DISK 21,46  
R300,21 Manfrotto ASS CAVO C/NOTTOLINO 19,65  
R300,22 Manfrotto PAWL 5,66  
R302,05 Manfrotto ASS CONNECTION PLATE 12,76  
R302,06 Manfrotto LOWER SLIDING PLATE 13,08  
R302,07 Manfrotto UPPER SLIDING PLATE 13,08  
R302,08 Manfrotto ASS CONNECTION PLATE 11,64  
R302,12 Manfrotto ASS CONNECTION PLATE 28,44  
R300,10 Manfrotto KNOB + PLUG NUT 3,31  
R300,07 Manfrotto PAWL + PLUG NUT 7,72  
R3,9999 Manfrotto ASS SCREW W/NUT SET OF 5 3,50  
R3,3911 Manfrotto COVER 4,12  
R3,3912 Manfrotto RING SET OF 5 4,24  
R3,4432 Manfrotto QUICKLOCK BENZING D6MM 0,91  
R3,4664 Manfrotto SUPPORT ASSMBLY 3,63  
R3,4794 Manfrotto SCREW SET OF 5 8,13  
R3,4810 Manfrotto SELECTOR 5,17  
R3,4875 Manfrotto SCREW 5X14 SET OF 100 942,93  
R3,4940 Manfrotto LABEL SET OF 120 PCS 13,99  
R3,6013 Manfrotto MANFROTTO LABEL 2,52  
R3,6077 Manfrotto LABEL 2,52  
R3,6164 Manfrotto BELT 10,02  
R3,9997 Manfrotto BOLT SET OF 5 1,05  
R3,9998 Manfrotto ASS SCREW W/NUT SET OF 5 4,17  
R303,01 Manfrotto ASS BASE 36,11  
R303,02 Manfrotto ASS PLATE 27,81  
R308,02 Manfrotto BASE FOR 3413 11,49  
R308,04 Manfrotto GUIDE F/BALL ASSY SET OF 5PCS 15,48  
R308,08 Manfrotto RATCHET HANDLE ASSY 10,27  
R308,09L Manfrotto BODY LAS.PROBALL-308RC 16,78  
R308,19 Manfrotto BALL CASTING F/380RC 10,31  
R308,90 Manfrotto UPPER PLATFORM 16,76  
R316,01 Manfrotto HOUSING W/BEARING&LABEL 37,26  
R316,02 Manfrotto HOUSING W/DEGREE LABEL 23,52  
R316,03 Manfrotto RIGHT FLANGE W/BEARINGS&SCREWS 67,45  
R316,04 Manfrotto LEFT FLANGE W/BEARINGS&SCREWS 50,52  
R316,05 Manfrotto LOCK SIDE PLATE (RIGHT) 22,52  
R316,06 Manfrotto LOCK SIDE PLATE (LEFT) 20,36  
R316,07 Manfrotto PLATE 16,12  
R308,01L Manfrotto BODY LAS.PROBALL 308 16,78  
R307,99 Manfrotto ASS UPPER CASTING 21,90  
R307,23B Manfrotto ASS COLUMN BLACK 27,00  
R303,03 Manfrotto ASS SCREWS 6,15  
R303,05 Manfrotto ASS CONNECTION PLATE 12,76  
R303,07 Manfrotto ASS PLATE 17,76  
R303,08 Manfrotto ASS DISK 14,85  
R303,11 Manfrotto ASS SLIDING PLATE 30,67  
R303,12 Manfrotto ASS KNOB 18,18  
R303,98 Manfrotto ASM PLATE+SCREWS+BASE 69,07  
R303,99 Manfrotto ASS KNOB 11,52  
R307,18B Manfrotto ASS TUBE BLACK 16,98  
R307,19 Manfrotto ASS LEG W/CAP 24,97  
R307,20B Manfrotto ASS LEG BLACK 17,86  
R307,21B Manfrotto ASS TUBE BLACK 21,19  
R307,22B Manfrotto ASS TUBE BLACK 21,34  
R316,08 Manfrotto COMPLETE PANNING ELEMENT 68,23  
R3,3813 Manfrotto SCREW SET OF 10 1,76  
R3,2185 Manfrotto SPACER DISC f/ 516 HEAD 17,40  
R3,2374 Manfrotto HOOK 3,26  
R3,2420 Manfrotto SET OF 2 SETSCREWS 2,43  
R3,2430 Manfrotto SQUARE PLUG SET OF 10 4,24  
R3,2440 Manfrotto GEARED LOCK SET OF 5 2,21  
R3,2453 Manfrotto RUBBER RING 25,75  
R3,2454 Manfrotto RUBBER RING 21,76  
R3,2460 Manfrotto ASS FOOT 2,03  
R3,2478 Manfrotto WASHER D=9 SET OF 5 2,23  
R3,2489 Manfrotto CAP SET OF 3 3,65  
R3,2498 Manfrotto ASS FOOT 2,06  
R3,2500 Manfrotto FOOT SET OF 5 2,45  
R3,2507 Manfrotto ASS FEET SET OF 10 4,61  
R3,2516 Manfrotto FOOT 2,25  
R3,2370 Manfrotto SCREW RETAINER SET OF 5 2,25  
R3,2358 Manfrotto BEARING 25,87  
R3,2351 Manfrotto BEARING & RING 11,96  
R3,2189 Manfrotto BALL BEARING 7,08  
R3,2201 Manfrotto SCREW SET OF 100 20,16  
R3,2223 Manfrotto BEARING F/503 HEAD 16,24  
R3,2240 Manfrotto SPRING & BEARING FOR 116 HEADS 4,66  
R3,2252 Manfrotto CAMERA SCREW WITH WASHER 3,97  
R3,2255 Manfrotto THREADED INSERT 4,73  
R3,2269K Manfrotto SPHERE & SPRING SET OF 10 11,17  
R3,2270K Manfrotto ASS SPHERE SET OF 100 21,24  
R3,2317 Manfrotto GEARED LOCK 21,71  
R3,2320K Manfrotto RING SET OF 100 3,77  
R3,2321 Manfrotto ASS WASHER SET OF 3 2,08  
R3,2338 Manfrotto ASM WASHER W/SEEGER D=13 2,79  
R3,2349 Manfrotto BEARING+RING+PLUG 12,74  
R3,2517 Manfrotto PLUG SET OF 5 3,99  
R3,2521 Manfrotto TAPPO CALZ.DM 28 141.10.1 2,35  
R3,2946 Manfrotto E-RING SET OF 5 1,05  
R3,2951 Manfrotto TAPE 7,96  
R3,3258 Manfrotto RING D=6 SET OF 10 NICKEL 2,38  
R3,3293 Manfrotto ASS KEY RING 2,60  
R3,3388K Manfrotto GRUB SCREW SET OF 50 13,03  
R3,3476 Manfrotto HARD WHEEL FOR 806 16,10  
R3,3477 Manfrotto SPACER WHEEL 5,46  
R3,3495 Manfrotto WHEEL 23,08  
R3,3511 Manfrotto FLUID JAR 15,17  
R3,3518 Manfrotto KNOB M6X16 8,97  
R3,3711 Manfrotto ASM WHEEL 17,40  
R3,3718 Manfrotto ASS SCREW + WASHER 2,84  
R3,3768K Manfrotto SCREW M10X50 SET OF 50 24,11  
R3,2899 Manfrotto RATCHET HANDLE W/WASHER 4,34  
R3,2840 Manfrotto LOCK HANDLE 5,32  
R3,2830 Manfrotto M8 RATCHET HANDLE W/WASHER 3,75  
R3,2543 Manfrotto ASS PLUG 2,21  
R3,2546 Manfrotto RING SET OF 5 3,01  
R3,2653 Manfrotto O-RING F/TUBE 27MM SET 10 PC 3,70  
R3,2666 Manfrotto O-RING F/TUBE 20MM SET 10 PC 3,60  
R3,2671 Manfrotto RING SET OF 5 2,33  
R3,2673 Manfrotto O-RING SET OF 5 2,25  
R3,2674 Manfrotto O-RING SET OF 5 2,13  
R3,2676 Manfrotto -RING SET OF 5 2,92  
R3,2683 Manfrotto O-RING SET OF 5 2,11  
R3,2700 Manfrotto z114z WHEEL+SCREW NUT+WASHER 32,00  
R3,2709 Manfrotto 80MM DIAM WHEEL M18X14+WASHER 9,80  
R3,2745 Manfrotto PNEUMATIC WHEEL F/STRATO SAFE 182,82  
R3,2760 Manfrotto ASS BUBBLE 3,82  
R3,3777 Manfrotto CLIP 3,28  
R190,48B Manfrotto CENTRE COLUMN 15,48  
R190,522C87 Manfrotto UPPER CASTING 8,70  
R190,523 Manfrotto ASM LEVER 4,63  
R190,524 Manfrotto ASM LEVER 4,61  
R190,525 Manfrotto GUIDE BUSHING 2,28  
R190,526 Manfrotto FOOT SET OF 3 2,65  
R190,527 Manfrotto LEG WARMER 5,02  
R190,528 Manfrotto RUBBER WASHER 2,13  
R190,530 Manfrotto INSERT W/NUT & SPRING 3,72  
R190,531B Manfrotto ASM ALL TUBE + COLLAR 10,12  
R190,531BL Manfrotto ASM ALL TUBE + COLLAR 15,12  
R190,531C87 Manfrotto ASM TUBE W/SLEEVE 12,23  
R190,534 Manfrotto LEG RELEASE LEVER 4,02  
R190,534C01 Manfrotto LEG RELEASE LEVER 4,34  
R190,522 Manfrotto TOP MAIN CASTING 8,26  
R190,521C87 Manfrotto LOWER CASTING 8,18  
R190,521 Manfrotto LOWER MAIN CASTING 7,55  
R190,499 Manfrotto ASM SLEEVE 16,29  
R190,499C87 Manfrotto ASM SLEEVE 16,76  
R190,501 Manfrotto LOWER CASTING 6,15  
R190,504 Manfrotto LEG RELEASE LEVER 4,04  
R190,504C01 Manfrotto LEG RELEASE LEVER 4,39  
R190,505K Manfrotto SPRING SET OF 50 22,71  
R190,506 Manfrotto SLIDING BLOCK 3,94  
R190,507 Manfrotto RIGHT UPPER CASTING 11,37  
R190,508 Manfrotto LEFT UPPER CASTING 6,39  
R190,510B Manfrotto ASM COLUMN 12,08  
R190,510XB Manfrotto ASM COLUMN 13,01  
R190,511B Manfrotto ASM COLUMN 15,53  
R190,518 Manfrotto KNOB 2,25  
R190,535 Manfrotto ASM DISC 4,83  
R190,540K Manfrotto NUT COVER-PACK OF 50 12,69  
R190,629 Manfrotto RING 2,45  
R190,65 Manfrotto PLATE 8,55  
R190,668 Manfrotto ASS SLEEVE 32,29  
R190,669 Manfrotto CARBON TUBE 20,75  
R190,670 Manfrotto CARBON TUBE 19,16  
R190,671 Manfrotto ASS SLEEVE 27,17  
R190,672 Manfrotto CARBON TUBE 15,44  
R190,673 Manfrotto CARBON TUBE 15,21  
R190,674 Manfrotto CARBON TUBE 14,72  
R190,69 Manfrotto QUICK LOCK LEVER+SCREW/NUT/PIN 2,89  
R190,692 Manfrotto PLASTIC WRENCH 2,23  
R190,698 Manfrotto ASM COLUMN 20,24  
R190,70 Manfrotto LOWER QUICK LOCK COLLAR 6,44  
R190,622 Manfrotto SPIDER 7,89  
R190,621 Manfrotto ASS PLASTIC WRENCH 3,85  
R190,619 Manfrotto SET OF 8 RINGS 4,58  
R190,541 Manfrotto LOWER CASTING 7,57  
R190,542 Manfrotto UPPER CASTING 7,45  
R190,562 Manfrotto ASM LEG RELEASE LEVER SET OF 3 17,59  
R190,562C01 Manfrotto ASM LEG RELEASE LEVER SET OF 3 18,57  
R190,562C87 Manfrotto ASM LEG RELEASE LEVER SET OF 3 19,23  
R190,563 Manfrotto ASM LEG RELEASE LEVER SET OF 3 12,72  
R190,58 Manfrotto 190 LEG POSITION LOCK LEVER 3,75  
R190,58BR Manfrotto 190 LEG POSITION LOCK LEVER 3,72  
R190,599 Manfrotto ASM MAIN CASTING 14,53  
R190,602 Manfrotto ASM COLUMN 55,13  
R190,609 Manfrotto STOP PUSH BUTTON 4,61  
R190,611 Manfrotto FOOT FOR D11,6 TUBE 3,90  
R190,616 Manfrotto ASS BUSH 3,80  
R190,705 Manfrotto ASS SLEEVE 20,80  
R190,48 Manfrotto CENTRE COLUMN 15,09  
R190,317 Manfrotto LOWER MAIN CASTING F/3001D,BN 6,32  
R190,328XB Manfrotto ASM COLUMN 12,76  
R190,331 Manfrotto COMPLETE LEVER 4,09  
R190,332 Manfrotto SECONDARY PLATE ASSY 10,14  
R190,334 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 26,4X1,2X378 4,36  
R190,334B Manfrotto ASS TUBE 26,4X1,2X378 BLACK 5,15  
R190,335 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 22X1X413 5,41  
R190,335B Manfrotto ASS TUBE 22X1X413 BLACK 5,93  
R190,353 Manfrotto CLIP AGGANCIO GAMBETTE 2 PZ 4,02  
R190,384 Manfrotto ASS SLEEVE 20/16 16,17  
R190,385K Manfrotto FOOT SET OF 50 21,27  
R190,386 Manfrotto ASS SLEEVE 20/16 14,60  
R190,386C21 Manfrotto ASS SLEEVE 20/16 GREEN 19,06  
R190,386C87 Manfrotto ASS SLEEVE 20/16 GREEN 16,81  
R190,328B Manfrotto BLACK COLUMN 13,52  
R190,328 Manfrotto COLUMN 16,93  
R190,327B Manfrotto BLACK COLUMN 190PRO 17,59  
R190,317C21 Manfrotto LOWER MAIN CASTING F/3001D,BN 6,98  
R190,317C50 Manfrotto LOWER MAIN CASTING F/3001D,BN 7,25  
R190,317C87 Manfrotto LOWER MAIN CASTING 6,98  
R190,318 Manfrotto MAIN CASTING 7,47  
R190,318C21 Manfrotto MAIN CASTING 6,84  
R190,318C87 Manfrotto UPPER CASTING 6,84  
R190,319 Manfrotto INSERT W/NUT & SPRING 3,92  
R190,320 Manfrotto COLUMN STOPPER 2,38  
R190,321 Manfrotto SET 3PZ TAPPI TERM.GAMB. 190 2,92  
R190,322 Manfrotto LEG COLLAR 22/19 6,47  
R190,323 Manfrotto LEG COLLAR 26/22 5,64  
R190,324 Manfrotto ASSY COMPLETE WITH KNOB&SCREW 4,51  
R190,327 Manfrotto SILVER COLUMN 190PRO 21,02  
R190,388 Manfrotto ALL TUBE 25X1,2X378 5,54  
R190,388B Manfrotto ALL TUBE 25X1,2X378 BLCK 5,90  
R190,415K Manfrotto FOOT SET OF 50 37,68  
R190,419 Manfrotto CARBON FIBER TUBE 25,99  
R190,42 Manfrotto BOTTOM LEG CLAMP 6,22  
R190,42BR Manfrotto BOTTOM LEG CLAMP 6,42  
R190,420 Manfrotto CARBON FIBER TUBE 20,4X1,2X246 13,13  
R190,421 Manfrotto CARBON FIBER TUBE 16X1,2X290 13,35  
R190,422 Manfrotto CARBON FIBER TUBE 11,6X1,2X331 13,48  
R190,423 Manfrotto CARBON FIBER TUBE 24,8X1,2X369 32,19  
R190,424 Manfrotto CARBON FIBER TUBE 20,4X1,2X388 18,47  
R190,425 Manfrotto CARBON FIBER TUBE 16X1,2X431 17,49  
R190,427 Manfrotto 8MM WRENCH 2,13  
R190,441 Manfrotto RIGHT UPPER CASTING 14,50  
R190,47 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 19X1X371 8,82  
R190,415 Manfrotto FOOT SET OF 3 3,63  
R190,414 Manfrotto ASS BRAKE SHOE 4,04  
R190,406 Manfrotto ASS BUSH 4,04  
R190,389 Manfrotto ALL TUBE 20X1X413 7,82  
R190,389B Manfrotto ALL TUBE 20X1X413 BLCK 5,39  
R190,390 Manfrotto ALL TUBE 16X1X451 5,39  
R190,390B Manfrotto ALL TUBE 16X1X451 BLCK 5,51  
R190,392 Manfrotto ASS LEVEL 4,19  
R190,393 Manfrotto UPPER LEG SLEEVE 5,05  
R190,393C21 Manfrotto ASS TUBE W/SLEEVE 12,67  
R190,393C87 Manfrotto ASM TUBE W/SLEEVE 12,27  
R190,394 Manfrotto CLIP SET OF 2 4,51  
R190,395 Manfrotto LEG WARMER 5,19  
R190,396 Manfrotto ASS LEVEL 2,67  
R190,402 Manfrotto ASS BUSH 4,04  
R190,404C80 Manfrotto ASS RELEASE LEVER 5,00  
R190,47B Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 19X1X371 BLACK 9,19  
R222,21 Manfrotto PIN+SPRING+CARTRIDGE 2,96  
R222,23 Manfrotto 3/8z ATTACH SCREW+RING F/EXPO3 4,26  
R222,24 Manfrotto 3/8z SCREW/TURNBUCKLE 5,32  
R222,25 Manfrotto 1/4z SCREW/TURNBUCKLE 4,58  
R222,25K Manfrotto 1/4z SCREW/TURNBUCKLE SET 50 119,51  
R222,29 Manfrotto SPIRIT LEVEL + INSERT 5,59  
R222,37 Manfrotto LEVER PLUS LOCKING KIT 13,94  
R222,40 Manfrotto SPRING HOLDER 2,30  
R222,45 Manfrotto BASE WITH PIVOT BALL 25,11  
R222,45C21 Manfrotto GREEN BASE WITH PIVOT BALL 27,81  
R222,54 Manfrotto MAIN CASTIN 4,09  
R222,55 Manfrotto ADHESIVE CORK SET OF 5PCS 3,48  
R222,07 Manfrotto OPERATING LEVER 6,98  
R216,28 Manfrotto ASM LEG 83,47  
R216,27 Manfrotto ASM LEVEL 6,79  
R210,12 Manfrotto LOWER ATTACHMENT PLATE W/PIN 6,64  
R210,12C21 Manfrotto GREEN LOWER ATTACH PLATE W/PIN 9,07  
R210,28 Manfrotto RUBBER SECTOR 2,23  
R210,93 Manfrotto RING NUT SUPP+RUBBER SECT ASSY 5,61  
R216,01 Manfrotto CURVED CASTING 33,12  
R216,06 Manfrotto EXTENSION ASSY 23,72  
R216,08 Manfrotto OPERATING zTz HANDLE 17,62  
R216,12 Manfrotto SLIDING SHOE F/LEVER 2,57  
R216,13 Manfrotto LEVER SET 5,98  
R216,17 Manfrotto FRAME 37,12  
R216,18 Manfrotto COMPLETE LEG 82,22  
R216,25 Manfrotto LEG STRUT ASSY 5,56  
R216,26 Manfrotto ASM COLLAR 17,13  
R222,59 Manfrotto RELEASE LEVER W/SPRING 32,10  
R222,59C21 Manfrotto ASS GREEN LEFT SHELL 11,17  
R229,51 Manfrotto HANDLE (SMALL) 11,03  
R229,52 Manfrotto HANDLE (LARGE) 20,58  
R229,53 Manfrotto SET OF 3 HANDLES 41,28  
R229,53L Manfrotto SET OF 3 HANDLES 28,15  
R229,56 Manfrotto COMPLETE SAFETY LOCK 3,85  
R234,02 Manfrotto BOTTOM CASTING + WASHER 9,70  
R234,03 Manfrotto TOP CASTING W/CORK 5,83  
R234,04 Manfrotto THUMB WHEEL F/3232 2,99  
R234,05 Manfrotto 1/4 20 SCREW F/3232 3,77  
R234,12 Manfrotto TOP BRACKET 14,63  
R234,13 Manfrotto ASS LEVEL 4,19  
R234,23 Manfrotto RUBBER SECTOR 2,25  
R236,01 Manfrotto SPIKED FOOT 7,52  
R229,49 Manfrotto SPIRIT LEVEL 5,59  
R229,41 Manfrotto BASE FLANGE 9,21  
R229,40 Manfrotto ASS FLANGIA BASE COMPL BOGEN 9,21  
R222,89C21 Manfrotto ASS GREEN SHELLS 33,91  
R222,90 Manfrotto LEVER PLUS LOCKING KIT 10,22  
R222,96 Manfrotto ASM HALF SHELLS 18,91  
R222,97 Manfrotto HALF SHELL CASTING 9,21  
R229,03 Manfrotto BASE PLATE 16,37  
R229,04 Manfrotto COMPLETE BOTTOM CASTING 32,46  
R229,04L Manfrotto COMPLETE BOTTOM BRACKET 28,49  
R229,05 Manfrotto COMPLETE CENTRE CASTING 65,05  
R229,06 Manfrotto TOP PLATE ASSY 45,28  
R229,08L Manfrotto FLANGE 6,96  
R229,09 Manfrotto FLANGIA SUPERIORE GRADUATA 22,83  
R229,18 Manfrotto 229 SPIRIT LEVEL 5,39  
R229,21 Manfrotto SPACER 4,12  
R236,09 Manfrotto KNOB+NUT ASSY 4,85  
R210,08 Manfrotto RING NUT 5,00  
R190,706 Manfrotto ASS SLEEVE 20,80  
R190M,607 Manfrotto SHELL DX 10,61  
R190M,608 Manfrotto SHELL SX 10,61  
R190M,623 Manfrotto ASM UPPER SPIDER 9,97  
R200,01 Manfrotto COMPLETE MAIN BODY 41,45  
R200,02 Manfrotto CAMERA BASE ASSY 10,76  
R200,05 Manfrotto PIN 9,87  
R200,06 Manfrotto CLAMP FOR 3160 2,60  
R200,07 Manfrotto DISK 2,60  
R200,08 Manfrotto RELEASE LEVER 3,33  
R200,09 Manfrotto LOCKING PIN 3,94  
R200,11 Manfrotto STAY BOLT F/LOCKING SCREW 4,36  
R200,15 Manfrotto SPRING SET OF 5 PCS 3,63  
R200,32 Manfrotto BEARING 7,72  
R190M,413 Manfrotto HALF SHELL RIGHT *MG* 11,10  
R190M,412 Manfrotto HALF SHELL LEFT *MG* 6,84  
R190M,411 Manfrotto UPPER CASTING *MG** 8,50  
R190,707 Manfrotto ASS SLEEVE 20,90  
R190,71 Manfrotto UPPER LEG LOCK 6,22  
R190,71C21 Manfrotto UPPER LEG LOCK (GREEN) 7,67  
R190,86BR Manfrotto TOP LEG SECTION 15,83  
R190,91 Manfrotto TUBE 26,4X1,2X384 SET OF 3 20,16  
R190,94 Manfrotto COLUMN STOPPER WITH KEY 4,92  
R190,96B Manfrotto ALL TUBE BLACK 5,61  
R190,97 Manfrotto CENTRE COLUMN CONNECTOR 6,76  
R190,98 Manfrotto KNOB 2,38  
R190,99 Manfrotto LOCKING WEDGE (OLD TYPE) 3,58  
R190,99B Manfrotto ALL TUBE 26,4X1,2X384 BLACK 5,59  
R190M,405 Manfrotto ASS COLLAR 16-11,6 *MG* 20,07  
R190M,410 Manfrotto LOWER CASTING *MG* 9,46  
R200,34 Manfrotto FRICTION PLATES 6,25  
R200,37 Manfrotto ASS PLATE 4,04  
R209,03C21 Manfrotto GREEN LEG W/CORK 5,56  
R209,04 Manfrotto ASS CORK 2,03  
R209,05 Manfrotto MAIN CASTING 4,29  
R209,05BR Manfrotto MAIN CASTING 4,34  
R209,05C21 Manfrotto MAIN CASTING 4,56  
R209,09 Manfrotto 1/4z W ATTACHMENT SCREW 6,08  
R209,12BR Manfrotto LEG W/CORK 5,22  
R209,25 Manfrotto ASS SPIGOT W/SCREW 8,60  
R209,26 Manfrotto SPHERE SEAT 7,52  
R209,26BR Manfrotto SPHERE SEAT 7,20  
R210,02 Manfrotto CORK F3016 SET OF 5 PCS 3,11  
R210,03BR Manfrotto ASM RING NUT 5,17  
R210,04 Manfrotto RING NUT 4,07  
R209,03 Manfrotto LEG W/CORK 5,49  
R209,02C57 Manfrotto GREY TOP CASTING 4,95  
R209,02C21 Manfrotto GREEN TOP CASTING 5,00  
R200,46 Manfrotto MAIN CASTING 6,13  
R200,47 Manfrotto SLIDING PLATE 4,43  
R200,48 Manfrotto RUBBER SECTOR 2,45  
R200,50 Manfrotto 1/4z SCREW/TURNBUCKLE 6,30  
R200,51 Manfrotto 3/8z SCREW/TURNBUCKLE 9,65  
R200,75 Manfrotto ASS PLATE BASE 36,36  
R200,76 Manfrotto ASS SCREW W/NUT 6,44  
R200,79 Manfrotto PIN SET OF 5 2,82  
R205,07 Manfrotto ASS MANOP BLOCC.BARRA VERT. 7,86  
R208,01 Manfrotto BASE 9,16  
R209,01 Manfrotto 3/8z W ATTACHMENT SCREW 5,34  
R209,02 Manfrotto TOP CASTING 4,19  
R209,02BR Manfrotto TOP CASTING 4,78  
R210,06 Manfrotto LOCKING LEVER 3,53  
R029,93 Manfrotto 120° PLATE&LABEL 3,45  
R030,40 Manfrotto MILLED PLATE+CORK ASSY 11,78  
R030,41 Manfrotto ALIGNMENT PLATE 5,07  
R030,43 Manfrotto MAIN CASTING 28,79  
R030,55 Manfrotto TURNBUCKLE WITH 3/8z SCREW 7,30  
R030,56 Manfrotto METZ SCREW 7,25  
R030,60 Manfrotto PLATE 9,38  
R030,66 Manfrotto ASS RUBBER 2,50  
R030,67 Manfrotto RUBBER PAD 3,50  
R030,68 Manfrotto RUBBER SECTOR 3,48  
R030,69 Manfrotto RUBBER SECTOR 2,40  
R032,43 Manfrotto SAFETY PIN W/SPRING AND COVER 3,16  
R035,35 Manfrotto CLAMP SCREW 3,11  
R048,05B Manfrotto OUTER SLEEVE 12,15  
R030,35 Manfrotto ADHESIVE CORK 2,38  
R030,33 Manfrotto TEMPERED STEEL CABLE 21,76  
R030,32 Manfrotto PLATE 14,31  
R029,94 Manfrotto PIVOT DIAL ASSY 4,21  
R029,95 Manfrotto 029 PIVOT DIAL ASSY 4,88  
R029,96 Manfrotto 3047 LABEL 3,87  
R029,99 Manfrotto 029 HANDLE SET 13,65  
R029,99L Manfrotto COMPLETE 3047 HANDLE SET 14,36  
R030,01 Manfrotto PLATE 5,78  
R030,03 Manfrotto 3/8z SCREW & RETAINING RING 5,37  
R030,04 Manfrotto 1/4z SCREW & RETAINING RING 5,71  
R030,05 Manfrotto 1/4z CAMERA SCREW WITH NUT 5,93  
R030,05K Manfrotto 1/4z CAM.SCREW W/NUT SET OF 50 191,96  
R030,06 Manfrotto 3/8z CAMERA SCREW 5,22  
R030,11 Manfrotto RING NUT 3,33  
R030,12 Manfrotto RUBBER SECTOR 2,55  
R048,12O Manfrotto MAIN CASTING F/3086,3360,61,62 6,81  
R048,18O Manfrotto MAIN KNOB FOR 3086 3361 2,47  
R055,114 Manfrotto RING 2,89  
R055,116 Manfrotto TOP COLUMN & ANCHORING PLATE 13,21  
R055,116B Manfrotto CENTRE COLUMN AND BASE PLATE 13,89  
R055,117 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 28X1X240 6,30  
R055,117B Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 28X1X240 BLACK 6,64  
R055,119 Manfrotto CENTRE COLUMN LOCKING RING 4,34  
R055,146 Manfrotto RUBBER STOPPER 3,23  
R055,15 Manfrotto CENTRE COLUMN BRAKE ASSY 5,81  
R055,166 Manfrotto ASS. LEVETTA X MANIC. SUPER. 4,70  
R055,17 Manfrotto CENTRE COLUMN CONNECTOR 7,69  
R055,200 Manfrotto CENTRE COLUMN COLLAR TOP 27,71  
R055,24 Manfrotto COLUMN STOPPER WITH KEY 3,36  
R055,25 Manfrotto ASSIEME GAMBA + MANICOTTO COMP 10,51  
R055,112 Manfrotto NUT COVERS SET OF 5PCS 2,18  
R055,111C21 Manfrotto UPPER LEG LOCK GREEN 9,26  
R055,110C21 Manfrotto GREEN LEG LOCK 9,46  
R049,16O Manfrotto TOP COLLAR F/3086,3360,61,62 7,01  
R049,17O Manfrotto TOP COLLAR F/3086,3360,61,62 7,11  
R051,17O Manfrotto EXTENSION KNOB FOR 3086/3361 2,45  
R055,04 Manfrotto LEVER + SCREW&WASHER 2,55  
R055,10 Manfrotto MAIN CASTING 7,72  
R055,10C21 Manfrotto TOP PLATE ASSY W/SCREWS 7,74  
R055,100 Manfrotto CENTRE COLUMN ASSY 26,58  
R055,100B Manfrotto CENTRE COLUMN ASSY 27,61  
R055,103 Manfrotto ASSIEME LEVETTA IN ZAMA A 1 SP 4,14  
R055,105C21 Manfrotto MAIN CAST F/3221G 17,30  
R055,106 Manfrotto LOCKING PIN 3,19  
R055,109 Manfrotto DOUBLE SPIRAL LOCKING LEVER 4,78  
R055,11 Manfrotto LEG PIVOT HOLDER 4,95  
R055,25B Manfrotto LEG(BLACK)+COLLAR 10,66  
R029,91L Manfrotto CAMERA PLATFORM BRACKET 45,01  
R025,47CHB Manfrotto AL TUBE 35X1,25X1400 BLACK 19,58  
R028,25 Manfrotto BOTTOM CASTING 18,99  
R028,25B Manfrotto BOTTOM CASTING, BLACK 22,32  
R028,26 Manfrotto 028 MIDDLE LEG 11,91  
R028,26B Manfrotto MIDDLE LEG 11,49  
R028,27 Manfrotto ASS CAPS X 5 3,87  
R028,28 Manfrotto LEG LOCK RING 4,85  
R028,29K Manfrotto RING SET OF 50 14,31  
R028,31 Manfrotto TERMINAL 3,53  
R028,32 Manfrotto EXTENSION LEG 11,39  
R028,32B Manfrotto EXTENSION LEG 12,15  
R028,34 Manfrotto FOOT 5,98  
R028,39 Manfrotto FOOT 8,45  
R028,23 Manfrotto LEG LOCK KNOB AND LOCK SHIM 5,07  
R028,20B Manfrotto TWIN SHANK LEG, BLACK 28,71  
R028,20 Manfrotto TWIN SHANK LEG 28,74  
R028,07 Manfrotto CENTRE COLUMN PLATE 3,97  
R028,103 Manfrotto LOWER LEG 20,75  
R028,103B Manfrotto BLACK LOWER LEG 20,24  
R028,119 Manfrotto MAIN CASTING 29,91  
R028,120 Manfrotto CASTING COVER COMPLETE W/SCREW 8,28  
R028,123 Manfrotto COLUMN STOPPER 3,23  
R028,125 Manfrotto GEARED COLUMN 33,00  
R028,125B Manfrotto GEARED COLUMN, BLACK 35,26  
R028,130 Manfrotto SCREW 3/8W 2,45  
R028,16 Manfrotto OUTER COLUMN TUBE 13,01  
R028,16B Manfrotto OUTER COLUMN TUBE, BLACK 14,04  
R028,17 Manfrotto SPIDER STOP F/3033,3233 2,13  
R028,19 Manfrotto LEG BOLT AND CAP NUT 2,82  
R028,60 Manfrotto FOOT 6,27  
R028,77 Manfrotto CAST COVER 7,03  
R029,76 Manfrotto 120° PLATE&LABEL 2,94  
R029,77 Manfrotto ASM LEVER W/SPRING AND SCREW 3,23  
R029,78 Manfrotto LEVER (QUICK RELEASE) 4,48  
R029,79 Manfrotto LOCKING TOOTH 4,21  
R029,79K Manfrotto ASS PLATE LOCK SET OF 50 121,08  
R029,80L Manfrotto UPPER CASTING 30,26  
R029,84 Manfrotto PAN HANDLE 6,08  
R029,84L Manfrotto PAN HANDLE 6,08  
R029,85 Manfrotto HANDLE 4,78  
R029,86 Manfrotto 029 TILT HANDLE 4,78  
R029,88 Manfrotto 029 BASE PLATE 5,44  
R029,89 Manfrotto 029 BOTTOM BRACKET 17,27  
R029,90 Manfrotto 029 TILT ASSY 27,29  
R029,71 Manfrotto 029 TILT ASSY 22,86  
R029,70 Manfrotto 029 BOTTOM BRACKET 13,03  
R029,67 Manfrotto PIVOT DIAL ASSY 4,21  
R028,90B Manfrotto GEARED COLUMN, BLACK (OLD) 30,85  
R028,93 Manfrotto COLUMN RETAINER 3,41  
R028,97 Manfrotto KNOB 3,26  
R028,98 Manfrotto KNOB M10X17 4,90  
R029,15 Manfrotto KNOB 0,64  
R029,44 Manfrotto ASS SCREW M10X1,25X30 SET OF 5 3,26  
R029,48 Manfrotto CORPO DI BASE CON VITI E TAPPO 16,73  
R029,49 Manfrotto CORPO INTERMEDIO CON VITE 23,50  
R029,56 Manfrotto 029 PIN/SPRING 2,74  
R029,56K Manfrotto ASS BUSCHING W/SPRING SET OF50 33,08  
R029,91 Manfrotto CAMERA PLATFORM BRACKET 44,35  
R055,409 Manfrotto CARBON FIBER TUBE 24,8X1,2X319 18,25  
R055,519B Manfrotto ASM TUBE 11,27  
R055,520 Manfrotto RUBBER FOOT SET OF 3 2,92  
R055,521 Manfrotto HANDLE 5,24  
R055,522 Manfrotto LOWER SPIDER 8,09  
R055,522C87 Manfrotto LOWER SPIDER 8,35  
R055,523 Manfrotto ASM UPPER SPIDER 8,72  
R055,523C87 Manfrotto ASM UPPER SPIDER 8,89  
R055,524 Manfrotto ASM RELEASE LEVER 4,07  
R055,524C01 Manfrotto ASM RELEASE LEVER 4,41  
R055,525 Manfrotto ASM DISC 5,02  
R055,526 Manfrotto ASM SLIDING BLOCK 3,70  
R055,527B Manfrotto TUBE 6,30  
R055,528B Manfrotto TUBE 5,93  
R055,517 Manfrotto RUBBER WASHER 2,16  
R055,512B Manfrotto ASM COLUMN 18,01  
R055,509 Manfrotto RING 2,30  
R055,410 Manfrotto CARBON FIBER TUBE 20,4X1,2X363 17,49  
R055,411 Manfrotto CARBON FIBER TUBE 16X1,2X406 16,59  
R055,412 Manfrotto CARBON FIBER TUBE 29,2X1,2X444 40,99  
R055,413 Manfrotto CARBON FIBER TUBE 24,8X1,2X463 26,14  
R055,414 Manfrotto CARBON FIBER TUBE 24,33  
R055,42B Manfrotto TUBE 8,13  
R055,48B Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 28X1X212 BLACK 7,08  
R055,501 Manfrotto LOWER SPIDER 7,86  
R055,502 Manfrotto ASM UPPER SPIDER 7,69  
R055,504 Manfrotto ASM RELEASE LEVER 4,19  
R055,504C01 Manfrotto ASM RELEASE LEVER 4,43  
R055,507 Manfrotto ASM HALF SHELL 11,69  
R055,508 Manfrotto ASM HALF SHELL 6,66  
R055,529B Manfrotto ASM COLUMN 14,43  
R055,529XB Manfrotto ASM COLUMN 15,44  
R055,68 Manfrotto ASS KNOB 4,51  
R055,69 Manfrotto FONDERIE POUR 190DB ET 055DB 16,42  
R055,69C50 Manfrotto ASS SLEEVE 25/20 17,74  
R055,70 Manfrotto ASS SLEEVE 29,4/25 17,10  
R055,70C50 Manfrotto ASS SLEEVE 29,4/25 19,60  
R055,79 Manfrotto SPRING 2,06  
R055,80 Manfrotto CABLE CLIP + 4MM KEY 3,60  
R055,85 Manfrotto LEG POSITION LOCK LEVER 5,15  
R055,86 Manfrotto SPRING 2,08  
R055,97 Manfrotto ASS NUT W/SCREW 2,77  
R055,98 Manfrotto ASS.PLASTIC WRENCH 2,25  
R055M,403 Manfrotto ASM LOWER CASTING 9,65  
R055M,404 Manfrotto ASM UPPER CASTING W/SCREWS 9,33  
R055,634 Manfrotto ASM SLEEVE 21,19  
R055,629 Manfrotto CENTER COLUMN 22,59  
R055,628 Manfrotto ASM RING 3,94  
R055,534 Manfrotto ASM WASHER 5,24  
R055,589 Manfrotto ASM NUT+GRUB SCREW 2,92  
R055,590 Manfrotto ASM SPHERE SUPPORT 26,09  
R055,604 Manfrotto STOP PUSH BUTTON 4,46  
R055,613 Manfrotto CENTER COLUMN 63,43  
R055,614 Manfrotto ASM SLEEVE 39,98  
R055,615 Manfrotto CARBON TUBE 24,8X1,2X481 26,90  
R055,616 Manfrotto CARBON TUBE 20,4X1,2X528 25,55  
R055,617 Manfrotto ASM SLEEVE 32,51  
R055,618 Manfrotto CARBON TUBE 24,8X1,2X333 19,67  
R055,619 Manfrotto CARBON TUBE 20,4X1,2X379 18,45  
R055,620 Manfrotto CARBON TUBE 16X1,2X423 17,96  
R055,624 Manfrotto SPIDER 6,74  
R055M,406 Manfrotto HALF SHELL SX 6,91  
R055,408 Manfrotto CARBON FIBER TUBE 29,2X1,2X300 32,63  
R055,29 Manfrotto ASS TUBE 29,4X1,2X441 6,20  
R055,316C50 Manfrotto LOWER CASTING 13,55  
R055,316C87 Manfrotto LOWER CASTING F/N/S GREEN 13,01  
R055,317 Manfrotto MAIN CASTING W/SCREWS 13,52  
R055,317C21 Manfrotto UPPER CASTING W/SCREWS 13,35  
R055,317C87 Manfrotto UPPER CASTING F/N/S 3001,3221 12,84  
R055,318 Manfrotto INSERT W/NUT & SPRING 3,31  
R055,32 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 28X1X260 5,76  
R055,32B Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 28X1X260 BLACK 6,10  
R055,322 Manfrotto LEG COLLAR 29,5/25 4,92  
R055,322C50 Manfrotto UPPER LOCK 4,48  
R055,322S01 Manfrotto UPPER LOCK 3,70  
R055,323 Manfrotto LEG COLLAR 25/20 4,92  
R055,323S01 Manfrotto LOWER LEG LOCK 3,70  
R055,316C21 Manfrotto LOWER CASTING F/N/S GREEN 13,01  
R055,316 Manfrotto LOWER CASTING F/N/S 12,30  
R055,315 Manfrotto SPRING CLIP F/3021N 2,89  
R055,29B Manfrotto ASS TUBE 29,4X1,2X441 6,71  
R055,302 Manfrotto LEG COLLAR 25/20 6,32  
R055,303 Manfrotto LOCKING LEG COLLAR 6,59  
R055,303C21 Manfrotto LOCKING LEG COLLAR, GREEN 14,97  
R055,303C87 Manfrotto ASM SLEEVE 14,77  
R055,304 Manfrotto CROCIERA INFERIORE LAV PRO 18,08  
R055,305 Manfrotto TOP CASTING W/SCREWS 14,75  
R055,306 Manfrotto TOOTH & SPRING ASSY 3,58  
R055,306C01 Manfrotto RELEASE LEVER 4,04  
R055,307 Manfrotto HALF BEARING W/LABEL HOUSING 6,62  
R055,308 Manfrotto HALF BEARING W/SPIRIT LEVEL AS 12,99  
R055,309 Manfrotto INSERT W/NUT & SPRING 5,24  
R055,312 Manfrotto LOCKING LEG COLLAR 7,28  
R055,324K Manfrotto ASSY LOCKING LEVER&SCREW SET 11,15  
R055,324N Manfrotto LEVER+SCREWS ASSY 3,85  
R055,389 Manfrotto ASS SLEEVE 25/20 16,61  
R055,389C21 Manfrotto ASS SLEEVE 25/20 GREEN 19,31  
R055,389C21K Manfrotto ASM SLEEVE 25/20 GRN SET OF 3 50,69  
R055,389C87 Manfrotto ASM SLEEVE 25/20 GREEN 17,10  
R055,390 Manfrotto ASS LEVEL 4,24  
R055,392 Manfrotto LOWER LEG ASSY 18,42  
R055,392B Manfrotto LOWER LEG ASSY 18,52  
R055,392C21B Manfrotto LOWER LEG ASSY 18,62  
R055,395 Manfrotto ASM SLEEVE 17,03  
R055,395C87 Manfrotto ASM SLEEVE 19,65  
R055,398 Manfrotto ASSIEME MANIC.ANCORAGGIO 6,54  
R055,399 Manfrotto ASM SLEEVE 16,54  
R055,399C87 Manfrotto ASM SLEEVE 17,03  
R055,388C87 Manfrotto ASM SLEEVE 29,4/25 GREEN 19,97  
R055,388 Manfrotto ASS SLEEVE 29,4/25 17,32  
R055,385B Manfrotto CENTER COLUMN BLACK 22,25  
R055,328 Manfrotto COLUMN 22,49  
R055,328B Manfrotto COLUMN 19,97  
R055,329 Manfrotto COLUMN 18,42  
R055,330 Manfrotto COLUMN 18,42  
R055,330B Manfrotto COLUMN,BLACK 16,39  
R055,330XB Manfrotto COLUMN 15,73  
R055,334 Manfrotto ASSY COMPLETE WITH KNOB&SCREW 2,79  
R055,349 Manfrotto ASS HOOK 3,58  
R055,353 Manfrotto SPRING SET OF 5PCS 2,23  
R055,357 Manfrotto ASSY DISK 10,14  
R055,362 Manfrotto LOCKING KNOB 2,55  
R055,380 Manfrotto ASS DISK 9,29  
R055,385 Manfrotto CENTER COLUMN 24,08  
R055,402C13 Manfrotto ASS PUSH BUTTON 5,15  
MT048 Manfrotto SELF SERVICE PEG 120MM (4PCS) 5,95  
474 Manfrotto WHEEL SET 200 MM W/BRAKES 232,28  
5001B Manfrotto NANO BLACK STAND 54,02  
825 Manfrotto MEDIUM HYDRO KIT 218,47  
827 Manfrotto SMALL HYDRO KIT 195,34  
830 Manfrotto MINI HYDRO KIT 184,73  
E002,505Z Manfrotto UPPER LOCK SHIM 1,25  
E002,506Z Manfrotto LOWER LOCK SHIM 1,23  
E002,514Z Manfrotto LOCKING WEDGE F/BOTTOM SPIDER 1,42  
E101,579C14Z Manfrotto 2-EDGED GREY KNOB 2,60  
E190,501F Manfrotto LOWER CASTING 6,08  
RA001701 Manfrotto STEEL LEG W/CAP 14,46  
RA001702 Manfrotto LEG BRACE 4,09  
RA001703 Manfrotto ALL TUBE 35X1,5X530 14,77  
388B Manfrotto NANO CLAMP M10-M8 34,23  
213 Manfrotto QUICK LOCK ADAPTER 18,11  
175F-1 Manfrotto SPRING CLAMP W/SHOEFLASH 62,43  
025TM-BOOM Manfrotto S.BOOM BLCK W/O STAND 298,63  
1004BAC Manfrotto MASTER STAND 111,79  
1004BAC-3 Manfrotto 3-PACK BLK ALU AC MASTER STAND 318,57  
1005BAC Manfrotto RANKER STAND 108,12  
1005BAC-3 Manfrotto 3-PACK BLK ALU AC RANKER STAND 308,11  
1051BAC Manfrotto MINI COMPACT STAND 73,06  
1051BAC-3 Manfrotto 3-PACK BLK ALU AC MINI COMPACT 208,20  
1052BAC Manfrotto COMPACT STAND 79,99  
1052BAC-3 Manfrotto 3-PACK BLK ALU AC COMPACT 228,02  
125 Manfrotto SHORT ADAPTER SPIGOT 3/8""+3/8" 3,55  
1314B Manfrotto SET STANDS+SUPPORT+BAG+SPRING 250,46  
147 Manfrotto SHORT ADAPTER SPIGOT 3/8""+1/4"" 3,55  
RA001704 Manfrotto ALL TUBE 30X1,5X530 14,06  
RA001705 Manfrotto ASM TUBE + SLEEVE 37,26  
RA003502B Manfrotto ALL TUBE 35X1,5X845 19,01  
RA003503 Manfrotto LEG BRACE 4,63  
RA003503B Manfrotto LEG BRACE 4,34  
RA003504B Manfrotto ALL TUBE 30X1,5X845 17,25  
RA003505B Manfrotto ALL TUBE 25X1,5X845 15,53  
RA003506B Manfrotto ALUMINIUM SLIDING LEG W/CAP 41,77  
RA003507B Manfrotto ASM TUBE + SLEEVE 37,29  
RA003508 Manfrotto STEEL LEG W/CAP 16,00  
RA003511 Manfrotto STEEL TUBE 30X1,5X845 19,38  
RA003512 Manfrotto STEEL TUBE 25X1,5X845 17,66  
RA003513 Manfrotto STEEL SLIDING LEG W/CAP 41,67  
RA003515 Manfrotto ASM TUBE + SLEEVE 25,48  
RA004001B Manfrotto ALUMINIUM LEG W/CAP 17,05  
RA003501B Manfrotto ALUMINIUM LEG W/CAP 15,44  
RA003015 Manfrotto ASM TUBE + SLEEVE 23,52  
RA003012 Manfrotto STEEL TUBE 25X1,5X721 14,26  
RA001706 Manfrotto STEEL SLIDING LEG W/CAP 39,00  
RA002501B Manfrotto ALUMINIUM LEG W/CAP 15,29  
RA002502B Manfrotto ALL TUBE 35X1,5X604 14,68  
RA002503B Manfrotto LEG BRACE 4,09  
RA002504B Manfrotto ALL TUBE 30X1,5X604 13,97  
RA002505B Manfrotto ALL TUBE 25X1,5X604 12,81  
RA002506B Manfrotto ALUMINIUM SLIDING LEG W/CAP 41,11  
RA002507B Manfrotto ASM TUBE + SLEEVE 35,11  
RA003002B Manfrotto ALL TUBE 35X1,5X721 19,16  
RA003004B Manfrotto ALL TUBE 30X1,5X721 17,91  
RA003007B Manfrotto ASM TUBE + SLEEVE 38,02  
RA003009 Manfrotto STEEL TUBE 35X1,5X721 17,96  
RA003011 Manfrotto STEEL TUBE 30X1,5X721 15,93  
RA004002B Manfrotto ALL TUBE 35X1,5X958 19,01  
A2033FJCB Manfrotto C-STAND 33 180,59  
A5017 Manfrotto ROLLER 17 FOLDING BASE 228,00  
A5029 Manfrotto ROLLER 29 LOW BASE 281,48  
A5033 Manfrotto ROLLER 33 FOLDING BASE 246,84  
A5034 Manfrotto ROLLER 34 FOLDING BASE 345,28  
A5036CS Manfrotto ROLLER 36 LOW BASE 404,18  
A5042CS Manfrotto ROLLER 42 LOW BASE 438,40  
A5043 Manfrotto ROLLER 43 LOW BASE 309,19  
A9000N Manfrotto WHEEL SET W/BRAKES 148,40  
A9000NB Manfrotto WHEEL SET W/BRAKES BLACK 148,40  
B6026CS Manfrotto WIND UP 26 677,62  
B6029X Manfrotto SUPER WIND UP 29 LOW BASE 1420,46  
B6030CS Manfrotto WIND UP 30 LOW BASE 791,23  
B6039CS Manfrotto WIND UP 39 873,28  
A5012 Manfrotto ROLLER 12 FOLDING BASE 244,34  
A4050CS Manfrotto BOOM STEEL STAND 50 371,18  
A4041B Manfrotto BOOM ALU STAND 41 309,46  
A2033FKIT Manfrotto C-STAND KIT 33 235,45  
A2033L Manfrotto C-STAND 33 SLIDING LEG 173,58  
A2033LCB Manfrotto C-STAND 33 SLIDING LEG 180,79  
A2033LJ Manfrotto C-STAND 33 SLIDING LEG 177,04  
A2033LJCB Manfrotto C-STAND 33 SLIDING LEG 187,99  
A2033LKIT Manfrotto C-STAND KIT 33 SLIDING LEG 259,31  
A3042CS Manfrotto OVERHEAD 42 330,28  
A3043CS Manfrotto OVERHEAD 43 W/BRAKED WHEELS 449,72  
A3056CS Manfrotto OVERHEAD STEEL 56 403,17  
A3058CS Manfrotto OVERHEAD 58 W/BRAKED WHEELS 487,08  
A3059CS Manfrotto OVERHEAD 59 365,20  
A3065CS Manfrotto OVERHEAD STEEL 65 492,72  
A4039CS Manfrotto BOOM STEEL STAND 39 325,07  
B6040X Manfrotto SUPER WIND UP 40 1461,89  
DIY04KIT Manfrotto STILL LIFE DIY KIT 1588,31  
D244N Manfrotto AVE VARIABLE FRICTION ARM 106,84  
G300 Manfrotto SAND BAG 35 KG 100,70  
LBAG110 Manfrotto BAG FOR 3 LIGHT STANDS LARGE 50,91  
LFP45N Manfrotto FLAG PROTECTION 45CM 13,72  
LFP60N Manfrotto FLAG PROTECTION 60CM 15,14  
LFP75N Manfrotto FLAG PROTECTION 75CM 17,05  
LFP90N Manfrotto FLAG PROTECTION 90CM 19,43  
LGH168N Manfrotto GEL HOLDER 168MM 43,78  
LGH230N Manfrotto GEL HOLDER 230MM 50,35  
LGH330N Manfrotto GEL HOLDER 330MM 57,26  
LGH396N Manfrotto GEL HOLDER 396MM 63,38  
DIY03KIT Manfrotto EVENT DIY KIT 185,81  
DIY02KIT Manfrotto PAPER B. DIY KIT 1396,75  
DIY01KIT Manfrotto FABRIC B. DIY KIT 675,42  
B7018 Manfrotto STRATO SAFE 18 1651,77  
B7034 Manfrotto LONG JOHN SILVER JR 4912,76  
B7034FF Manfrotto LONG JOHN SILVER JR FF 5088,21  
B7043CS Manfrotto STRATO SAFE 43 3025,85  
B7047CS Manfrotto STRATO SAFE 47 3081,56  
B7057 Manfrotto LONG JOHN SILVER 5 SECTIONS 5232,44  
B7057FF Manfrotto LONG JOHN SILVER FF 5371,23  
C1525 Manfrotto ADJUSTABLE GAFFER GRIP 40,82  
C345 Manfrotto BARREL CLAMP 69,38  
C345BK Manfrotto BLACK BARREL CLAMP T-KNOB 69,38  
C345K Manfrotto BARREL CLAMP T-KNOB 69,38  
C595 Manfrotto BABY BONKA EXTENSION 191,74  
C820-0111 Manfrotto STABILHANGER BOGEN USA 261,42  
LGH78N Manfrotto GEL HOLDER 78MM 35,97  
RX0798,114V Manfrotto LEVE BASE S.SALON VERNICIATE 172,41  
RX0804,003 Manfrotto ASS DISK 2,79  
RX0805,109 Manfrotto CROWN F/MINI SALON GR 45,96  
RX0806,123 Manfrotto ASM BRAKE UNIT 24,77  
RX0806,222 Manfrotto COUNTERWEIGHT 85,31  
RX0806,223 Manfrotto CABLE F/MINI SALON 16,46  
RX0806,321 Manfrotto BUSHING MINISALON 107,07  
RX0806,322 Manfrotto ASM PLATE 21,49  
RX0808,204V Manfrotto BUSHING 206,85  
RX0808,208 Manfrotto RING 2,50  
RX0808,209 Manfrotto RING 2,79  
RX0808,211V Manfrotto ASS TERMINAL FOR 3/8 17,71  
RX0808,212V Manfrotto ASS TERMINAL FOR 1/4 16,93  
RX0790,036 Manfrotto COUNTERWEIGHT 124,51  
RX0790,031 Manfrotto BUSHING 11,32  
RX0790,026Z Manfrotto INSERT M10X85 6,62  
REX0790,026 Manfrotto ASM HANDLE 11,32  
REX0808,206 Manfrotto ASM CAMERA HOLDER 187,65  
REX3251,A02 Manfrotto FRICTION ASSY F/PANTOGRAPH 69,04  
RE458LWF Manfrotto LEG WARMER 46,77  
RK090 Manfrotto CABLE CLIP 2,99  
RK269 Manfrotto HOUSING 20,41  
RK271 Manfrotto KNOB 2,62  
RK274 Manfrotto RUBBER BANDS SET OF 4 4,26  
RXIFF,030 Manfrotto KNOB M10X30 11,93  
RX0790,022 Manfrotto RUBBER SECTOR 2,79  
RX0808,215 Manfrotto PLATE 33,61  
RX0808,219 Manfrotto WASHER SET OF 10 10,14  
RX3340,02 Manfrotto ASS RUBBER WHEEL TOP SYSTEM 43,17  
R001,08 Manfrotto ASS MANOP 4PP M5X27+ROND+DADO 0,76  
R001,44 Manfrotto 2-EDGED KNOB ASSY + WASHER 4,17  
R001,99 Manfrotto MANOP 2P M5F COMP X165 (OBSOL) 3,53  
R002,04A Manfrotto TOP COLLAR 6,66  
R002,23 Manfrotto 4-EDGED KNOB + WASHER 2,99  
R004,02A Manfrotto BOTTOM COLLAR 10,56  
R004,10B Manfrotto ASS LEG BLACK 5,81  
R004,40 Manfrotto ASS TAPPO PORTA GUARNIZ+AN O-R 5,00  
R005,01SA Manfrotto 5/8zW BUSHING 20,65  
R008,66 Manfrotto ASM LEVELLING LEG 59,14  
R008,67 Manfrotto ASM LEG 26,17  
R008,99 Manfrotto ASS MANOP 2P M8F+ROND BOMBATA 6,37  
RX3236,002 Manfrotto BRAKE FOR SLIDING CARRIAGE 9,85  
RX1025,03.1 Manfrotto DIFFUSER F/BANK 70X70 CM 40,16  
RX0816,325 Manfrotto SCREW 2,16  
RX0808,220 Manfrotto ASM KNOB 49,83  
RX0808L,002 Manfrotto CABLE 20,53  
RX0815,302L Manfrotto ASM FIXING BUSH 97,88  
RX0815,303 Manfrotto ASM TERMINAL 103,95  
RX0815,304 Manfrotto BUSHING FOR SALON 2KG 277,05  
RX0815,305B Manfrotto TUBE BLACK 85,75  
RX0815,308 Manfrotto ASM TRAY 64,93  
RX0815,309 Manfrotto COVER 20,07  
RX0815,332 Manfrotto FOOT SET OF 5 5,44  
RX0815L,011B Manfrotto COLUMN 213,66  
RX0815L,012 Manfrotto CABLE 27,00  
RX0816,321L Manfrotto GEAR 25,77  
RX0816,322 Manfrotto BUSHING 3,19  
R025,34 Manfrotto LOCKING KNOB F/CENTRE CASTING 4,26  
REXPO,11 Manfrotto ASS SUPP ROT PER TREPP + ROND 128,01  
RA004003 Manfrotto LEG BRACE 4,53  
RA01123 Manfrotto ALL. PIPE 45X980MM 22,17  
RA01125 Manfrotto ALL. PIPE 35X1015MM 19,62  
RA02210CB Manfrotto BLCK STEEL PIPE 35X1030MM 19,36  
RA02218CB Manfrotto BLCK STEEL PIPE 30X1048MM 18,60  
RA02220 Manfrotto STEEL PIPE 30X900MM 18,45  
RA02221CB Manfrotto STEEL BLACK PIPE 30X538MM 14,80  
RA02236CB Manfrotto STEEL PIPE W/COLLAR 43,54  
RA02249 Manfrotto STEEL PIPE 35X387MM W/SPIGOT 26,29  
RA04E010Z Manfrotto STEEL TUBE 35X1,5X850 20,43  
RA101001 Manfrotto STEEL TUBE 35X1,5X410 12,47  
RA101002 Manfrotto STEEL TUBE 30X1,5X488 14,63  
RA103501 Manfrotto STEEL TUBE 45X1,5X1072 31,80  
RA103504B Manfrotto ALL TUBE 45X1,5X1072 26,78  
RA004509 Manfrotto STEEL TUBE 35X1,5X1084 27,49  
RA004507B Manfrotto ASM TUBE + SLEEVE 37,83  
RA004505B Manfrotto ALL TUBE 25X1,5X1084 17,47  
RA004003B Manfrotto LEG BRACE 4,66  
RA004004B Manfrotto ALL TUBE 30X1,5X958 17,25  
RA004005B Manfrotto ALL TUBE 25X1,5X958 17,15  
RA004006B Manfrotto ALUMINIUM SLIDING LEG W/CAP 42,78  
RA004007B Manfrotto ASM TUBE + SLEEVE 38,56  
RA004008 Manfrotto STEEL LEG W/CAP 17,59  
RA004009 Manfrotto STEEL TUBE 35X1,5X958 25,06  
RA004011 Manfrotto STEEL TUBE 30X1,5X958 19,06  
RA004012 Manfrotto STEEL TUBE 25X1,5X958 18,33  
RA004013 Manfrotto STEEL SLIDING LEG W/CAP 42,78  
RA004015 Manfrotto ASM TUBE + SLEEVE 39,25  
RA004502B Manfrotto ALL TUBE 35X1,5X1084 22,83  
RA004504B Manfrotto ALL TUBE 30X1,5X1084 19,67  
RA103505B Manfrotto ALL TUBE 40X1,5X1067 24,65  
RA103506B Manfrotto ALL TUBE 35X1,5X1052 22,88  
RA503402 Manfrotto ALL TUBE 40X1,5X825 138,25  
RA503403 Manfrotto ALL TUBE 35X1,5X875 145,68  
RA503601 Manfrotto STEEL TUBE 35X1,5X1266 134,58  
RB01166 Manfrotto TUBE 21,27  
RB01665 Manfrotto TUBE 23,05  
RC01030 Manfrotto ASM KNOB+ROPE 12,96  
RC02051 Manfrotto SAFETY CABLE 10,02  
RC03625 Manfrotto 28MM PIN + M12 BOLT 13,99  
REXPO,003 Manfrotto STEEL TUBE 35X1,2X975 18,77  
REXPO,037B Manfrotto SIDE BAR 26,85  
RA503401 Manfrotto STEEL TUBE 45X1,5X800 62,43  
RA503302 Manfrotto ASM TUBE + SLEEVE 35,55  
RA503301 Manfrotto STEEL TUBE 35X1,5X790 60,81  
RA104501 Manfrotto STEEL TUBE 45X1,5X1080 31,65  
RA104502 Manfrotto STEEL TUBE 40X1,5X1005 27,61  
RA104503 Manfrotto STEEL TUBE 35X1,5X1115 25,87  
RA104504 Manfrotto STEEL TUBE 30X1,5X1030 22,10  
RA104505B Manfrotto ALL TUBE 45X1,5X1080 26,78  
RA104506B Manfrotto ALL TUBE 40X1,5X1005 22,07  
RA104507B Manfrotto ALL TUBE 35X1,5X1115 23,42  
RA104508B Manfrotto ALL TUBE 30X1,5X1030 21,24  
RA305801 Manfrotto STEEL SLIDING LEG W/CAP 40,99  
RA501701 Manfrotto STEEL TUBE 35X1,5X465 58,92  
RA501702 Manfrotto ASM TUBE + SLEEVE 36,19  
RA502901 Manfrotto STEEL TUBE 35X1,5X900 62,48  
RA502902 Manfrotto ASM TUBE + SLEEVE 136,07  
386B Manfrotto NANO CLAMP 34,23  
R429,13 Manfrotto ASM TUBE+HOOK 73,23  
R310,14 Manfrotto ASM WHITE KNOB + RIVET 2,89  
R3,1933K Manfrotto ASS NUT SET OF 100 15,02  
R3,2250 Manfrotto ASS MANOP RIPR.GR.COMPL 5,24  
R3,2740 Manfrotto CASTER+WASHER+NUT SET 10,05  
R3,6533 Manfrotto ASM BUBBLE 6,35  
R3,6649 Manfrotto WHEEL SUPPORT 48,17  
R687,19 Manfrotto GEARED COLUMN 120,88  
081 ZZZ ALT! Manfrotto Background baby hooks 41,65  
MFN Manfrotto Nachverrechnung 0,00  
163-10 Manfrotto SPIGOT 1-1/8"+10MA THRD+DIAM 1" 23,40  
332-1,7B Manfrotto MINI AUTOPOLE 1,0-1,7MT BLACK 87,66  
332-2,7 Manfrotto MINI AUTOPOLE 1,5-2,7MT 94,03  
332-2,7B Manfrotto MINI AUTOPOLE 1,5-2,7MT BLACK 97,22  
332-3,7 Manfrotto MINI AUTOPOLE 2,1-3,7MT 98,49  
155RC ZZZ ALT! Manfrotto Tilt-Top Head with quick plate 102,63  
587B Manfrotto BLACK MAGIC 3498,60  
332-3,7B Manfrotto MINI AUTOPOLE 2,1-3,7MT BLACK 101,65  
366B Manfrotto ECO 6 STAND BLACK WITH KNOBS 59,66  
332-1,7 Manfrotto MINI AUTOPOLE 1,0-1,7MT 78,74  
256BUAC-3 Manfrotto SAFETY COLLAR STAND LIV.3 SC.B 209,43  
371B-2515 Manfrotto BLCK CABLE GRIP 2,5X15CM 10PCS 22,42  
371Y-2540 Manfrotto YELL. CABLE GRIP 2,5X40CM 10PC 27,42  
196AB-2 Manfrotto SINGLE ARM 2 SECT. 31,51  
371Y-2525 Manfrotto YELL. CABLE GRIP 2,5X25CM 10PC 24,30  
196AB-3 Manfrotto SINGLE ARM 3 SECT. 41,94  
196B-2 Manfrotto SINGLE ARM 2 SECT. W/CAM.BKT 42,12  
371Y-2515 Manfrotto YELL. CABLE GRIP 2,5X15CM 10PC 22,42  
196B-3 Manfrotto SINGLE ARM 3 SECT. W/CAM.BKT 54,46  
371W-4090 Manfrotto WHITE CABLE GRIP 4,0X90CM 5PC 24,30  
371B-2525 Manfrotto BLCK CABLE GRIP 2,5X25CM 10PCS 24,30  
371R-4060 Manfrotto RED CABLE GRIP 4,0X60 CM 10PCS 38,61  
371R-4040 Manfrotto RED CABLE GRIP 4,0X40 CM 10PCS 32,39  
371R-2540 Manfrotto RED CABLE GRIP 2,5X40 CM 10PCS 27,42  
371R-2525 Manfrotto RED CABLE GRIP 2,5X25 CM 10PCS 24,30  
371R-2515 Manfrotto RED CABLE GRIP 2,5X15 CM 10PCS 22,42  
371BL-4090 Manfrotto BLUE CABLE GRIP 4,0X90CM 5PCS 24,30  
371BL-4060 Manfrotto BLUE CABLE GRIP 4,0X60CM 10PCS 38,61  
371W-2540 Manfrotto WHITE CABLE GRIP 2,5X40CM 10PC 27,42  
371BL-4040 Manfrotto BLUE CABLE GRIP 4,0X40CM 10PCS 32,39  
371BL-2540 Manfrotto BLUE CABLE GRIP 2,5X40CM 10PCS 27,42  
371BL-2525 Manfrotto BLUE CABLE GRIP 2,5X25CM 10PCS 24,30  
371BL-2515 Manfrotto BLUE CABLE GRIP 2,5X15CM 10PCS 22,42  
371B-4090 Manfrotto BLCK CABLE GRIP 4,0X90CM 5PCS 24,30  
371B-4060 Manfrotto BLCK CABLE GRIP 4,0X60CM 10PCS 38,61  
371W-4060 Manfrotto WHITE CABLE GRIP 4,0X60CM 10PC 38,61  
371B-4040 Manfrotto BLCK CABLE GRIP 4,0X40CM 10PCS 32,39  
371B-2540 Manfrotto BLCK CABLE GRIP 2,5X40CM 10PCS 27,42  
371R-4090 Manfrotto RED CABLE GRIP 4,0X90 CM 5PCS 24,30  
163-38 Manfrotto SPIGOT 1-1/8"+3/8 THRD+DIAM 12" 23,40  
59 Manfrotto B/P SING.HOOKS SET HEX.SPIGOT 18,33  
047-3 Manfrotto 2 SECTION ALU-CORE 3.6M 66,10  
163-58F Manfrotto SPIGOT 1-1/8"+BUSH 5/8""" 33,25  
47 Manfrotto FULL LENGTH (M2,75) ALU-CORE) 31,83  
045-6 Manfrotto B/P HOOKS FOR SIX ROLLS OF PAP 68,40  
062-2 Manfrotto 2 SECTION BP-COUNTERWEIGHT 30,60  
66 Manfrotto DOUBLE FEMALE THREAD STUD 035 3,99  
163-12 Manfrotto SPIGOT 1-1/8"+12MA THRD+DIAM 1" 24,82  
157B-4 Manfrotto MICROPHONE BOOM, 4 SECTIONS, 6 39,32  
157B-3 Manfrotto MICROPHONE BOOM, 3 SECTIONS, 8 32,49  
94 Manfrotto EXPAN CHAIN STRETCHER 7,15  
91 Manfrotto 1 METRE EXTRA CHAIN FOR EXPAN 12,79  
88 Manfrotto ADAPTER 3/8 TO 1/4 THREAD 3,77  
77 Manfrotto AUTOPOLE 1,0-1,7MT 93,37  
76 Manfrotto AUTOPOLE 1,5-2,7MT 110,52  
44 Manfrotto TRPL BCKGRND HOOK SET W/CLMPS) 87,34  
41 Manfrotto L-BRACKETS SHELF HOLDER SET, B 13,28  
40 Manfrotto NU-HOOKS (NARROW U) SET (035 A 16,27  
16 Manfrotto ADAPTER BRONCOLOR 13,28  
005PSTB Manfrotto BLACK POLE ONLY FOR 005 STAND 68,65  
C155-03 Manfrotto SAFETY CABLE 100CM 6MM 23,52  
C155-02 Manfrotto SAFETY CABLE 70 CM 5MM 20,58  
B199 Manfrotto DIAM 70MM SECTION KIT FOR ST S 657,60  
17 Manfrotto CASTER SET TO FIT LEGS DIAM 19 37,44  
18 Manfrotto CASTER SET TO FIT STAND LEGS D 40,11  
036-38 Manfrotto LIGHT STUD 3/8 (SPRCLMP A 5,27  
036-14 Manfrotto LIGHT STUD 5/8M+1/4 S/CLMP ASS 5,27  
35,036 Manfrotto SUPER CLAMP WITH LIGHT STUD 3/ 32,22  
33 Manfrotto EXTEL, CROSS BAR 40MMX2M 35,97  
32 Manfrotto AUTOPOLE 2,1-3,7MT 116,28  
27 Manfrotto WALL MOUNTED HOLDER FOR 8 STAN 32,46  
019-14 Manfrotto CINE ADAPTER, A18 12,42  
19 Manfrotto CINE ADAPTER 12,42  
184 Manfrotto ADAPTER 3/8""W F - 3/8""W M DIAM" 8,62  
R3,1920K Manfrotto NUT SET OF 100 28,59  
R005,54B Manfrotto COLLAR FOR PIPE 26,80  
R001,05 Manfrotto 2ND CLAMP 6,03  
R001,04 Manfrotto 3RD CLAMP 6,03  
R001,03 Manfrotto TOP CLAMP F/NANO 5,90  
RH09003 Manfrotto ASM BEND W/KNOBS 84,70  
RF15020 Manfrotto ASM SUPPORT 124,68  
RF15016 Manfrotto ASM SPIGOT 37,51  
RF15013 Manfrotto ASM SUPPORT 114,44  
RF10002BR Manfrotto JAW 4,68  
RC595,03 Manfrotto ASM TUBE 18,52  
RC595,02 Manfrotto ASM TUBE 17,32  
RC595,01 Manfrotto ASM TUBE 16,98  
RC03098 Manfrotto ASM KNOB 24,45  
R047,01 Manfrotto SHIM ASSY 13,21  
R048,17K Manfrotto CLAMP KNOB SET OF 500 191,25  
R3,1060K Manfrotto RIVET SET OF 100 14,04  
R3,1040K Manfrotto RIVET SET OF 100 13,79  
R3,0732K Manfrotto SCREW SET OF 100 18,15  
R3,0011 Manfrotto GRUB SCREW SET OF 5 PCS 2,52  
R212,13 Manfrotto ASS MOLLA+AGGANCIO+RIVETTO 32,32  
R101,79BRK Manfrotto KNOB FOR S/CLAMP SET OF 50 81,98  
R087,33 Manfrotto BUSHING FOR TUBE D. 55 39,32  
R069,96 Manfrotto BRAKE SHOE 3,31  
852K-4 Manfrotto MOT.EXPAN W/HOLDER 4 BACK. EU 2079,90  
R069,64B Manfrotto AL TUBE BLACK 18,40  
R069,61B Manfrotto AL TUBE BLACK 22,10  
R060,59B Manfrotto TOP COLUMN W/COLLAR BLACK 16,66  
R053,25 Manfrotto ASM LEATHER PACKING SET OF 5 9,46  
RC03092 Manfrotto ASM CLAMP 70,51  
RC03086 Manfrotto ASM LEVEL 26,80  
371Y-4060 Manfrotto YELL. CABLE GRIP 4,0X60CM 10PC 38,61  
432-3,7B Manfrotto AUTOPOLE2 BLACK 2,1-3,7 MT 128,97  
432-3,7 Manfrotto AUTOPOLE2 2,1-3,7MT 125,12  
432-2,7B Manfrotto AUTOPOLE2 BLACK 2,0-2,7MT 123,87  
432-2,7 Manfrotto AUTOPOLE2 1,5-2,7MT 120,05  
432-1,7B Manfrotto AUTOPOLE2 BLACK 1,0-1,7MT 110,52  
371Y-4040 Manfrotto YELL. CABLE GRIP 4,0X40CM 10PC 32,39  
432-1,7 Manfrotto AUTOPOLE2 1,0-1,7MT 100,35  
427B-6,5 Manfrotto OPERATING POLE 1,9M TO 6,5M 318,16  
427B-4,0 Manfrotto OPERATING POLE 1,4M TO 4,0M 252,77  
396B-3 Manfrotto DOUBLE ARM 3 SECT. W/CAM.BKT 112,46  
047-2 Manfrotto TWO SECTION ALU-CORE 49,66  
396B-2 Manfrotto DOUBLE ARM 2 SECT. W/CAM.BKT 93,20  
396AB-3 Manfrotto DOUBLE ARM 3 SECT. 102,02  
396AB-2 Manfrotto DOUBLE ARM 2 SECT. 84,06  
374-10 Manfrotto HARD WHEELS 160D F/WIND UP 259,28  
611-10 Manfrotto STAND TOP M10 54,98  
620-10 Manfrotto SPIGOT 28 MM + M10 16,39  
616-12 Manfrotto BALL RACE M12 STUD 49,69  
616-10 Manfrotto BALL RACE M10 STUD 46,97  
620-12 Manfrotto SPIGOT 28 MM + M12 18,25  
851K-4 Manfrotto MOT.EXPAN KIT W/HOLDER 4 BACK 2142,28  
854-10 Manfrotto HOLDER FOR 10 BACKGROUNDS 180,91  
854-4 Manfrotto HOLDER FOR 4 BACKGROUNDS 88,10  
611-12 Manfrotto STAND TOP M12 54,93  
854-6 Manfrotto HOLDER FOR 6 BACKGROUNDS 98,54  
RA02237 Manfrotto STEEL PIPE 25X461 W/COLLAR SLV 37,07  
RC02004 Manfrotto SAFETY CABLE 18,42  
RA04003 Manfrotto ALUM PIPE 25 X 875 MM W/COLLAR 46,35  
X4560 Manfrotto CROSS COUPLER 79,87  
R004,88 Manfrotto COLLAR FOR PIPE 30MM 21,83  
RA04002 Manfrotto ALUM TUBE SILVER 17,98  
RA03079 Manfrotto ALUMINIUM TUBE 41,90  
RA02221 Manfrotto STEEL PIPE 30X538MM 14,41  
622CS Manfrotto MIC. STAND CHROME 102,19  
620,12 ZZZ ALT! Manfrotto 620,12 SPIGOT 28 MM + M12 16,93  
432,3,7B ZZZ ALT! Manfrotto 432,3,7B AUTOPOLE2 BLACK 2,1-3,7 MT 119,66  
432,3,7 ZZZ ALT! Manfrotto 432,3,7 AUTOPOLE2 2,1-3,7MT 116,11  
420CSUNS Manfrotto COMBI-BOOM STAND HD W/O BAG 200,39  
420CSU Manfrotto COMBI-BOOM STAND HD 232,14  
RA04005 Manfrotto TUBE 19,53  
RA04006 Manfrotto TUBE 20,68  
RA04090 Manfrotto STEEL TUBE 30X1,5X840 16,32  
R001,07K2 Manfrotto ASM SPRING W/KNOB SET OF 100 63,38  
RX400,013 Manfrotto ASM BRACKET 140,53  
RX400,007 Manfrotto ASM LEVER SET OF 2 26,29  
RX400,001 Manfrotto ASM BRACKET 344,23  
RLD04002 Manfrotto SHELLS FOR GRIP HEAD SET 5+5PC 86,73  
RC06503 Manfrotto TUBE W/SPIGOT 22,61  
RC03037 Manfrotto PIVOT 5,19  
RB02001 Manfrotto SPIGOT 8,43  
RB01062 Manfrotto ASS SHELL W/GEAR FOR WHEEL 118,56  
RA04091 Manfrotto STEEL TUBE 25X1,5X900 15,51  
371B,2525 ZZZ ALT! Manfrotto 371B,2525 BLCK CABLE GRIP 2,5X25CM 10PCS 22,52  
231POLE Manfrotto 231 STEEL COLUMN + ARM 137,45  
X400KIT Manfrotto CROSS POLE KIT 1416,15  
X400BAG Manfrotto CROSS POLE KIT BAG 566,46  
RX400,029BL Manfrotto ASM TUBES 264,80  
RX400,028BL Manfrotto ASM TUBES 152,12  
RX400,027BL Manfrotto ASM TUBES 97,19  
F806 Manfrotto BABY PLATE W/16MM FIXED BUSH. 25,28  
F301 Manfrotto BABY WALL PLATE 24,70  
C590BS Manfrotto CONKA BONKA BLACK 226,58  
C4564 Manfrotto MP SLIM EYE COUPLER M12 BOLTNU 21,17  
X400PLATES Manfrotto CROSS POLE PLATES 649,57  
X401 Manfrotto CROSS POLE 1300 666,69  
X402 Manfrotto CROSS POLE 2220 710,23  
196AB,2 ZZZ ALT! Manfrotto 196AB,2 SINGLE ARM 2 SECT. 26,88  
163,10 ZZZ ALT! Manfrotto 163,10 Verfolgerzapfen mit M10 Gewinde 21,68  
143A Manfrotto MAGIC ARM W/BRACKET 103,56  
035,036Z Manfrotto SUPER CLAMP WITH LIGHT STUD 3/ 32,22  
014-38 Manfrotto ADAPTER RAPIDAPTER 5/8M TO 3/8 10,49  
014-14 Manfrotto ADAPTER RAPIDAPTER 5/8M TO 1/4 10,49  
MT125B Manfrotto TUBE 250CM BLACK 38,49  
X406TUBE Manfrotto CROSS POLE 6000 TUBE 561,37  
X406 Manfrotto CROSS POLE 6000 967,31  
X404 Manfrotto CROSS POLE 4000 801,76  
A105JB Manfrotto ALU-COMBO BLACK STAND JP 334,13  
RX400,015 Manfrotto ASM CLAMP 152,15  
R3,6601 Manfrotto WHEEL SET OF 3 28,44  
R307,17 Manfrotto ASS PIPE D=35 21,83  
R320,95 Manfrotto AL TUBE D=25 11,42  
R320,96 Manfrotto AL TUBE D=25 7,74  
R328,08 Manfrotto LEVER+PIN+SHOE ASSY 3,72  
R332,98 Manfrotto NYLON WASHER 2,23  
R353,05 Manfrotto RUBBER HOLDER F/REFLECTOR 3,94  
R353,06 Manfrotto RUBBER HOLDER F/REFLECTOR 3,26  
R429,04 Manfrotto ASM SPIGOT 36,92  
R429,06 Manfrotto HANDLE 18,67  
R432,04AV Manfrotto ASS RONDELLA A CAMME (5PZ) 3,21  
R432,29 Manfrotto ASM SCREW W/NUT AND WASHER 3,45  
R602,03 Manfrotto BUSHING 4,78  
R687,98 Manfrotto STEEL TUBE D=38 62,16  
R687,99 Manfrotto STEEL TUBE D=38 54,68  
R307,26 Manfrotto ASS PIPE D=25 20,56  
R3,2762 Manfrotto BUBBLE 4,41  
R3,1930K Manfrotto ASS NUT SET OF 100 11,25  
R3,1591 Manfrotto PIN SET OF 5 3,04  
R035,53 Manfrotto RUBBER SECTOR 5,49  
R049,99B Manfrotto ASM BASE 51,08  
R062,10 Manfrotto COVER 4,95  
R083,59BR Manfrotto COMPLETE BUSHING 33,54  
R101,178 Manfrotto RING NUT 4,78  
R101,782,F Manfrotto DIGITRIPOD DISPLAY STAND SET F 511,58  
R143,10 Manfrotto BUSHING 4,21  
R143,98 Manfrotto ASS MIDDLE CASTING W/RING 11,39  
R155,01 Manfrotto JAW 6,22  
R3,1590 Manfrotto PIN SET OF 5 2,72  
R3,1120 Manfrotto RIVET SET OF 5 2,25  
R005,54 Manfrotto COLLAR FOR PIPE 25MM 27,51  
R3,0737 Manfrotto SCREW SET OF 5 2,55  
R241,99 Manfrotto SUCTION CUP 49,34  
R196,31 Manfrotto ASS 5/8 JOINT 7,40  
R155,08 Manfrotto JAW 5,90